A.M. Links: Newly Declassified Secret Court Opinion Reveals More NSA Impropriety, Some Democrats See Bright Side to Government Shutdown Too, New York Tops List of States People Pulling Money Out Of


  • if you can make it here you should take your money anywhere
    Werner Kunz/Foter.com

    The US government declassified a secret court opinion that revealed communications of tens of thousands of Americans was illegally gathered, beyond previous disclosures. Lawmakers promise new hearings.

  • Some Democrats think a government shutdown would work for them too, insofar as they believe it'd help them in the 2014 elections.
  • Lawyers for Bradley Manning believe he could be paroled after seven years in prison; he was sentenced to 35 but the military offers parole and time off for good behavior.
  • The Treasury's inspector general found in an audit that the IRS Is not keeping track of its software licenses and even using unlicensed software, which is, erm, illegal.
  • A 76-year-old nursing home patient in Missouri died after being subdued by cops by being tasered.
  • A Baltimore cop was convicted of perjury and fraud related to an attempt to collect workers compensation after shooting himself but claiming someone else shot it.  While he is awaiting sentencing, he's still employed by the Baltimore police department, whose internal affairs investigation isn't over.
  • There could be up to 50,000 feral dogs living on the streets of Detroit.
  • New York and California top a list of states people are taking their money and running away from.
  • The French foreign minister wants the West to respond with "force" if the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government is confirmed.

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  1. Some Democrats think a government shutdown would work for them too, insofar as they believe it’d help them in the 2014 elections.

    NBC News will be sure to tell you every night the shutdown is the Sequester times 9/11.

    1. What happens if the shut down the government and no one notices?

      1. then it would be, as FOE says, the sequester on a slightly larger scale.

    2. So, while they’ll be saying a shutdown is worse than the U.S. going Nazi, they’re also saying that it’s politically a good thing? Ye gods.

      1. Yes, a shutdown is the worst thing that could every happen to the US, but they won’t delay Obamacare to avoid that from happening.

        1. Losing ObamaCarousel is also the worst thing that could ever happen.

            1. My local sandman says he’ll help me get through the turmoil of Last Day if I have any trouble.

              1. “Open wide and say Ankh…”

                And, yes, it could be quite a bit more than just the mouth.

  2. New York and California top a list of states people are taking their money and running away from.

    Flyawayfrom States.

    1. I would be interested in the $ per fleeing person for each state. Is California still number one in terms of sheer humanity choosing exodus?

    2. I actually am considering moving to California in another couple of years. Though I wouldn’t want to stay there long term. I’m just considering something like a 4-5 year stint at our LA office.

      1. moving to California in another couple of years.


        1. It’s probably the best place in the Continental U.S. to be a drunk homeless bum. Otherwise, avoid.

        2. He wants to make sure his local porn stars use condoms, of course.

          1. And if the use of condoms is a question, there is a dick involved, in which case I see no reason to watch it anyway.

            1. there is a dick involved

              Well – it’s Cali, so, yeah

        3. California is a great place to live, except for the state government. And even there, they ‘only’ fuck up the economy, which doesn’t personally matter if you have money.

          I’d say that is large part of the problem. Rich people in CA earn their money out of state (hollywood, silicon valley, rich transplants) and therefor have little incentive to improve the state’s local economy instead of pushing aesthetic issues (equality & fairness, evironmentalism, nimbyism, etc).

        4. I’ve been in the Northeast for my entire life. The weather there is good yearround. I can transfer there without getting a new job, and my company will pay the moving costs.

          1. I’ve been in the Northeast for my entire life.

            ah, gotcha.

          2. Auric – you’re a fellow Masshole, right?

            In terms of quality of life, most of California is a huge improvement. I left Boston in ’97 and haven’t looked back.

            However, I fucking hate LA. Any other part of the state is wonderful, but LA sucks ass.

            1. Yeah, I live in Boston now. I actually really like it here, but I don’t want to end up spending my whole life within one little (~300 mile) region.

              LA is the best option for me career wise. I’d use the couple of years before I moved back as a chance to explore a lot of the west coast more easily.

  3. From 24/7 to Hit & Run… amazing these infernal contraptions called computers.

    1. God, they’re desperate for hits on 24/7 aren’t they? Shameless.

  4. What the heck was with the AM Links appearing in the 24/7 page? An attempt at misdirection, yet Fist was still there.

      1. I’m in Krayewski’s brain.

      2. no, FoE is everyone.

        1. For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Fist.

    1. I solved the quandary. FOE is a squirrel living in the Reason server farm.

      1. If that was the case I would be actively fucking up everyone else’s comments. That, I promise you.

        1. With how horrible my typing/spelling/grammar has been lately, I suspect this to be the case.

        2. How could we tell? We make enough fucked up comments without your intervention.

          Or do we…

  5. “There could be up to 50,000 feral dogs living on the streets of Detroit.”

    Police everywhere suddenly start sporting wood at the thought of a road trip.

    1. I smell a reality TV competition in the making

    2. Reminds of that deleted scene from Talladega Nights where Ricky and Cal do a PSA about wild dogs in control of America’s major cities.

    3. The explosion of feral dogs coincides with the city allowing officers to live outside of the city. Not a coincidence.

  6. There could be up to 50,000 feral dogs living on the streets of Detroit.

    And those are just the residents.

    1. The liberals can’t just kill the greatest industrial city in human history. They have to draw and quarter and burn the body so it can never return from the dead.

      1. They are just dancing on the grave at this point.

      2. The liberals can’t just kill the greatest industrial city in human history. They have to draw and quarter and burn the body so it can never return from the dead.

        All while blaming libertarians.

  7. Street justice? Furious mother punches skater who accidentally knocks over her son while doing trick at park

    Ha ha! I never liked skaters.

    1. I remember this one time at the beach when I was about 5-6. I was playing in the mud when some guy stepped on my face while he was running after a Frisbee. I thought my uncle was going to make that guy eat his frisbee.

      1. So that’s why you’re so hideous looking!

    2. Ha ha! I never liked skaters.

      I dislike holier-than-thou parents who think their lives rise above all others even more.

      I hope they throw that woman with anger control issues in the klink.

    3. In this case, he was at a designated skate park, and the kid walked across his path. Mother’s at fault.

      1. I didn’t catch that it was a skate park. Nice.

        Fuck. That. Bitch. Throw her in jail.

  8. Lawyers for Bradley Manning believe he could be paroled after seven years in prison…

    No need. Obama’s going to pardon him.

    1. None of the links are about Chelsea Manning???

    2. Did you manage to type that whole thing with a straight face?

      1. You kid. But let Obama have a few more scandals and lose the Senate in 14 and he would pardon Manning in a heart beat as a cover your bruises and come back present to the anti-war Left.

        1. You’re thinking of the Clintons. I don’t see that from this team, good misdirection strategy or not.

        2. I don’t think Obama would pardon Manning even if he were sympathetic to him.

          I have a hunch that Obama has alienated much of the foreign policy establishment, particularly in the military, and he is trying to toss them bones so they don’t say bad things about him.

          1. Who does he need more, the military or the anti-war left? If the military and foreign policy establishment ever turns on him, the old left will be all he has left.

            1. at this point, he doesn’t “need” anyone really since your point assumese he gives a shit about doing the job of POTUS, something he has never shown teh inclination to do. The man’s entry into lame duck status is becoming solidified and his slide to historical footnote is underway.

              1. The man’s entry into lame duck status is becoming solidified and his slide to historical footnote is underway.

                Yes. No.

                There is no way that the academics who write history books will relegate Black Jesus to historical obscurity. He will be The One who had the best ideas in the history of ever but was thwarted at every turn by Evil Republicans and their Libertarian overlords.

