Dallas Police Adopt "Knock and Talk" Tactic to Target Suspected Low Level Drug Dealers

Leaving them alone would be too simple?


Some police officers are using a more polite tactic to catch small-time drug dealers and other low-level suspected criminals.

Members of a "knock-and-talk" task force, established in May based on an idea by police Chief David Brown, are using tips from neighbors, approaching possible drug-dealing homes and asking to be allowed inside, The Dallas Morning News  reported Monday.

Dallas police more than two years ago reduced the number of undercover detectives investigating low-level drug crimes. Police shifted their focus to larger-scale traffickers.

Officers with the 46-member knock-and-talk task force have made 509 arrests and seized 131 firearms and 404 pounds, said Deputy Police Chief Christina Smith, who oversees the narcotics division. The task force also has made 399 possible drug house contacts.