Sen. Paul To Work With Administration on Mandatory Minimums, Obama's Approval Slides, U.S. and Germany Say They Won't Spy on Each Other: P.M. Links


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  1. The United States and Germany plan to hammer out an agreement to not spy on one another.

    Get a load of the Neville Chamberlains over at the Obama Administration.

    1. I thought we were, in fact, running Germany’s intelligence service?

      1. Too much scheisseporn. We had to give it back during the 80s when the Christian Coalition took over the government.

        1. “Mom, you’d tell me if you did German scheisseporn, wouldn’t you?”

          1. “I learned it from you, dad!”

      2. No, the NSA is just copying the Stasi’s methods.

        1. +1 mason jar containing used undergarments

  2. Rep. Peter King added to his litany of crazy by insisting that referring to NSA surveillance as “spying” is “slander.”

    The best defense? Silencing the debate.

    1. Slander!

    2. Er, libel!

    3. Perhaps not coincidentally, criticisms of Obamacare are now called “slander” by its supporters.

  3. Pete Rose: “I’m still an asshole

    And to be honest with you, I picked the wrong vice. I should have picked alcohol. I should have picked drugs or I should have picked up beating up my wife or girlfriend because if you do those three, you get a second chance. They haven’t given too many gamblers a second chances in the world of baseball,” Rose said.

    1. That’s relatively honest as far as baseball goes.

    2. He’s still an asshole, but 1) he isn’t wrong, and 2) he actually does belong in the HOF.

      1. Like I said before, an 18 foot statue of Pete Rose in the front, and a Hall of Shame wing to bust on his detractors.

      2. Baseball has always been very clear about what the one unbreakable rule is.

        They dont have rules against alcohol or drugs or wife-beating handing on the wall in EVERY clubhouse in the majors and minors.

        1. hanging, even.

        2. Would you not agree that allowing Pete Rose a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame would piss some people off, and that in and of itself is a good reason to do it?

          1. Im of mixed opinion. The HoF makes its own rules, Im fine with whatever choice them make.

            However, I find the suggestion of making him eligible upon death to be petty and vindictive.

            Joe Jackson isnt in the HoF, I think the gambling standard is set.

            1. Clearly Rose misread that those clubhouse flyers to mean No Gamboling. He was Charlie Hustle, after all.

              1. that

    3. Without Pete the HOF isn’t worth visiting. F ’em.

  4. I want Peter King impeached. We can arrange this, yes?

  5. Rep. Peter King added to his litany of crazy by insisting that referring to NSA surveillance as “spying” is “slander.”

    That took a while coming, considering that critiquing the guy in charge of it all is already considered lese-majeste.

  6. Sen. Rand Paul, who has already co-sponsored legislation to loosen federal mandatory minimum sentencing laws, will work with the Obama administration now that Attorney General Eric Holder has endorsed the idea.

    But Obama thought of it first! He was going to shift the national discussion to this issue before Snowden went and exposed the NSA, which Obama also was going to steer the conversation too.

    1. Obama generously allowed these other people to take the credit, though, because that’s just the type of swell guy he is.

    2. Either way, the 2016 Democrat hopefuls are going to need to sabotage this.

      1. Might be Obama will put out his hand to Rand Paul.

        In the back of my head I always get the feeling that Obama really does want to stick it to Hilary and Bill.

        1. They are not friends, and supposedly Michelle hates Hillary.

          1. …..and supposedly Michelle hates Hillary.

            Finally….common ground with the first lady.

            1. I hear she has a solid dislike for Oprah too, and for reasons based on her odd neediness.

  7. Why, God? Why couldn’t you make me co-heir to George Lucas?

    1. He would insist on re-editing your genetic code.

  8. nobody cares that Rob Ford is a drunk.

    1. You know the crazier it gets around him, the more I start to like the guy.

  9. Obama’s Approval Slides

    I pictured a slideshow of doe eyed innocent youth applauding at a rally circa 2008.

    1. You mean from Reason HQ?

      (Ok, sorry, I voted for him in ’08 too…)

      1. Don’t blame yourself too much. The proglodytes spent hundreds of billions in tax dollars to get you to pull that lever. It’s a testament to the human condition that anyone comes out the public school system aspiring to be anything more than a cradle to grave leech on society.

