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Gov. Walker Says Rand Paul and Chris Christie Are Hurting the GOP and the Country



Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is not a fan of the recent spat over government surveillance between Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. 

From The Washington Times:

High-profile Republicans already engaged in presidential politics — more than three years before the 2016 election — are hurting the party and the nation, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday.

Mr. Walker, who appeared on "Fox & Friends," specifically was referring to the public spat between Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, both of whom are expected to run for president and already have begun to engage in a de facto primary election fight with each other.

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  1. Why, are they making it harder for him to get his face on the teevee?

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      1. Well, she did until that crypto-fascist Walker destroyed the unions and stole the bread from the mouths of starving children. Now she’ll be lucky to earn enough to survive no matter how hard she works that vibrator.

  2. Hurting the Republican party now hurts the nation, folks.

    And these dumb fucks wonder why they can’t win elections.

    1. Party o’ ‘toopid gonna ‘toopid, yo

    2. Obviously having a public debate on the proper place and level of government is bad for the government employees nation. Why do you hate the government employees nation?

  3. Because the GOP’s standard operating procedures have proven so helpful to their party or to the country.

    Or are they just stealing Scott Walker’s thunder?

    He could just wave his arms and say “look at me! I’m a union-buster! That’s what I do!”

  4. “I oppose both extremes – the guys who are raping the Constitution *and* the extremists who protest against such action. We must find a middle ground by which we ignore these issues and get elected based on generic, meaningless slogans!”

    1. FORWARD!

      1. FORWARD!

        WE’RE IN IT TO WIN!

    2. Yes! I’m in the middle! I’m a centrist. A good centrist, that’s what the country needs!

      IOW, I don’t believe in anything, or I believe in whatever you want me to at just the right time, or whatever it takes to get the sheep to vote for me, because, I’m not an extremist!

  5. Well, those crazy baggers like Paul and Christie, what do you expect. Them and their Ayn Rand like anarchist ideas and all.

    Look over here at me, I’m a good Republican, and I’m the next Romney, damnit!

  6. Hey shithead…you know…Rand Paul actually is a Senator who debates and votes on present issues for the day. If fatso wants to put in his two nickels on issues he has no direct influence on, that’s on him, not Rand.

  7. The only time Walker got any traction was when he actually took a stand on something. But nobody else but him gets to do this.

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    1. $4,145 for filing a 10-K with the SEC? You got ripped off. Those things are tough to put together.

    2. I bet you pronounce that car Jag-yoo-ar, don’t you, you filthy non-American?

  9. Gov. Walker Says Rand Paul and Chris Christie Are Hurting the GOP and the Country

    No, mr. governor, no. They are not hurting the party or the country (such bombastic language). The fact that it got infiltrated by war mongering, big-government democrats is what hurt the party.

    1. It didn’t get infiltrated; Reagan welcomed them.

  10. if having some debate is hurting the party, all parties could use similar hurt. The get along, go along collegiality of not hurting someone’s feelings usually leads to the worst possible choices of nominee. The GOP needs its cage rattled a bit; maybe that will help it find some identity.

  11. Is Christie stepping on toes in the party? I mean that literally, because that would hurt like a sonofabitch.


  13. Oh, poor Scott Walker. I think he maybe thought he was presidential material for standing up to the unions, and here are Fatso and Paul stealing the national stage. He wants in!

    1. Ahahahahaha

      Scott Walker: Delusions of grandeur.

  14. The GOP should just ignore Rand Paul like they ignored Ron Paul.

    1. Another Dead Milkmen song about you.


      1. Here’s an apt verse:

        In the end you’re all alone
        No one calls you on the phone
        Got no job you’ve got no home
        Why are you a moron?

        1. Ahh, I can see that you still possess a tiny ember of hope that the GOP will suddenly see the light and turn into a libertarian juggernaut.

          That is kind of cute – in a Chelsea sparkly girly way.

          1. Seriously, why are you a moron?

            1. I like how he asks you that specific question, mostly because you appear to be the most cynical person on this board.

              1. He still won’t answer my question.

    2. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

      The GOP should just ignore Rand Paul like they ignored Ron Paul.

      Because that would be better for the party, or worse for the party? I’m having difficulty following your [non] logic, Buttwipe, as usual.

  15. O/T: Republican with multiple DUIs intimates he was driven to drinking by gay marriage.

    1. Karl Rove could spiff him up and get a House seat out of him.

  16. Walker stood up to the teachers, and maybe the slobs at the DMV, as he gave the cops and firefighters handjobs and begged them not to leave him.

  17. Politics among politicians in a poltical party, imagine that.

  18. Go along to get along is what got us into this mess we’re in to begin with…

  19. Well, he’s half (okay, a quarter) right. Christie’s attacks on the libertarian wing of the party probably ARE hurting Republicans. As MP notes, this is specifically an issue in Paul’s purview as a Senator and not Christie’s as a Governor. A same-side attack (and it’s consistently been the warmongers attacking fellow Republicans, not Paul) almost certainly serves to undermine party morale and undermining the party’s opportunity to develop an issue that could give them a much better profile with much of the American public than they currently have.

  20. The irony is that Walker is merely positioning himself for his own 2016 presidential campaign.

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