Outgoing Head of the FBI Says He Fears Another 9/11

Robert Mueller says Arab Spring has created "violent extremists"


The outgoing head of the FBI fears another 9/11-style attack on the US, saying the fallout from the Arab Spring has bred a number of "violent extremists".

Robert Mueller, who leaves his post on September 4, said that he fears terrorists will target planes, or attack America using a weapon of mass destruction.

He warned that the US does not have the capability to defend a cyberattack on the country's energy sector.


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  1. It is extraordinary events that rise up out of the unknown to overtake us. The ordinary membership of Al Qaeda was clearly not up to Muhammad Al Atta’s level of the terorist game, and like the Trojan Horse or pearl Harbor, OBL’s best shot defied repetition.

    But twelve years is long enough to find a replacement for the cadre theat self destructed on 9-11.
    While some things end at their beginning , others begin anew, and after a decade’s respite , we need summon the imagination of disaster once again.

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