  10. Gravity exists. The Earth is round. Climate change is happening. #ScienceSaysSo

    ? Barack Obama (@BarackObama) August 12, 2013


    Fearless Leader will tell us what the truth is. This has been proven by Science, comrades!

    1. Science doesn’t say shit about gravity or the shape of the Earth. It is true, however, that the universe has thus far stubbornly resisted experiments to disprove the attraction of mass to mass or demonstrate observations consistent with a flat hearth.

      1. Actually, yeah, science does say something about the shape of the earth. Measuring the curvature was a big deal in pre-spaceflight times.

        1. No, you’re missing the point. Those measurements are not “science”. Science is the process of systematically eliminating as much falsehood and assumption as possible from measurements to make sure they match objective reality as closely as possible. Gravity and the shape of the Earth don’t depend on science or observation. They are. And every time we’ve tried to disprove them generally, we’ve failed. Although the edges of the measurements have been refined.

          1. That said, the guys who figured out the radius of the Earth to three sig figs with geometry were bad motherfuckers. No insult was implied to their badassery.

      2. What? My hearth is flat. So is every hearth I have ever seen.

        1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Look at Suthenboy, everyone! His hearth is FLAT! Pre-Copernicus much??!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    2. MJ is less addictive than nicotine. Per-pupil spending and student performance are uncorrelated variables. “Double-tap” strikes disproportionately kill civilians. #ScienceSaysSo

    3. And climate is always changing.

      1. You just don’t speak the lingo.

        1. He needs a grant.

    4. Looking forward to libs dying on this hill…

      1. They’re always looking for new hills to die on, that’s for sure.

        1. Why do they keep making progress, then?

          1. The other side is the same way.

            1. Right. They keep trading climate control for womb control. Shit.

    5. This was the moment when the flattening of the Earth began to slow, and our gravity began to pull.

    6. I bet the staffer who came up with that thought they were very clever.

      1. Think there is any chance of:

        GMO food is completely safe, spares the use of toxins in farming, and could lead to ensuring there is a plentiful and stable food supply for the future. #ScienceSaysSo.

        Don’t hold my breath, right?

        1. Say what you want about GMO’s,

          GMO food is completely safe

          is a stupid thing to say. Of course you can, and probably will, have GMO organisms which are not safe to consume. What if they GMO rice to make viagra, for instance?

          1. I guess it depends on how you define ‘food’…

          2. Picky, picky. How about: “GMO food has never been proven to be unsafe”?

            1. I just heard back from legal… they’re ok with the new wording.

    7. The Earth is actually a oblate spheroid, being slightly flatter at the poles and slightly bulging at the Equator. Hashtag:Learn What Science Actually Has To Say On The Subject Before Making Trite Statements You Mendacious Piece Of Shit

      1. You did not just insult Gaea by suggesting She was fat.

        1. Egg shaped. A bit.

          1. Her?

            1. It’s Mother Earth, right? Q.E.D.

              1. It’s as Ann as the nose on plain’s face!

        2. You did not just insult Gaea by suggesting She was fat.

          Hey, I don’t mind a little thickness around the hips if she’s got a booty.

          1. Just tell she’squite svelte compared to some of her sisters. I mean, just look at how Jupiter let herself go.

        3. Since when does elliptical mean fat?

      2. I love it when you talk like that, HM.

      3. I think oblate spheroids can accurately be described as round.

        1. You and your wanton imprecision.

          1. As far as I know round is not a terribly precise term and does not necessarily mean circular or spherical. Is there some rigorous geometrical definition of “round” that I am missing?

            1. I just can’t speak to someone so criminally imprecise as you, Zebulon.

            2. There is rigorous defintion, actually. It just means it’s a manifold which has no discontinuties in any of its derivatives; which applies to spheres, ellipsoids, and any number of other shapes.

              1. Ellipsoids are not round. They’re elliptical.

        2. No. If Obama is going to try to pull the SCIENCE! card to stifle dissent, then one must insist that “round” means “every point on the surface is equidistant from the center,” which doesn’t hold true for the Earth.