            2. The old left hasn’t turned on him yet. Manning sure as hell isn’t going to cause it to do so.

              And anyway, the only thing he cares about at this point is lining his and his cronies pockets.

        3. If he’s going to pardon to the “anti-war left”, the only time that could happen is on January 19, 2017, before a Republican president (not Paul) takes office the next day. Otherwise the anti-war left is still a myth.

          1. Obama will pardon Manning only if Rand Paul is POTUS and would pardon him on January 21, 2017.

        4. Yeah, this is a guy who won’t pardon all the crackheads serving ridiculous sentences. And he actually agrees (at least publicly) that those sentences are terrible.

          1. Yes. But if he thought doing so would help him politically, the Black Jesus would set the captives free!!

            1. This is also true.

  9. There IS such a thing as a free lunch: Thrifty 22-year-old spends nothing on food because he ‘shops’ for all his meals in dustbins
    Maximus Thaler and friends are Freegans living in Somerville, Massachusetts
    They dig through bins in search of food, flowers and any other usable items
    Now they hope to open a caf? to distribute meals for free to anyone

    Is that shit legal?

    1. I figure they’re going to find out real quick what a food safety inspection is.

      1. Freedom means asking permission and taking orders.

        1. “‘There is no reason for this food to be thrown out. It is just as good now as it was 20 minutes ago when it was in the supermarket.”

          Not that I’m against recycling or helping the poor or whatever, but the main reason things have expiration dates is because they become unsafe to digest (according to the FDA/DoA, anyways). As long as the producers are off the hook for massive E. Coli and Salmonella poisonings, I say go for it, you dirty hippy.

          1. The main reason why things have expiration dates is so that the producers can’t be sued if someone eats something after the expiration date and gets sick.

            If it smells OK and isn’t furry, then it’s probably fine.

            1. Yeah, exactly this. I could just see a lot of potential for lawsuits outta this.. I know this guy’s intentions are good but you know what they say..

        2. And when in Chicago, also paying bribes to the inspectors, aldermen, etc.

    2. There a lot of really… weird people in Somerville. Luckily they generally don’t like well lit places or sports, so I can sit in my favorite bar and just judge them as they walk by on the street.

      Though there’s also at lest 2 other members of the commetariat who live there.

      1. ding. After digging up some more info on Maximus, it appears he’s from the same town where Roger Ailes and Patty Hearst live.

        1. Patty Hearst

          Is she still alive?

          1. Oh yeah, pardoned by Clinton, she does interviews once and awhile.

    3. One of those shows on TLC or Bravo had some woman who got all her food from trash cans etc. Actually, I think she got everything in her apartment from trashcans. Anyway, she tried to serve that shit to some friends. Hilarity ensued.

      1. Are you sure you weren’t just watching Portlandia?

    4. They are called freegans. They are a special breed of dirty hipster.

      1. The eastern part is kind of slumish, but the western part of Somerville has a lot of hipsterdom.

      2. They have a valid point, but their methodology is absurd.

        1. Freegans, as I understand them, go beyond just being thrifty; to them, commerce of any kind is participating in the oppressive capitalist system and must be avoided, and the dumpster diving is an extension of that. They won’t participate in the economy, but they’ll live off its scraps like dogs while claiming moral superiority.

          1. AKA parasites.

  10. Building evacuated after burlesque dancer sets off fire alarm with burning nipple tassels

    Burlesque dancer sets off fire alarm with burning tasselsGo Go Amy’s flaming nipple tassel performance didn’t go as planned (Picture: YouTube)

    A burlesque dancer’s raunchy show raised the temperature in more ways than one after her nipple tassels caught on fire and the building she was performing in had to be evacuated.

    Go Go Amy’s show turned out to be a no no after her breast contraptions caused the venue at Dundee’s Abertay University to be emptied.

    The fire alarms were set off after the temptress blew out her tassels, which were ablaze.

    Hundreds of customers were left disappointed and instead of getting hot under the collar, they were escorted outside.

    1. Man, that’s hot!

    2. Disappointed at not seeing a Scottish person completely naked?

    3. I hope her tits are ok.

      1. She’s a burlesque dancer. They probably weren’t OK before she set them on fire.

    4. Isn’t burlesque French for “fat girl”? She’s much less fat than I expected.

    5. Areolas ablaze, Go Go Amy needed a cold shower for more reasons than one. Like two small funeral pyres set for the death of young burlesque viewers’ innocence, the busty bonfire was a real showstopper. The scorching show came to an abrupt end when the tender tinder ignited, nearly starting a devastating funbagocaust. And so on.

    6. Show planner Ky Thomasson-Kay told the Sun: ‘They weren’t meant to use fire in the act but I think they just completely forgot.

      Yeah, that’s it. They forgot.

    7. Flaming Nipple Tassles.

      Good band name.

      1. Until your lead singer burns down the place.

  11. Horrifying moment baton-wielding French policeman unleashes uncontrollable brutality on woman before dousing her in tear gas
    Police were filmed beating a woman while arresting her male companion
    Film shows woman biting a police officer which he answers with blows
    Officer hit her several times and sprayed her in the face with tear gas

    Cops are cops are cops.

    1. If she was biting him, I can’t have too much sympathy for her.

      1. Depends, was it before or after the baton was striking?

      2. Why not? A fucking armed gangster was kidnapping her boyfriend.

  12. Who am I?!American who woke up one day and could only speak Swedish goes to Europe in an attempt to regain his memories

    This is one messed up story.

    1. Speaking through an interpreter, he said his name was Johan Elk, but that clashed with the Social Security card, passport and veteran’s medical card he was carrying – all which identified him as Michael Boatwright.

      Hopefully he’ll remember everything before the agents from Treadstone catch him.

      1. +1 Robert Ludlum

    2. He is probably a Swedish sleeper agent. Sent here to be activated when the Swedes decide it is finally time to conquer the world….

      1. So… sleeping for a real long time?

  13. Lawmakers promise new hearings.

    This just in: Congress loves empty grandstanding when cameras are turned on.

  14. Aspiring Brooklyn rapper’s Instagram posts of weapons and wads of cash led to the biggest gun bust in New York City history

    Dumbass. Seriously. Don’t brag about criminal activity unless you want to get caught. Dumb fuck.

  15. UPS repeatedly blames Obamacare for having to drop health insurance coverage for 15,000 employees’ spouses

    But, but, but…

    1. Obviously we need more regulation so employers can’t do this. Duh.

      1. There should be a penaltax.

    2. They are lying to hurt Obama. Racists!!

        1. Of course. Virginia is in the south which automatically means racist.

          1. Because UVA is run by a notorious Southerner from Illinois and who got her PhD from the University of Chicago.

            But we all know that she is guilty by association with a school in the south. The ghost of Jefferson visited her and indoctrinated her in the ways of slavery.

    3. Obviously they(the spouses) didn’t want to keep their insurance.

      1. It’s the plan that hey currently have. They are getting to keep it!

    4. They’re just delivering anecdotes. Lots of anecdotes, but still just anecdotes.

      1. Soon we’ll have roughly 300 million anecdotes to work with.

  16. Facebook rage over censored kangaroo

    The offending image shows the Featherdale Wildlife Park’s kangaroo Big Baz hanging out in the sun. It was altered to blur out Baz’s genitals with the caption: “Enjoying a lazy afternoon at Featherdale Wildlife Park. *Censored for Facebook”.

    But the lighthearted post wasn’t well received with many commenters removing the page from their Facebook ‘likes’.

    Comments included: “Censoring the reproductive organs of an animal is one of the most stupidest things I’ve ever seen. Well done Australia!”.

    1. “Censoring the reproductive organs of an animal is one of the most stupidest things I’ve ever seen. Well done Australia!”.

