Massachusetts State Police Have a Sad Because People Took Photos of Teens Riding Back of Truck Instead of Calling 911

Trawling Facebook as law enforcement tactic


see something tip something

Trawling Facebook is a law enforcement tactic.

From CBS Boston:

State Police are upset no one called them about a dangerous incident on the Southeast Expressway that people photographed, but didn't report.

Troopers posted a photo of the stunt on their Facebook page Wednesday.

It shows two teens riding on the back of a tractor-trailer Tuesday afternoon on I-93 in Dorchester.

"We would like to remind the public how unsafe and illegal this is. This photograph and other similar photographs are circulating regarding this incident. The Massachusetts State Police did not receive any phone calls regarding this incident as it was occurring, yet several drivers took photographs of it," State Police said in the Facebook statement.

Witnesses say passing cars alerted the truck driver to the teens on the back of the truck and he stopped to get them off. Police would've preferred to have sent a cruiser and are taking information on the incident. Picture below:

cops would like a tag

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  1. You endangered your own safety! You must be punished by the collective!

    Straight out of We.

  2. “Failure to report a crime is a crime.”
    Stasi State Police

    1. “Failure to report a crime is a crime.”
      Stasi State Police Stasi



      2. Failure to report the failure to report a crime? You bet your ass that’s a crime.

        1. We’re all criminals now.

  3. Missed a huge tasering from inside moving vehicle opportunity.

    1. Dude, they could have tested their new copdrones accuracy against moving targets.

    2. A couple of bean-bag rounds from the 12 gauge also a great tactical option in this instance.

  4. Witnesses say passing cars alerted the truck driver to the teens on the back of the truck and he stopped to get them off. Police would’ve preferred to have sent a cruiser and are taking information on the incident.

    A dangerous but ultimately harmless incident was resolved peacefully without the involvement of the Staties. CLEARLY THIS KIND OF ANARCHY CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO STAND

    1. Goddamit Hugh. You perfectly captured the sentiment of the State Police. And it’s depressing.

      1. Goddamit Hugh. You perfectly captured the sentiment of the Police State. And it’s depressing.


    2. *Golf clap*


    4. You know, even given the cops the benefit of the doubt, just how would they have ended the situation without increasing the danger to the kids?

      1. Even giving the cops the benefit of the doubt.

      2. Well, presuming some cops that are actual human beings with some sense, they pull over the truck, let the kids get off, call them idiots for doing something so dangerous, and then offer to drive them home and tell their parents how dumb they were.

        Considering what cops are today, they probably would have tried to shoot the tires out of the truck or something. For the children.

        1. onsidering what cops are today, they probably would have tried to shoot the tires out of the truck or something.

          That sounds overly complicated and wastes ammo.

          Better to use non-lethal methods and tase them from the moving truck.

          1. Spike strips and a taserin’ for the boys and the trucker.

            And they should do the spike strips like they did in the opening of The Walking Dead, so everyone gets a taste.

          2. But they would have had to shoot those teens if one of them appeared to reach into his waistband.

            Officer safety.

        2. Even the pullover is fraught with risk. What if the truck brakes too hard?

          1. Hit up the driver on his CB and tell him the situation, and to pull over slowly. See? Rational answers. That the cops would never have considered.

            1. Are you sure the officers would be safe in that scenario? Wouldn’t it be better to simply explode the truck?

              1. ^this I wouldn’t want to report this because I’d be putting the innocent truck drivers life at risk. Who knows what the Staties might do?

        3. They look like Hippies, which means they probably have pot. Better send a SWAT Team. Officer safety…

          1. Soon they’ll be able to drone it without having to leave the office, unless those damn terrorist-loving hippies get their way!

      3. This is about job security, not saving dumb kids. They’d need at least 20 cops to shut down all the traffic on the highway. They’d need a helicopter (maybe two) to provide aerial recon. The mayor wanted to stand in front of a podium and appear concerned while receiving minute-by-minute updates. Reporters will ask if there are any bad potholes on that stretch of road that could bounce the kids off, and then they’ll get some traffic engineers on the hotline to confer. New laws could be passed to mandate cameras on the backs of semis to ensure that no kids are hanging on. THEY WOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING!

      4. They probably would open fire on a vehicle matching a totally different description. See, the danger to the kids wouldn’t be increased at all.

