Massachusetts State Police Have a Sad Because People Took Photos of Teens Riding Back of Truck Instead of Calling 911

Trawling Facebook as law enforcement tactic


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Trawling Facebook is a law enforcement tactic.

From CBS Boston:

State Police are upset no one called them about a dangerous incident on the Southeast Expressway that people photographed, but didn't report.

Troopers posted a photo of the stunt on their Facebook page Wednesday.

It shows two teens riding on the back of a tractor-trailer Tuesday afternoon on I-93 in Dorchester.

"We would like to remind the public how unsafe and illegal this is. This photograph and other similar photographs are circulating regarding this incident. The Massachusetts State Police did not receive any phone calls regarding this incident as it was occurring, yet several drivers took photographs of it," State Police said in the Facebook statement.

Witnesses say passing cars alerted the truck driver to the teens on the back of the truck and he stopped to get them off. Police would've preferred to have sent a cruiser and are taking information on the incident. Picture below:

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