      I am sure ifh could point out many, many things that were worse.

      1. most stupidest?

  17. Bradley Manning Says He Wants To Live as a Woman

    He did what he did because PATRIARCHY…or something something

    1. Does this mean he will serve his time in a women’s prison?

      1. That is a really good question.

    2. He needs to check his privledge.

      1. Maybe this is exactly what he is doing? He is turning in his male privilege for good.

        1. Except to the radical feminists, who think that MtF transgenders are the worst of all, because they’re somehow oppressing women.

          1. I thought it was because they leave the toliet seat up in the womans restroom.

    3. This isn’t to dis Manning, but for some people this will only undermine the credibility of anyone who dares to question the government or expose wrongdoing.

      Having said that, Manning has to live her life as she see’s fit to do, and has my sympathy.

      1. +1 life with new personal pronouns

  18. Underground city and slave tunnels are discovered beneath Emperor Hadrian’s Villa in Rome


    The villa was started in 117AD. When the Roman Empire fell the palace was looted and damaged but the underground network is ‘almost intact’.

    I wonder what they’ll find under Camp David after the American Empire falls and is looted.

    1. I wonder what they’ll find under Camp David after the American Empire falls and is looted.

      Bill’s old collection of Hustler and Penthouse. Dubya’s collection of toy soldiers and a secret whiskey distillery. Obama’s writing room, complete with several rough drafts of his autobiography (“Are you there, Saint Keynes? It’s me, the Saviour of America”).

      1. My Keynes, My Keynes, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

    2. “I wonder what they’ll find under Camp David after the American Empire falls and is looted.”

      Jimmy Hoffa’s body

  19. There could be up to 50,000 feral dogs living on the streets of Detroit

    Just wait till they start crossbreeding with the Coyotes.

      1. Last time I checked, which was earlier this year, coyotes, dogs, and wolves can all interbreed. There’s some debate within the scientific community as to if there’s enough distinction between a coyote and wolf, genetically speaking.

        1. I figured the relative size would be enough of an identifier, even if they can interbreed. I’ve been around some wolf/dog hybrids, and they are incredibly strong for their size and physically robust. I can’t imagine coyotes having the same level of physical power.

      2. Let me guess: you put on your Speedsuit and did some Super Science on the topic. For science.

  20. Wow. My trip to Chicago is only a week away. This summer flew by. It’s Labor Day already?

    1. Have you already bought your bullet proof vest?

      1. But how could Chicago possibly have any guns?!

        1. At night the NRA uses their helicopters to drops them into the city. The unregistered guns then go wild and shoot anyone they meet.

          1. We need to import feral Detroit dog packs to combat the feral packs of Chicago assaulthandgunkillweapons.

        2. Ahem…

  21. http://online.wsj.com/article/…..TopOpinion

    James Toranto makes the obvious point that if your income and economic decisions are public matters so are you reproductive decisions. Toranto assumes modern liberals would be uncomfortable with this. He gives them too much credit. When the time comes to end abortion or control poor people’s sex lives in the name of the greater good, they will happily do it.

    1. When the time comes to end abortion or control poor people’s sex lives in the name of the greater good, they will happily do it.

      … and progressivism will have come full circle back to their original roots.

    2. My liberal friends are really weird about sex. They act like it’s horrible to judge someone for anything they do related to sex (even to the point that I’m a jerk for looking down on someone in this group for cheating). About the only thing you can do sexually and get judged for is stay a virgin.

      I’m not too sure that the masses of liberals will turn on that (though the leaders I could certainly see).

      1. How much of your income you get to keep is totally a public decision that should be taken out of your hands. How many kids you have that you expect welfare to pay for is completely private.

        They have lost all ability for rational thought.

        1. Well, it’s not totally private. If you want to have a bunch of sex but not have kids they should pay for your contraceptives.

          1. Also, abortion, despite being the most private decision ever, needs to be taxpayer-funded. “My body, my right to choose[, your problem paying for it].”

      2. About the only thing you can do sexually and get judged for is stay a virgin.

        It puts the lie to everything they claim to believe about human behavior.

      3. People who cheat deserve to be beaten in the streets.

        1. Maybe you could hire some Saudi Department of Virtue and Vice cops through an officer exchange program?

          1. Waste of time. Just tell American cops they have more excuses to brutalize people and you can use local labor.

        2. I have little desire to defend cheaters, but that seems pretty harsh. I will totally judge someone for it, but it’s far from the worst thing you can do to a domestic partner, even.

        3. Why, everyone cheats. Not necessarily sexually but cheating is not just bumping uglies with the wrong person, cheating is breaking the rules of the relationship.

          It could be lying to your wife about working late when you are really spending the night at the bar with your buddies, a shopping habit, hoarding money, smoking, looking at porn, voting for the wrong politician, or a million other things. Basically anything that you and your partner have agreed either explicitly or tacitly are covered under the ground rules of your relationship that you fail to live up to, that’s cheating. Yet, the only one that people want to beat others in the streets for is sex.

        4. Quite the culture warrior aren’t we?

    3. If the UK is the US in ten years, they already are back to sterilizing the disabled.

  22. George Will: Court orders administration to follow nuclear waste law

    The NRC said small appropriations indicate Congress’s desire to stop the licensing process. The court responded that “Congress speaks through the laws it enacts” and “courts generally should not infer that Congress has implicitly repealed or suspended statutory mandates based simply on the amount of money Congress has appropriated.” The court noted that, “as a policy matter,” the NRC may want to block the Yucca project but “Congress sets the policy, not the Commission.” And the court said there is no permissible executive discretion to disregard “statutory obligations that apply to the Executive Branch.”

    This episode is a snapshot of contemporary Washington ? small, devious people putting their lawlessness in the service of their parochialism and recklessly sacrificing public safety and constitutional propriety. One can only marvel at the measured patience with which the court has tried to teach the obvious to the willfully obtuse.

  23. Rand Paul’s Pro Bono Eye Surgeries

    Rand Paul switched gears today, swapping politics for medicine, and doing pro bono eye surgery on four people. I’ll have more details in a later piece, but I wanted to share some of the pictures of Dr. Paul operating today (he and two of his patients were kind enough to let me watch the surgeries).

    1. I always knew he was hiding something behind those ridiculous sunglasses.

    2. What, wearing monocles had damaged their eyes?

    3. I’ve been wanting to get LASIK (just waiting for my prescription to settle down), plus I donated to his dad’s campaign. Hook me up!

      1. Ive been thinking of getting LASIK on one eye, so I can start wearing my monocle.

        1. You could get LASIK, then wear a prescription-less monocle and be a robber baron hipster.

          1. wear a prescription-less monocle

            Thats cheating.

            robber baron hipster.

            All hipsters are douchebags, Im more of an asshole.

            1. I’ve never thought of you as a one trick pony.

        2. LASIK was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever done.

          1. I think you mean ‘coolest’. You used freaking lasers to surgically enhance your body.

        3. Huh, I just realized I actually could legitimately wear a monocle, since one of my eyes is pretty much 20/20…

          (Doc told me if I wanted to get contacts I could actually only get one, and that was WAY WEIRD.)

          1. For a long time my left eye was normal, right eye quite near-sighted. Then the left eye caught up later in life. So you are not alone.

    4. I’m sure that if Rand runs for president the media will desperately search for some poor guatamalan kids that he blinded …. for profit.

      1. I thought that was tonsil pulling and leg lopping?

    5. One thing I did like about Romney was not publicizing his charity. Rand has tweeted(what a stupid verb) about this pro bono eye surgery at least 3 times.