          1. It’s not even got a smooth surface!

            1. Oh, so now you’re on about Mother Gaia’s compexion. BASTARD!

              1. She needs to smooth things out with nuclear explosions.

          2. I think that is a definition for circular. As Stormy points out above, lots of other shapes are round.

    8. Wow, the climate is changing? Here I thought the Earth had maintained a constant 72 degrees F since Creation.

    9. Gravity exists. The Earth is round. Climate change is happening.
      #ScienceSaysSo? Barack Obama (@BarackObama) August 12, 2013

      Don’t you just love it when they they let the interns drive the twitter account?

      Minor correction though. Not round….oblate spheroid. Just trying to do my part.

    10. Well, the climate isn’t static. This is pretty inarguable, as he phrased it.

  11. India launched a home-built aircraft carrier…

    Thank Shiva there aren’t any starving in India. Good job with priorities, guys.

    1. So, nobody gets a motor scooter until everyone has a bicycle. Where have I heard that before?

      1. I said that very thing yesterday in a private conversation. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT IT?

        1. My ways are subtle, HM, but will have to remain secret.

    2. Indeed, India should allow the batshit-insane Islamo-crazies of Pakistan to invade (with the tacit support of the U.S., China, and Russia) and slaughter all their Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh starving.

      Problem solved!

      1. Yeah but a carrier is more about projecting force far from home. Pakistan is like, right there. But I suppose India knows better how to spend its people’s money than I do. I just don’t see why they’re too good for handmedowns.

        1. True. However, let’s not forget that India is home to one of the largest steel manufacturers in the world, which I’m sure had something to do with the decision.

    3. Although I heard that landing on the deck made from bamboo is a BITCH

      1. Dodging the cows wandering around on the deck is a royal bitch.

        1. “Hey, you guys…MOOOOOOOOOO-ve!”

    4. A home-built aircraft carrier is no problem, but I’ve always had trouble getting my home-built submarines to not sink.

      1. Sounds like your home-built submarines are working perfectly.

        1. + Spain

  12. All members of the jury are reportedly still alive and healthy.

    …of course Stephen Rakes is still very much dead.

    1. oh for a moment I thought you meant Steve Raichlin, BBQ Prof

  13. Why does Reason hate the IRA? They oppose the government and cops too.

    1. Some governments and some cops.

    2. Same reason why Jefferson hated the 30 years war.

      Of course the IRA and the 30 years war are pretty much the same thing anyway.

  14. Boston Globe prints a smear piece on Rose Wilder (Daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and author of Little House on the Prairie). How dare she celebrate self-reliance?

    1. That’s just fucking petty. The author has the heart of a cockroach.

    2. Jesus, talk about an axe to grind. Maybe the writer is just embarrassed that she didn’t realize before that 1) Rose Wilder Lane edited the books and 2) RWL was a radical individualist.

    3. The libertarians are everywhere. Walking the streets. Writing articles. Founding your country.

      1. We r in ur country, ritin’ ur Constitution

        1. Our insidiousness is insidious.

        2. Snatchin your peoples up?

    4. She dared to question the modern progressive orthodoxy 80 years ago.

      And for that, she must burn.

      1. Burn her books! Burn the TV show! Arrest everyone who has read the books or watched the show!

        1. Hell, look at the total shitstorm everywhere in comment threads for Ender’s Game. BOYCOTT!!!!! BURN HIM!!!!

          1. Burn everything that offends us! Burn!

          2. I have felt the same way ever since I read the sequel.


            1. That’s not a sequel. The book “Ender’s Game” was written as a prequel to explain the backstory of the title character, the second book in that series is one Card was intending on writing from the start.

              1. This comment makes my head hurt.

                1. I remember starting Speaker for the Dead after reading Ender’s Game and immediately stopping because it was fucking terrible. Just awful.

                  1. I made it through, hoping at some point it would stop sucking. It didn’t.

                    Dune is the only book so terrible I stopped reading it.

                    1. Now you’re just trolling.

                  2. I remember starting Speaker for the Dead after reading Ender’s Game and immediately stopping because it was fucking terrible. Just awful.

                    That was my experience too. I was really excited to read Speaker.

                  3. It was the product of a very disturbed mind. And not in a good way. He read bullshit articles from the likes of Norman Spinrad (okay, he wrote some awesome bullshit), Gardner Dozois, and other reviewers in the mainstream media who called him a leader of the humanist movement in science-fiction that supposedly came about as a reaction to the transhuman orientation of cyberpunk. He tailored a lot of his output towards meeting that expectation.