  5. At a bare minimum, they should have been searched for drugs and put into foster care.

  6. Of course the cops have a sad – they missed out on an excellent chance to inflict violence on some punks.

  7. Call the cops? And risk they shut down the Interstates for a few hours, or days, to look for these punks?

  8. Missed opportunity to rough up the big rig driver and then cite him for violating some state regulation.

  9. Holy shit, teens did something stupid and it was corrected without the state police locking them up for years in a foster home!?


    1. And civilians acted like adults without permission from the State.

      1. OMG… It’s worse than we thought!!


  10. I just keep thinking how awesome it would be if traffic suddenly cleared up and the truck never got below 50 for the next 500 miles.

    1. 500 miles in the wrong direction.

      1. So seven hours later, the truck stops in Buffalo, NY. But the kids stay anyway, because it’s better than South Boston. Barely.

    2. Wonder if the the stasi, I mean staties, would have even noticed on their own since they’re busy cruising at 95 in the left lane with no lights or sirens. But only because they are specially trained in this highly skilled practice of flexing the right foot towards the floorboard, otherwise it’s a heinous offense against state order.

  11. I wonder at what point the kids realized that was more stupid than cool. Probably right around the time the truck got on the highway, is my guess.

    1. Probably right about the time they realized they couldn’t get off until the truck stopped, and that they had no idea when that was going to be.

      Hey, maybe they should have called the pigs on themselves! That would have gotten them off the truck!

    2. If cops were more trustworthy I actually don’t think it would have been a bad thing for the cops to be the ones to take them in, give them a dressing down, and make sure their parents knew how stupid they were acting.

      1. “If cops were more trustworthy”…operative words here. Like saying, if dog excrement didn’t taste so bad and had more nutritional value I’d definitely consider eating it.

    3. I can see The Boy doing this, WAY too easily.

      “But…but, we didn’t think that would happen!”

      1. But…but, we didn’t think

        God, I was a dumbass when I was 14-17. I hope my son also lives long enough for his experience to catch up with his intelligence.

  12. Clearly those boys are still riding on that truck in the rain since men with guns and a state license to kill did not fatally escalate the situation.

  13. If you see something say something. What if those had turned out to be terrorists? OR WORSE?

    1. Nothing is worse than terrorists. Except Nikki.

  14. What’s important is the police officers made it home safe at the end of the shift.

    1. And nothing else happened!

  15. So if these boys died by cop and not from falling off a truck on the highway, would it still count as Darwinism?

  16. Well, this is at least as bad as putting up Lite Brites of Mooninites.

    Also – Southies!

  17. Dear State Police,

    Stop acting like goons and maybe people will trust you enough to call you in situations like this.

    1. That’s just it. I wouldn’t call the cops because I just know that the kids would have ran, and been beaten into a bloody pulp for it. Maybe even killed.

      Police are violence. Period. Don’t call them unless you want violence.

  18. Sometimes regular citizens take the initiative.

    That scares the shit out of statists.

  19. Why would anyone call the cops. They would just have their phones seized as evidence and maybe arrested if they dare photograph or video the cop they called.

  20. Not exactly a victimless crime, they could have caused a traffic jam had they fallen and gotten hit.

    1. You are assuming the Massholes on I-93 would stop. Not a sure thing.

      1. Yeah, to stop a Masshole you need rain. 85 mph bumper to bumper, plow through any obstruction, but let a raindrop hit the windshield and it’s full on brakes.

        1. Fuck, North Carolina is full of Massholes?

    2. And had I eaten my chicken raw instead of cooking it first I would have gotten the screaming shits.

      Your point?

  21. If only all trucks dragged cameras behind them to watch the back these sorts of heinous crimes wouldn’t occur. It just so happens that my brother-in-law sells drag cameras. I’m sure he’d give us a great deal.

  22. Something tells me the truck driver would not have emerged unscathed, if the cops had gotten involved.


    Not exactly a victimless crime, they could have caused a traffic jam had they fallen and gotten hit.

    We all know how stupid you are. There’s really no need to prove it over and over and over.

  23. Why were they riding the back of a truck instead of calling 911?

  24. Every call to the police incurs costs that will be reflected on your next tax bill.

    So call the police sparingly.

  25. The trash collectors in my neighborhood do this all the time. What’s the big deal?

  26. I cant believe none of you guys can see the danger here. Clearly those are potential terrorists trying to hitch a ride to do God knows what to God knows who. Big Sis says “If you see something say something”

  27. Who the hell would call the cops anymore, they are as likely to arrest you as anyone else.

  28. Ooh! Thay could have hit the truck driver with kidnapping too!

    1. *They

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