      1. The public has to know about it to avoid him being painted as a plutocrat in 2012. I mean, the media will still try, but it will be more difficult. Mitt Romney’s charitable habits were perhaps more tasteful but didn’t help his public image.

      2. I certainly would prefer that style, but don’t forget that not publicizing his charity allowed people to think of Obama as the compassionate one, and Romney as the evil rich guy.

  24. The French foreign minister wants the West to respond with “force” if the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government is confirmed.

    French troops can use their white flags as breathing filters.

    1. la ligne rouge

    2. Who knows, they might deploy the Foreign Legion. (Amazing how their best unit is made up of non-French)

      1. Those are some ornery dudes too – we almost got into a fight with a bunch of them at the border of Kabul and Parwan provinces because they thought we were in “their area”.

  25. Man who had sex with goat is banned from every farm in the country

    But the 23-year-old changed his plea to guilty at North West Wiltshire Magistrates Court in Chippenham yesterday.

    He had been due to stand trial for the offence but changed his plea to guilty and will be sentenced on September 12, after a pre-sentence report has been prepared.

    Newman, of Devizes, Wilts, was ordered to keep away from farmyard animals and stay indoors between 7am and 7pm.

    you know who else was banned from every farm in the country?

    1. Was the goat banned from every town?

    2. Colonel Sanders?

    3. “Newman, of Devizes, Wilts, was ordered to keep away from farmyard animals and stay indoors between 7am and 7pm.”

      WTF, why stay indoors during the day but let him out at night? It is a hell of a lot easier to sneak onto a farm for some fun at night when the farmer is in bed asleep.

      Also he’s banned from farms, how about petting zoo’s?

      1. a guy here in Sydney a few years ago was charged with bestiality with rabbits*. His bail conditions required him to stay 500 yards away from any poet shops

        * He was caught because he would fuck and kill the rabbits after hours in his office and dump the corpses near the bins. Horrified garbos told the cops, who asked pet shops who’d been buying bunnies in bulk. This guy was paying for them with his corporate credit card!

        1. It was a business expense, then?

          1. Writing them off on taxes would be excellent!

  26. Queen’s Swan Found Cooked Near Windsor Castle

    A swan owned by the Queen has been found barbecued on the banks of the Thames in the shadow of Windsor Castle.

    The Royal bird was found on Baths Island, in the middle of a picnic area popular with children and tourists.

    It had been cooked with its feathers still attached, and meat had been stripped from its carcass.

  27. Traditional Korean “Feces Wine” Believed to Cure All Ailments

    The recipe for Ttongsul, a cure-all medicinal drink believed to make cuts and bruises disappear, heal broken bones and cure epilepsy, is made from rice wine and the fermented feces of young children.

    While Ttongsul has been in decline since the last half century, a few traditionalists have managed to keep the cultural beverage alive.

    1. And here I thought the expression was “Eat shit,” but it turns out it was “Drink shit.”

    2. I think I just found my limit for food experimentation.

      1. Thirded….

    3. “He also claims that the wine can prevent pain, and can heal people quicker than modern medicine.”


    4. You have to believe that it works because [appeal to antiquity] and also because [race card].

    5. This is really just an attempt to see how far they can trick those stupid roundeye tourists into going.

  28. The French foreign minister wants the West to respond with “force” if the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government is confirmed.

    Admittedly, it was hard to hear them as they were walking the other direction.

    1. The French are welcome to engage in a little unilateralism if they wish.

  29. Ramesh Ponnuru: Reason and Me

    In recent days, writers for the libertarian magazine Reason have taken a few shots at me (here, here, and here) for my alleged misdeeds of ten years ago. (And here I thought Eliot Spitzer had a long memory.) They say that I bashed Reason for saying that the Patriot Act authorized spying on the web browsers of innocent Americans, that time has proven them right and me wrong, and that the whole saga illustrates the general truth that only libertarians are trustworthy analysts of threats to freedom, everyone else being a rank partisan.

    The Reasoners think that all of this is so self-evidently correct that they haven’t spelled out which of the following two views they take: 1) The Patriot Act authorizes everything the NSA has been doing, for example treating all telephony metadata involving U.S. phone numbers as a business record relevant to the investigation of terrorism. 2) The Patriot Act does not authorize what the NSA has been doing, but this abuse was foreseeable and the law should therefore not have been passed.

    1. Does Steve Esposito post here?

      He should out himself so I can point out how wrong he is.

      1. Yes, yes, I read comments. I dont know why either.

    2. I, for one, never explicitly stated that Ramesh likes to have sex with barnyard animals. Obviously we can’t rule out that he’s a pig fucker, but we should wait till all the facts are in.

    3. I see we have another fan of ours. “Steve Esposito” is over there whinging about the Dreaded Cosmotarians.

      1. BTW, I am a Minarchist libertarian who *almost* lost a debate a uber-libertarian publication, The Freeman. I won 51% to 49%, even though my anti-license position was titled “Gay marriage does not increase liberty.” Thank goodness real libertarians read the articles.

        Anyone want to take a crack at explain WTF Steve’s talking about?

          1. Steve Esposito is a graduate of the University of Tennessee (BS, Finance), a former defense contractor, and a 30-year veteran of the U.S. Army National Guard and Reserve (Aviation). A reformed Chicago School Economist aficionado, he now embraces the “hard core” Austrian School. He currently lives in Knoxville, Tenn., with his second wife.

            The sanctity of marriage.

            1. Not necessarily. Wife number one might have died from confusion

              1. True. But I bet you anything wife 2 is Asian and has a poor grasp of both English and standing up for herself.

                1. Wife #2 is confirmed Asian. Shocking, I know.

  30. McConnell Poll: 47-Point Lead Over Tea Party Challenger


  31. Haverhill cannabis smoker produces haul from buttocks when questioned by police

    Jonathan Tillett, 25, of Landseer Court, Haverhill was stopped by police when he was driving his car on New Street shortly after 9pm on August 4.

    Officers said they could smell cannabis on him and he produced a single bag of of the drug weighing 0.4 grams.

    After further questioning, the 25-year-old produced a second bag weighing 3.1 grams from his buttocks, the court heard.

    Pot Pinata!

    1. Divided into two containers/bags? Charge him as a dealer!

      1. Did he have other indicia of distribution? Cash, a cell phone?

        RUN ‘EM UP THE FELONY SCALE!!!1!1!elevenoneeleventy!

        1. Good use of “indicia.”

    2. He was practicing traditional Korean medicine.

  32. http://personalliberty.com/201…..for-abuse/

    A witness doesn’t implicate the guy the DA wants convicted. No problem. The DA just declares them a material witness and throws the witness in jail until they give the answer the government wants. Yeah, that is a fair trial.

    1. What would happen to the guy if he told the DA he’d testify the way he want and then on the stand doesn’t and accuses the DA of pressuring him to falsely testify?

      1. The DA would charge him with perjury.

        1. At what point is the DA suborning perjury?

          And that can get his ass disbarred, immunity or not.

          1. Who is telling the truth? DA’s lean on witnesses all of the time.

          2. Theoretically, sure. Realistically, not a chance.

  33. The Treasury’s inspector general found in an audit that the IRS Is not keeping track of its software licenses and even using unlicensed software…

    The agents got their copies of TurboTax from Geithner.

  34. The US government declassified a secret court opinion that revealed communications of tens of thousands of Americans was illegally gathered, beyond previous disclosures. Lawmakers promise new hearings

    Whenever someone says that the NSA vacuum is okay because there are rules that keep them from collecting/using data on ordinary Americans just point them to this article. The very fact that the capability exists means that it will be used. Whether collecting/using the data is illegal is irrelevant because there will always be at least a few people with access who are either ignorant of the law or willing to break the law.

