Hastings' Death Ruled an Accident by Coroner

Had traces of drugs in his bloodstream


Journalist Michael Hastings, who was killed in a fiery Los Angeles crash in June, died of "traumatic injuries" as a result of the accident and had traces of drugs in his system, Los Angeles coroner's officials said Tuesday.

Hastings, 33, died June 18 in a single-vehicle accident. His car burst into flames and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Coroner's officials said Hastings had traces of amphetamine in his system, consistent with possible intake of methamphetamine many hours before death,  as well as marijuana. Neither were considered a factor in the crash, according to toxicology reports.

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  4. Can we crowd source investigate here? I’ve got some questions:
    1. Was he traveling at a high rate of speed? Some sources have said no based on the tape. Is there a definitive source?
    2. If he was traveling at a high rate of speed, why?
    3. Why did his car explode? Why was the engine projected out of car?
    4. Who saw him passed out and where? What happened between 1 and 5 am?
    5. Why did he contact Wikileaks just before his death? What was discussed?
    6. Why did the Feds visit his place the day before his death?
    7. Was he working on a story about Brennan? Can that be confirmed?
    8. Is the detox story legit? If he had been sober for 14 years, why did he have a medical marijuana card?
    Can anyone help?

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