          3. Just think what would happen if they read The Probability Broach.

            1. Their heads would explode.

        2. Didn’t the TV Show burn itself at the end of the last episode?

      2. modern progressive orthodoxy 80 years ago

        The same one built on Jim Crow, Eugenics and Military adventurism.

      3. She socialized with Ayn Rand!

        1. You know who else socialized with Ayn Rand?

  15. We are having a Pop Music Emergency.

    1. This is what fugly looks like.

  16. Of course the US and Germany won’t spy on each other anymore. It’ll all be above board, and the info will be shared.

    1. Outsource it to the French, since they are suspicious of us both.

      1. French espionage consists of French hookers getting German generals to talk after L’amour or Geschlechtsverkehr if you prefer.

    2. Like we do with the Brits. They spy on our citizens and the NSA spies on theirs and then we trade. Then everyone can claim that they don’t do domestic spying.

  17. …President Obama’s approval ratings are headed for the septic tank.

    Not as fast or as deep as they should be.

    1. In any sane country looking to prevent oppression, he’d have been ousted long ago, leaving aside for the moment the fact that no sane country would’ve elected the idiot in the first place.

      1. I was watching the Tony Bourdain CNN episode on Libya yesterday with the wife-unit.

        She made some comment about how scary the check points are (they are), with those unregulated militiamen manning them. “You can’t have everyone running around something something anarchy something.”)

        I asked her how that last government they had worked out for them.

        1. It’s all about whether the criminals are official or unofficial.

          1. It’s actually a good response for when anyone questions how civilians with small arms could overthrow any modern government that has an army.*

            Libya, Egypt, Syria (TBD)… Who am I forgetting?

            *Yes, they all had outside help and yes, they used captured large weapons. So did the US revolutionaries.

            1. Yes, they all had outside help and yes, they used captured large weapons. So did the US revolutionaries.

              And so would any group in this nation involved in a revolution.

              1. Right. The point of small arms isn’t to win the war. It is to make them actually FIGHT you if they want their way. Another major component of all the revolutions is Defection. How long will kids from Iowa and Texas be willing to shoot at other kids from Iowa or Texas? How long will their generals be willing to make them do it?

                Those questions become more and more pressing every day that the shooting continues. And they NEVER get asked if the opponent is disarmed.

      2. no sane country would’ve elected the idiot in the first place.

        To be fair he ran against McCain and Romney…no sane country would elect them either.

        1. It’s insane people all the way down.

          1. And they called Ron Paul the crazy one. And never mentioned Gary Johnson.

  18. Re: the alt-text. Is that untrue in Modern Russia?

  19. Accused Nazi war criminal, aged 98, dies while awaiting trial

    The man, Laszlo Csatary, was charged in June with having “intentionally assisted the unlawful executions and tortures committed against Jewish people” for his role in the deportation of Jews from the ghetto in Kassa, now called Kosice, in eastern Slovakia, according to prosecutors. He had denied the accusations.

    I’m sure minimum security hospital prison would have been rough for him…

    1. Crap. Warty is supplementing his income by finding old Nazis and collecting the bounty.

    2. Why is it that there is no statute of limitations on Nazi crimes, but pretty much every Communist mass-murderer or enabler gets off scot-free?

      1. Because commies had good intentions.

        1. If you mean “good” in the way a prosecutor would mean “That’s good, we can show they intended to kill all of those people,” then yes.

      2. Because one of them was crushed militarily and the other was feted by the left and died a death of a thousand cuts in spite of said feting.

        Same reason that Nazi symbology is banned by most Euro countries but true-blue Communist parties are not.

  20. …by asserting that gay marriage leads to socialism.

    Any marriage licensing is socialism. There, I said it. (Now let my son try to run for president.)

    1. Hah. States start to recognize teh gaiz marriage, and LOOK where this country is! Coincidence? Puh-LEEEZE.

  21. Induced, augmented labor carries higer risk of autism. But they can’t prove cause and effect…

  22. “The Susan B. Anthony List plans to ask the Supreme Court to review a law that prohibits false political speech, which was used to block the anti-abortion-rights group from attacking a lawmaker who supported ObamaCare.

    “Ohio’s “false statements” law prohibits false attacks on political candidates, including inaccurate presentations of their voting records.