    1. But Obama told Jay Leno there wasn’t a domestic spying program. You mean the black Jesus was lying?

      1. Of course not. This wasn’t a “program” per se. It was an isolated incident in which a few low-level employees unknowingly broke the law. Honest mistake, really.

        1. From that rogue Cincinnati office no doubt!


      2. It’s not Obama’s fault, since he does not have a birth certificate he can’t get a security clearance so he isn’t told any secrets.

    2. And would any of this have come to light without Snowden? I don;t think so.

    1. Negro please!

    2. Be more effective if I knew who the girl on the left was.

      1. That’s Bradley Manning dressed as a woman. He’s a woman named Chelsea Manning from here on out.

        Although, shouldn’t it be Chelsea Womanning?

        1. Hmmm. S/he didn’t turn out too badly, though s/he did use the angle shot, which is always a red warning light.

          1. Surely we can award points for lack of duck face.

        2. shouldn’t it be Chelsea Womanning?


    3. Is that supposed to be some celebrity I don’t recognize?

    4. A bunch of dudes dressed up as chicks?

      Having been jaded by reading your political fanfic, sugarfree, this is about as shocking as sex with one man using the missionary position for a porn star with 15 John Stagliano films under her belt.

    5. You could pay me enough to click that link, but there would be extensive negotiations involved.

  35. http://m.theatlanticwire.com/n…..ior/68600/

    Proprietor of Kill Whitey website in charge of buying guns and ammo for CPB.

    1. Can a federal employee be dismissed for holding such views? Or are they untouchable?

      1. Obama will probably promote him to a czar position.

      2. A black federal employee can’t. A white one, sure.

      3. Depends on how badly his boss wants him gone. There’s room in the law for releasing the guy, but his boss will have to decide if its worth the extensive paperwork, legal battles and union threats.

        1. if its worth the extensive paperwork, legal battles and union threats.

          So probably not 😉

    2. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has its own private army?

        1. Not the armoroured Snuffleupagi!

          1. Oscar the Grouch’s garbage can is really a composite armored turret.

    3. I guess the NSA just chose to skip right over this guy.

    4. CPB? Corporation for Public Broadcasting? Who knew?

      1. Every other federal agency has a SWAT team, why not them?

  36. http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/…..741338.php

    SF fire chief bans helmet cams after films from such embarrasses the department.

    1. I thought they already had that idea and then backed off after the public called them on it. Did they decide they want to do it anyways?

      1. Apparently so.

        1. Looking more, they did backtrack.


    2. I would support putting helmet cams that upload immediately to the cloud for all police. You can cover the cost by not buying armored personal carriers.

      1. They don’t buy their APCs. The military gives them to police departments for free.

        1. Then don’t buy automatic rifles then.

          1. One to many then. Remove which ever you prefer.

  37. Congressvermin Chris Van Hollen wonders how democrats can get their slimy claws around the the throat of Citizens United, without getting all dirty and smelly through the pesky legislative process.

    Wait, I know, let’s sue the IRS over 501c4 rules and pretend it’s because we’re concerned over IRS overreach.

    1. I wonder if Van Hollen can explain “Congress shall make no law”? It also doesnt contain exclamation points.

      1. You’re forgetting about that “unless we say otherwise” clause, which also applies to the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th amendments, according to Congress.

        1. The word “unreasonable” in the 4A has been applied to the other amendments.

          For example “Congress shall make no unreasonable law” or “Shall not be unreasonably infringed.”

          As long as it’s reasonable, right? Right?

          1. Whenever I hear people blather about ‘reasonable’ or ‘common sense’ I just want to quote Princess Bride at them:

            You keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think it means

      2. I heard an interview with him in the way in this morning and the part about CU came at the very end of the interview, after he had shed so many crocodile tears over those poor, put-upon conservative groups and how that big, mean IRS mistreated them so.

        I kept thinking to myself, “OK, what’s his real reason?” At the end, “ah-HA!”

  38. Beer Update: my brown ale will soon be ready for sampling. Tonight I will be starting a stout.

    My co-worker, who also brews beer, suggested using a cheap strainer when transferring from the fermenter to the bottling bucket. Thoughts on this? When making the brown ale, I was getting more gunk as I neared the bottom.

    1. Plenty of people do this.

      I dont, but I also dont bottle. And in those rare times I do bottle, I do it from the keg.

      When kegging and not straining, sometimes the first pint is gunky, but thats life.

      1. Isn’t that “gunk” yeast feces?

        1. Alcohol is yeast feces.

          The gunk is mostly yeast.

      2. The “gunk” is dead yeast. The waste product of yeast is CO2 and ethanol.

    2. The yeast pack is loaded with B-vitamins. Large commercial brewers recover this, and it’s then dried and sold as Brewers Yeast, commonly used as a nutritional supplement.

      It’s also the basis of the Australian product Vegemite.

      Commercial fermenting vessels have cone-shaped bottoms so that they can suck the yeast pack out first.

    3. I sometimes use a cheese cloth over the siphon if I racked onto something extra or leaf hops are floating around loose. Otherwise no filter. The ‘breaks’ and using a finings catalyst take care of a lot of the gunk pre-ferment.

      What’s your stout recipe?

      1. the kit is at home… local place that sells brewing equipment.

  39. Camille Paglia states the obvious in Salon, something the Reason servers block as spam so sorry no link, that Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified for public office. I like Paglia for her going after Puritan feminists. But she really is a classic example of a wanna be intellectual who talks out of her ass. The things she says about art and culture are laughable. No Camille, Real Housewives is not good art and there wasn’t anything new or interesting about Madonna squirming around in her early videos. They were just bad reshoots of scenes in with Jane Fonda in Barberella and Ann Margaret in Tommy with a much less sexy women doing it. Camille claims to be an expert about sex, but only understands it as it relates to a certain breed of lesbian and gay men.

    1. *eyeroll*

      Please stuff your culture warriorism up your ass.

      1. What the fuck is culture warrior about pointing out that Ann Margaret was better looking than Madonna and Camille Pagilia is a half wit for thinking that there was anything new or shocking in the Like A Virgin Video?

        There is nothing culture warrior about that post. Please stuff your inability to read or think or have anything but an irrational partisan response up your ass.

        1. Oh John, if only we could transport you back to when guys was guys and dames was dames.

          *cue the All In the Family theme song*

          Your slavish fealty to all things past is extremely tiresome.

          1. Audrey Hepburn was way hot. Sue me.

            1. That’s cool. I’m down with recognizing when a classic movie star is hot. I am also, however, down with giving current stars and acts their due. John’s just hipstering out right now.

              1. He’s got All In the Family on vinyl?

              2. I give lots of current stars their due, just not Madonna. Is really your opinion that there is something interesting about those videos beyond the fact that she was young and had a decent body? If so, make your point. But I don’t think you have any points. So, you just scream culture war and hipster and various other buzz words.

                1. she was young and had a decent body

                  Actually she had a pretty terrible body for someone in her early twenties. Check her out in Desperately Seeking Susan, thin and flabby with a pudgy stomach. She got (too) fit much later of course and now she looks like a just plain bizarre. Also, she always had a pancake ass which is a total deal-breaker for me.

                  1. All good points PS. She never did it for me either.

                  2. Which makes me recall that Isabella Rosallini will be in town this weekend.
                    Still attractive at 61. But Isabella circa Blue Velvet? Wow. She, in that movie, probably cemented my heterosexuality.

                    1. She was awesome. And still not bad at 61. Now. her in Blue Velvet, that is sexy.

                  3. the first time I saw the Madonna nudes, I was like…er… uh… yeah… I’ve seen better than this in the flesh.

                    1. I’m pretty sure seeing nude pics of Yoko Ono’s ass is what turned my fragile little eggshell brain permanently against being attracted to Asian women.

