Punk/Metal Icon Glenn Danzig Disses Obama, Calls Democrats "Fascists Disguised As Liberals"


Credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Has Obama lost the horror-punk vote? In an interview last week with Minneapolis City Pages, Glenn Danzig, the founder and driving force behind seminal punk and heavy metal bands The Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig, let loose on the Democratic Party and its acolytes for their support of censorship, drone strikes on U.S. citizens, and more.

You mentioned that "Mother" was about the PMRC. Were they a problem for you specifically?

Yeah, you know, Al Gore wanted to tell people what they could listen to and what they couldn't, what they could record. It was basically coming down to the idea that he wouldn't let anybody record any music that he didn't think you should be doing. There was going to be an organization that would tell you what you could and couldn't record. And certainly if you couldn't record it, you couldn't put it out. It was really fascist.

My view on Democrats is that they're fascists disguised as liberals, or liberal moderates. You're not allowed to say anything that they don't agree with. You're not allowed to do anything. Also, the whole Obama, "I can kill anybody with a drone with no trial," is kind of disturbing. I'm surprised that more people who are supposedly liberal aren't more disturbed by it. I think whatever Obama does is OK with them, because he's Obama. It's bullshit.

Read the whole interview here.

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  1. They are not fascists, the fascist have much nicer uniforms.

    1. This is true, most progs dress like shit.

      1. I saw one today, in his 40s, with a half-hearted beard, riding his bike while dressed as an extra for a community theater production of Newsies.

        1. A friend of mine is full-on academic socialist at a small university in Alabama. He dresses like a homeless vagrant half the time.

          In his defense, he’s an art professor and dressed like a vagarant before he got the academic gig. But the combination of art nerd + professor drags everything down to a subterranean level.

  2. Sounds like someone has “mother” issues

    1. Left Hand Black is obviously a racist node to Obama being bi-racial.

      1. Impressive, given when it came out. If I was going to pick somebody out of a lineup as a prophet, it sure wouldn’t be Glenn Danzig.

        1. I might pick him out of a lineup as a mugger, but not a prophet.

  3. Also, the whole Obama, “I can kill anybody with a drone with no trial,” is kind of disturbing. I’m surprised that more people who are supposedly liberal aren’t more disturbed by it. I think whatever Obama does is OK with them, because he’s Obama. It’s bullshit.

    Obama is your Brand New God. Never question him or he’ll show you How the Gods Kill.

  4. Yes, but what do SWANS think of Obama?

  5. I can’t wait until libertarians get blamed for wanting to make Last Caress literally come true.

    1. I used to wander around drunkenly singing Skulls, except I’d replace the phrase ‘little girls’ with whatever or whoever was pissing me off at the moment.

      1. You gotta suck, suck, Jackie suck.

  6. It’s not a very good disguise.

  7. You mentioned that “Mother” was about the PMRC. Were they a problem for you specifically?

    Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) before Congress arguing Al Gore’s fascist censorship plan, explaining how his wife Tipper Gore, founder of Parents Music Resource Center is into Bondage and that’s why she interpret metal songs that way.

    During his statement, musician and producer Frank Zappa asserted that “the PMRC proposal is an ill-conceived piece of nonsense which fails to deliver any real benefits to children, infringes the civil liberties of people who are not children, and promises to keep the courts busy for years dealing with the interpretation and enforcement problems inherent in the proposal’s design.”

    From music to baseball, is there nothing government can’t have a hearing to clutch pearls over?

    1. Frank Zappa said that shit? I figured he was more of the Keith Richards ilk, and just as incoherent.

  8. Carl: What did you say your name was again?

    Glenn Danzig: Danzig, mother fucker! I got a question: can you make the blood flow up the walls?

    Carl: Lemme go talk to my blood guy over here.

    Cybernetic Ghost: I don’t see why not.

    Carl: That’s elf blood, too. That ain’t cheap–

    Glenn Danzig: How much you want?

    Carl: Oh, I dunno…a million?

    Glenn Danzig: Killer. Draft the check tomorrow.

    Carl: You’re serio–THANK YOU GOD!!

    1. Wow, another cartoon reference…

      1. You hatin on ATHF, dawg?

        1. No no, it’s called Aqua TV Show Show now…

  9. Thank God Danzig has joined the modern political discourse.
    And shocking, the former Misfits member resorts to hyberbole.

    Any chance GWAR could host the first debate?

    1. Just a quick note, but if anyone is going to Riot Fest in Chicago both Danzig and GWAR will be there.

  10. Mothers, tell you children they better vote my way.
    Tell them we can hear and see what they say.

    Mothers, do you wanna steal a smoke with me?
    We’ll do it somewhere that Michelle can’t see.

    I don’t need to read you mind.
    To know if you’re disloyal to me.
    Your metadata will do just fine!

    1. Ha! Now do it with “Twist of Cain”

  11. This band is clearly racist. I, for one, welcome our new government overlords.

    1. Inside your feeble brain there’s probably a whore
      If you don’t shut your mouth you’re gonna feel the floor

  12. “Fascists Disguised As Liberals”

    This is nothing new. Remember Lloyd-George, Asquith and Churchill? Statist pro-war liberals one hundred years ago.

  13. In his defense, Obama countered, “I ain’t no god damned son of a bitch.”

  14. Please, tell us more about Danzig’s political views!

  15. “I got somethin’ to say / I killed your freedom today / and it doesn’t matter much to me / as long as it’s dead.”
    Barack Obama, “One Last Excess”

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