White House Proposes Tying University Aid to Performance

Apron strings for higher education


President Barack Obama begins a speaking tour in New York on Thursday to push his plan to make college more affordable at a university in Buffalo, N.Y., and a high school in Syracuse, N.Y.

The plan the president will propose focuses on tying funds for schools to performance, spurring innovation and competition and keeping student debt affordable, according to a fact sheet released by the White House on Thursday.

Obama will propose tying federal aid to universities to performance of students and affordability, as opposed to the number that enroll. To do this, the Department of Education will develop a rating system for college value by 2015, and that will be used to make aid decisions by 2018. He also will push a "Race to the Top" for states to reward better higher education with lower costs, the White House said.

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  1. , the Department of Education will develop a rating system for college value by 2015,

    Sounds like a dubious proposition to me. How do you compare a liberal arts school to a more technical school?

    Know what a good rating system is for colleges? The amount of money a student is willing to shell out to enroll in a school. But that doesnt require big daddy Obama to give out money now does it?

  2. It’s amazing how much statists will go out of their way to destroy market signals, tying up businesses with red tape and political nonsense, and then try to resurrect some semblance of market life with more red tape to simulate market signals.

    I more and more think of Frankenstein as a documentary on how statists destroy markets and then try to throw random pieces together and bring them to life with artificial external stimuluses.

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