                    2. + 1 rose of mysterious union

          2. Again, try harder. I never said anything of the sort. I am saying sex wasn’t invented in the 1980s or the 60s for that matter. And if you read Paglia, which you clearly haven’t since you can’t read this, you would understand that her blind spot is masculinity and the masculine view of sex. That she would think that a bubble gum pop star like the young Madonna is some kind of provocative sexy shows that. No Madonna was what 14 year old girls thought sexy should be. It was a distinctly harmless and non threatening and really boring form of it.

            1. We get it, John. There’s nothing new under the sun and you’re so jaded the Chinese use you for their crown jewels.

              Here’s your cigarette and your leather jacket. Go nuts.

              1. Do you even have a point other than to try to hope no one notices how wrong you were to accuse me of being some kind of SOCON culture warrior here? You have yet to make a rational point. So it is a bit difficult to argue with you. So, I will explain again, there was nothing ground breaking or particularly interesting about Madonna’s early videos. It is really that simple. It has nothing to do with smoking jackets or the culture war. It just means that Paglia is wrong and talking out of her ass.

                No go fight your culture war somewhere else. The adults are talking.

                1. I will explain again, there was nothing ground breaking or particularly interesting about Madonna’s early videos.

                  I am trying to tell you that no one gives a blue fuck about your shopworn opinions.

                  1. You apparently give a lot of fuck. You are the one having the pearl clutching fit, not me. And if you think there was something interesting or ground breaking about them, you clearly never saw Jane Fonda rolling around the space ship in Barbarella or Ann Margaret having baked beans dumped on her in Tommy.

                    Now, if you have a reason why you think they were different, say so. Otherwise, you are just shitting on the thread because you don’t like something but are not smart enough to explain why. First I was a culture warrior. Now, I have opinions no one cares about. Just shut the fuck up. I am starting to get embarrassed for you.

                    1. Please cry more John. It’s extremely entertaining.

                    2. Yeah, that is clearly what is happening here. Is that you Mary? Are you out of confinement? Are you off your meds again? You always out yourself in the end. You just can’t help it.

                    3. everytime some one posts in this subthread, an monocle-polishing waif dies of rickets.

              2. you’re so jaded the Chinese use you for their crown jewels.

                I am stealing that one!

      2. It’s easier just to scroll down, NLK.

        1. Or use a filtering tool.

          The default incif configuration file came with John filtered.

          1. I am heart broken rob. No actually not.

            1. I removed you right away, if that makes you feel any better.

              I think you were the only default filter I removed.

              1. It is actually a compliment.

          2. Speaking of filtering why can’t they get rid of the spam bots but delete the trolls so everyone looks crazy fighting with no one? I say leave the racist trolls so people can see that reason simultaneously allows free speech while the community righteously derides the bigots.

            1. The problem with the racist stuff is that lefties come on right wing sites like this one and post racist stuff using sock puppets and then point to the posts as proof of how everyone associated with the site is a racist. You really have to take them down for that reason.

            2. What John said. I’d like to see American!’s posts too, so I could laugh at them, but I know that if I stay up any liberal friends I direct to the site will point to them and say “Libertarians believe that women and property and blacks should be killed for whistling at white women and (latest foolishness).”

              1. This is why we shouldn’t quote commenters from sites like J*****l and F********g.

              2. I guess that would be the take away. Not that this site tolerates free speech but that the most horrible people are representative of libertarians. I would think all the commenters shouting them down would put that idiot theory to bed but people could cut and past comments out of context.

            3. It would be more honest to post a “Comment Deleted” placeholder.

              1. Or just collapse it with a button to read it if you want to. The button could say “To Read a fucktard’s retarded fuck, click here”

        2. I am sorry I have made so points that you have no response to. It clearly makes you angry and upset. It shouldn’t. You should jest be more willing to reconsider your views.

          1. I don’t even know if this comment passes the Turing test.

            1. Also realize it’s about the attention, NLK.

              1. For you? I don’t think so Tonio. You are just emotional and let it affect your thinking on some issues. And you lack the confidence and the intellectual to think freely. You don’t want attention just affirmation. Sorry I can’t give it to you.

                And you do know that is Mary you are talking to?

    2. There was a time when Salon was interesting, back when Paglia wrote a regular column. Salon has always been far-left politically, but they used to have quality writers that covered a wide range of topics beyond pure politics.

      1. I like Paglia. She is so fearless. Because she is a gay woman she gets away with saying the obvious in ways that other people wouldn’t. The Left can’t quite get their arms around her.

        But she really says some stupid things. In the interview in question she bemoans how the avant guarde is no longer shocking. She seems surprised by this, as if she can’t understand that you can only shock so much. Eventually anything becomes routine if you see it enough.

        1. Yes, she does go completely off the rails sometimes. But it is always fun to watch the train wreck when it happens.

    3. She’s an example of someone who’s made a name for themselves by taking often ridiculous stances and rather lamely defending them.

      Chuck Klosterman does this about 1000 times better when it comes to pop culture as art.

  40. From John Yoo at Ricochet:

    The Insufficient Manning Verdict
    John Yoo ? 17 hours ago
    Bradley Manning caused one of the most harmful leaks in American history. He released into the public eye the identities of foreigners helping the US in war zones, the means and methods of US military operations, and our sensitive diplomatic communications with other nations. Lives — American and foreign — no doubt were lost because of the leaks. If anyone can think of a more harmful blow to US intelligence in our history, let’s hear it.

    Manning should have received far more than 35 years in the brig. He should have been eligible for the death penalty — and he would have been but for the military judge’s mistaken reading of the crime of aiding the enemy. He should have been sentenced to close to the 90 years that were still possible.

    If not for retribution, he deserved that penalty for purposes of deterrence (there should be no possibility of rehabilitation offered for such gracious national security harms). It has proven harder, or so it seems, for our agencies to screen U.S. officers and employees for security risks, and to prevent the criminal, hostile or anarchistic from stealing our secrets beforehand. The only other measure available is to punish them severely afterwards.

    If only we could have tortured that fucker Chelsea

      1. I had never seen the video before, and despite all the yummy female flesh on display, it’s not doing anything to improve the reputation of the British beauty aesthetic.

        1. Burlesque strikes again.

          Although, really, the worst part of the video is that awful hat.

          1. Although, really, the worst part of the video is that awful hat.

            I would go with the drummer, even though he probably scored with half the chicks in the video. :::shudder::: I’d rather watch Ron Jeremy get a sweaty back.

    1. I am thinking 35 years is going to give pause to the next guy. And while people say he caused harm, I have yet to hear about a concrete example of how he got someone killed. Maybe the government didn’t introduce any examples at trial out of kindness. Or maybe John Yoo is full of shit and making shit up.

    2. Yoo is just an odious human being, isn’t he? If I was ever to advocate torture of people for their speech, he’d be at the top of the list.

      1. Hey, Yoo was a government worker at some point, wasn’t he? Deprivation of rights under color or law is technically a federal offense, and if it involves an attempt to kill I believe it carries the death penalty.

        /enormous optimist waiting for accountability that will never come

      2. As odious as he his, I’d settle for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission where he’d have the option of immunity in exchange for full and complete disclosure.

        Admittedly, this is would not be as satisfying as punishing him, but we’re more likely to get at the truth that way.

      3. What did Harold do now? At least Kumar is doing better things….

    3. Has anyone ever published a list of what specific Manning leaks could have actually put people in danger or whose lives “no doubt were lost”? I’m genuinely curious.

      1. Has anyone ever published a list of what specific Manning leaks could have actually put people in danger or whose lives “no doubt were lost”?

        It’s probably as long as the same list that proglodytes claim of regulations that were repealed during the BOOOOOOSH administration.

        Seriously, put up or shut the fuck up already (not you PS).

        1. And it ignores the obvious question, what the hell was a low level guy like Manning doing with access to such “dangerous” intel in the first place?

          It would be nice if someone who didn’t have a partisan dog in this fight would make this clear. Otherwise my default position is that he got 35 years for making the Gov look bad.

          1. Otherwise my default position is that he got 35 years for making the Gov look bad.


      2. I haven’t. And there wasn’t any introduced at trial. If they exist, I would love to hear about them.

        1. There aren’t any, and there never were. You ask nowadays, and they point to articles from when this all broke, talking about how people are going to be hurt, but they can’t point to a single incident of anything actually happening.

    4. If anyone can think of a more harmful blow to US intelligence in our history, let’s hear it.

      Aldrich Ames, the Walker family, Robert Hanssen. For starters, and this is only from the last 30 years.

      Jesus, how did this fucking toady get his job?

  41. The retards on MSNBC have been jizzing all over themselves this morning because more Nixon tapes became public.

    Ironic, since their lord and savior makes Nixon look like a rank amateur when it comes to abuse of power, domestic spying, obsession with enemies and secret military actions.

    1. Yes, it’s becoming increasingly hard not to label Obama as “likely worse than Nixon.” The only reason to qualify that is that we don’t have all the evidence on Obama that we do on Nixon. But we will, oh, yes, we will.

    2. I was arguing with a liberal about the EPA a little while back and I forgot to bring up that the great progressive hero Nixon established the EPA. Still kicking myself.

    3. They are all over the current news stories aren’t they?

    4. Who the fuck cares about Nixon tapes any longer? They need more proof that he sucked?

      Silly me, “SEE? Nixon was worse!”

      1. But Garfiiiiiiiiiiield!

        /demotard on wrong talking point

      2. They’re still hoping for some evidence they can use against Kissinger

      3. I’m waiting for the Pharrell remix

  42. Why I like my schools football coach:

    “I think that they worked hard,” Johnson said, referring ? genuinely ? to the Yellow Jackets’ offseason program. “You know this time of year. Being the devil’s advocate, you can go find any football team and they’ve all worked hard. They’ve all re-dedicated. If they’ve got a new coach, the new coach is great.

    “And then you start playing,” he continued. “And then if it doesn’t go well, the excuses come out. But it’s like, this time of year, everybody’s excited, everybody’s undefeated and they’ve all worked harder than the other crowd and this year, we’ve got great leadership.”

    Referring back to his team, Johnson said, “I hope that’s the case, but you’ve got to play a few games. That’s why I say (preseason) polls are useless. Until you’ve played four games, you don’t know.”

    Johnson was asked if he thought of himself as a cynic. He paused.

    “I’d describe myself as a realist.”

    1. I wish Johnson were still at Navy, but I can’t blame him for taking the offer from GT.

    2. Until you’ve played four games, you don’t know.

      Shouldn’t that be four conference games? Beating up on three powder puffs and eking out a close win against a comparable nonconf don’t really prove much.

      I’m probably just jaded by Rutgers. Their typical season begins with them going 4-0 with a top-5 defense against a pillow soft schedule and ends with them at 5-3 or worse in the Big East capped off by an especially painful game against West Virginia.

      1. GT starts with Elon (blech) and then 3 conference games (@Duke, UNC, VPI&SU;). We will know a lot after 4 games.

      2. I’ve just scored tickets for Ohio State vs. Florida A&M. Woohoo! (And A&M’s not even bringing its killer marching band.)

        1. Someone wrote the contract poorly. If you are playing FAMU, band participation is part of the deal, even if you have to throw in an extra 100k to get them to bring the band.

          1. Seeing as the old incarnation of the Marching 100 literally murdered one of their own two years ago, some members and employees may not be cleared to leave the state.

    3. As a squat nazi, the clip of the skinny kid walking out 315+chains, while wearing a useless belt, does not fill me with confidence. And then they didn’t even show how deep he went. BE STRONGER.

  43. “I think initially they were thinking of only getting about 10 vaginas, but all up we had 18, so almost double that!”

    an update on yesterday’s hoo-ha post

    1. What is SFing the link called Down Under? Tossing another URL on the barbie?

        1. “The worst of it was just a guy friend of mine asking which vagina was mine, and yeah, ugh, that totally missed the point.”

          Wait, if the point was to not be anxious or ashamed, why is asking such a problem?

        2. No clue on the url, but there is some website with the same premise.

        3. Why does this little idiot not know the difference between a vagina and a vulva? NO ONE IS LOOKING AT YOUR VAGINA YOU WHORE

        4. Author’s name is Clench. I chuckled.

    2. SFed the link.

    3. Jezebel shows the hoo-has in question. Eh, they’re OK. One of them appears to be drooling.

      1. The kids these days call it “grooling”, and anyway, that discharge seems to me to be pus.

      2. Because it’s Jezebel, the first comment is a complaint:

        Just a minor point to bring up for discussion. Is there something to be said about how these just are strictly vulva of white cis women? DISCLAIMER: Obviously, I could be wrong about any of the vulva depicted. But if they are just white cis women…I just wonder about such a profound empowerment statement leaving out women of color and trans women.

        1. They want to show the vulva of a pre-op tranny? Or does she claim she can tell the difference between a post-op vulva and a real vulva?

          1. I’m saying, it would be a personal dream to have these people watch an actual gender reassignment surgery in high-def. I have, and I severely doubt these people have a strong enough stomach. Then accuse them of prejudice while they’re puking.

        2. Either a post-op looks exactly the same as a cisgina or it looks different enough to spot merely on sight. Either way, some cant of their’s is getting skewered.

        3. I just wonder about such a profound empowerment statement leaving out women of color and trans women.

          If broadcasting a picture of your hooha is “empowering”, why isn’t Jenna Haze Empress of the Universe by now?

          1. By their logic, Anthony Weiner and Brett Favre are totally empowered.

          2. Nudity is only empowering if straight men aren’t interested in it. Which means they don’t understand Rule 34 whatsoever.

          3. Also, there’s clearly some Asian vag on display there. Aren’t Asians of color?

            1. Aren’t Asians of color?

              Too privileged.

            2. No, they’re white. Actually, they’re super-White, if college admission standards are anything to go by.

            3. Most white men find Asians attractive, therefore they benefit from yellowfeverprivilege.

              1. And none of them have a tampon string, Diva cup spout or bloody clots oozing out of them them.


              2. That’s “yerrowfeverprivirege”


            4. For some strange reason I want a pastrami sandwich.

              1. For some strange reason I want a pastrami sandwich.

                Well, it is the most sensual salted cured meat.

            5. No, Asians are more guilty of acting white than white people.

        4. DISCLAIMER: Obviously, I could be wrong about any of the vulva depicted.

          Translation: I am going to both judge the race and sexuality of the bearers of the vulvas pictured, and simultaneously admit that it is impossible to judge such from pictures of vulvas.

          I’m sorry, but FUCK YOU.

          1. Great point. And whenever an issue comes up, they like people and things put neatly into their little boxes.

      3. And a bunch of them are just bush.

        1. Yes. If I wanted to see a bunch of sweaty hair, I’d just take my shirt off.

      4. Am I the only one who thinks it’s really weird to put a bunch of pictures of genitalia next to a giant “HONI SOIT” when the message is presumably supposed to be that you should not be ashamed of your pussy?

        1. Honi soit qui mal y pense (Shame upon him who thinks evil of it)

          The attempts to “transgress and subvert the dominate paradigm” is a getting a little desperate. This would have been shocking thirty years ago, but with an entire ocean of internet porn in which to frolic and play, it’s just hoo-ha-ho-hum.

          1. Right, but just the visual right now is like, “Honi soit these people right here –”

            I have to say I am thoroughly, thoroughly disgusting by the whole race/intersectionality discussion in the comments. I realized recently part of what bugs me, and it’s totally on display here because the photos are so inconclusive. I am white. I identify as white. Just about anyone would say I am white. But I have been mistaken frequently throughout the years for various other ethnicities that look (obviously) very like I do, but that would not be considered white. It never bothered me and I never thought much of it, but it suddenly dawned on me how absolutely full of shit all these people are if some might assume a different ethnic label for the same looks and one would be “white” and the other would be “POC.”

            1. Nikki, I doubt the poor dears even know what honi soit means.

              My takeaway from your second paragraph is that you are a white girl with the genitals of a sexy Latina.

            2. Italians aren’t white Nicole.

              1. I’m only halfsies!

  44. Israeli Supermodel Bar Refaeli Tells BDS Supporter Roger Waters to Remove Her Photo From His Performances

    Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli on Wednesday demanded of former Pink Floyd front-man Roger Waters, a vocal supporter of Boycott Divestment and Sanctions against Israel, that he remove a glamorous shot of her from a video he uses in his performances, saying that Waters’s calls for a cultural boycott of the Jewish state should also include her.

    1. C’mon Bar, you know better than to ask for intellectual consistency from a fucking pop star

  45. Yes, it’s becoming increasingly hard not to label Obama as “likely worse than Nixon.”

    I have taken to calling him “Nixon Junior”. The Democrats really like that.

    1. “Chocolate Nixon”

      1. That’s a winner on par with “Krugabe”. Nice job.

      2. Great band name

    2. I have taken to calling him “Nixon Junior”

      The student has surpassed his master.

  46. http://www.laweekly.com/2013-0…..ngs-crash/

    His behavior grew increasingly erratic. Helicopters often circle over the hills, but Hastings believed there were more of them around whenever he was at home, keeping an eye on him. He came to believe his Mercedes was being tampered with. “Nothing I could say could console him,” Thigpen says.

    One night in June, he came to Thigpen’s apartment after midnight and urgently asked to borrow her Volvo. He said he was afraid to drive his own car. She declined, telling him her car was having mechanical problems.

    “He was scared, and he wanted to leave town,” she says.

    The next day, around 11:15 a.m., she got a call from her landlord, who told her Hastings had died early that morning. His car had crashed into a palm tree at 75 mph and exploded in a ball of fire.

    1. The Stasi used to break into a target’s apartment, rearrange things in barely noticeable ways and take other stuff. They would do this for months.

      All the while they would coerce the target’s friends into convincing them they were insane.

      1. My favorite story in this vein is the recent revelation that Hemingway really was being followed by the FBI towards the end of his life. Not that the admission does him any good now.

  47. What’s next, a college mandate and exchanges?

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama on Thursday will unveil a sweeping new plan for rating colleges based in part on affordability, with the goal of eventually linking those ratings to federal financial aid awards.


    1. Yes, what education clearly needs is more government interference and manipulation.

  48. Thin privilege is seeing a so-called feminist post an anti-prostitution image depicting clients as fat and therefore unshaved, unwashed, ugly, and sexist. Because of course, thin men can’t be sleazes, pimps, or misogynists and fat phobia shouldn’t be a feminist issue, what with the intense policing of women’s bodies and all??

    They’re eating each other!

    1. I need to see this post.

    2. And then they’re going to eat ME!

      1. oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwddddd!

    3. Now that is funny. Ouroboros for the win!

  49. CT legislator calls on industry to end gun licensing deals

    Connecticut Speaker of the House Brendan Sharkey asks leaders from Activision, Take-Two, Valve, and the ESA to end “nefarious” deals with arms manufacturers.

    1. +1 Grandstand

    2. The party of free speech.

      1. Duh, hate speech isn’t free speech.

        *makes the Donald Sutherland throat gurgle and points at Warty*

  50. Speaking of MSNBC, has anybody there even mentioned the detention and interrogation of Greenwald’s courier?

    1. LOL. Good one, Brooksie.

  51. Research suggests that women can make sperm and men can make eggs

    Well, men will quickly become useless, except to open jars and kill spiders.

    1. Sounds like the premise for a retelling of the Time Machine, except where the Eloi are all female and the Morlocks are all male, and the division happened due to reproductive tech rather than capitalism.

  52. Yesterday, the AP was laying the groundwork for the Scholar-in-Chief’s epic foray into the dire crisis du jour, higher education costs. The headline was something to the effect of, “In the Face of Rising College Costs, Federal Aid Increases” which struck me as being almost perfectly ass backwards.

    1. But subsidies aren’t costs, they are free ever since the FED discovered that money well under their building.

    2. The overwhelming cost culprit is labor costs. Between 1993 and 2007, total university expenses rose 35%. But administration expenses rose a whopping 61% and instruction expenses rose 39%.


      What purpose does a college administration serve in any case? I correlate the growth of administration with the growth of almost everything wrong with higher ed; political correctness, directors of student life, sensitivity training, reeducation for the ****archy, etc… None of which contribute anything to actually getting an education, just social engineering.

      1. What purpose does a college administration serve in any case?

        Protecting the college against any disparate impact claims. If it wasn’t for Griggs the higher ed bubble wouldn’t be quite so severe.

      2. Compliance with ADA/FERPA/HIPPA has greatly increased the need for non-faculty staff.

      3. The college administration serves to make sure they maximize their federal subsidies, especially in federal student loans.

    3. It’s utterly staggering how much people don’t get that federal subsidy/control = pricing bubble. Housing? Check. Healthcare? Check? Space program? Check. Education? Check.

      1. They have no concept of waste other than what goes into their trashcan. To them, waste is a purely physical product like energy and trash and does not include time, labor, and capital.

    1. I liked the suggestion that they might link payment of college tuition to job placement after graduation. Still a governmental interference, but at least it would be a fun one as theater, puppetry, and social work programs across the nation implode.

      In the most high and barmy state of Academia,
      A little ere the mightiest Liberal Arts Professor fell,
      The office towers stood tenureless and the berob’d unemployed
      Did squeak and gibber in the University quads.

    2. This is not the role of the federal government.

      Racist motherfucker.

  53. All you saw was warts when you looked inside.

    One of the H&R commentariat continues to appall and intrigue the medical profession

  54. World’s Funniest Human engages in projection

    Also, what the fuck is up with your skin? It is so dry and scaly like a lizard (but not one of those sexy lizards)! Except uuuuuuugh, do you have to take so long putting on your idiotic woman-lotion? This penis isn’t going to fondle itself! CHOP CHOP.

    1. I don’t care what men think sooooo much, I’m going to write a column about what men think.

      1. And of course conflate the opinions of one anonymous internet poster to encompass all men everywhere.

        1. I nominate you to represent me to the entire intertoobs.

        2. To be fair, it was several extremely retarded anonymous internet posters. But yeah.

          1. She was doing them one by one to build her Wicker Man-sized strawman in order to “argue” the contradiction. One guy says he doesn’t want wet hair on his pillow (gods, what a monster he must be) and another wishes his lady friend wouldn’t dry her hair at 6am and wake him up (another unreasonable monster) and she puts it together that no women are supposed to neither have their hair wet or use a hair-dryer.

            All she ever does is look for men or thin women to state a preference on something–anything–so she can object to it. And they all think it’s hilarious and thought-provoking. It be just sad if they weren’t so hateful about it all the time.

  55. People dumb enough to rely on the White House for qualitative ranking of colleges should just listen to Judge Smales.

    “The world needs ditch diggers, too.”

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