    “The law was used to block SBA List from erecting billboards accusing then-Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Ohio) of voting for taxpayer-funding of abortion because he supported the Affordable Care Act.”…

    1. Does it also block false statements by politicians?


      1. Does it also block false statements by politicians?

        Well any such law will be directed against the opposition…

    2. Aren’t there already words for that like libel, slander, and fraud?

  23. Every time I start to think some other congressperson may be the most awful one, Peter King opens his mouth and leaves no doubt as to who is the worst human being in the House.

      1. She’s probably the worst Congressperson. But King is the worst human being in Congress.

      2. He said “human being”.

        1. Curse you, Andrew!

          1. Actually, I like your answer better.

    1. Henry Waxman?

      1. Molemen don’t count.

        1. Molemen don’t count.

          Not above ground anyway.

    2. It’s hard to determine the single most awful one. I prefer to categorize.

    3. The answer to this kind of statement is always Schumer.

    4. Durbin closing fast in the clubhouse turn…

  24. Creepy? Libs Have Child Pray To Barack Obama?

    1. He’s the Messiah – didn’t you get the memo???

      1. He’s actually the Madhi, who will rule for nine years* before Yawm al-Qiyamah)

        *Counting inclusively

        1. Wouldn’t he be the Masih ad-Dajjal?

          1. I didn’t know Obama had only one eye!

      2. He’s the Messiah – didn’t you get the memo???

        The lefty messiah…..I hope Islam has higher standards.

        Barack Obama: Delicate Wristed Smiter of Worlds

    2. Fuck you for making me know that.

    3. Shouldn’t that kid use a pentagram and candles? For the full effect?

  25. President Obama’s approval ratings are headed for the septic tank.

    Obama is black
    You just compared our President to the contents of a septic tank.


    1. Dude, a few months ago I had to ask a woman to breastfeed her baby somewhere else. She flew off the handle, made a big scene, talking about it was perfectly natural blah blah blah.

      I said “Ma’am, it has nothing to do with that. We don’t allow anyone to eat or drink while they’re in the swimming pool.”

      1. Heh. That’s pretty funny. I have no problem with anyone breast feeding anywhere they feel like it, but having a baby attached to you doesn’t give you the right to ignore the rules that apply to everyone else at a particular establishment.

        1. I have no problem with anyone breast feeding anywhere they feel like it, but having a baby attached to you doesn’t give you the right to ignore the rules that apply to everyone else at a particular establishment.

          This is my argument exactly. No, one shouldn’t be forced to breast feed their child in a bathroom stall, but if by rule I can’t eat/drink in a particular location, neither can your little snowflake.

      2. Now that’s pretty funny.

    2. So why couldn’t I just start masturbating right there?

      1. They made a special law that says women can breast feed anywhere they are entitled to be. Somehow I doubt that they did the same for masturbation. Maybe you should start a lobbying organization.

        1. Le Masturbaci?n League

          (My sincerest apologies to the Le Leche League)

    3. And…it was another woman asking her to cover up.

    4. “To be respectful of everyone’s rights we asked the women to cover up.”

      Whose rights were the moms violating by breastfeeding?

      1. The property owner’s?

        Yeah, I know, nuts.

    5. I hate when I see women change their baby’s diaper, then breastfeed them without washing their (the moms) hands. That bugs the fuck out of me.

  26. New archeological evidence suggets Neanderthals made tools before Cro-Magnon killed them off

    Neanderthals likely died off about 30,000 years ago, but they may have come up with a tool-making technique that influenced later humans in Europe, a new study suggests.

    Scientists have uncovered evidence that Neanderthals were making specialized bone tools before modern humans arrived in Europe.

    “It opens the possibility that in this case, maybe they” — modern humans in Europe — “learned this tool type from Neanderthals,” said Shannon McPherron, co-author of the study and an archaeologist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany.

    This is only one possible scenario, however. Another is that modern humans arrived earlier than scientists thought, and influenced Neanderthals’ tool-making. Or maybe the groups just came up with the same ideas independently. Archaeologists will need to keep digging for more evidence.

    Just to be safe, all descendents of Neanderthals should get reparations in the name of racial justice.

    1. I suffer fortnightly the indignities suffered by my people. Let’s call it $1 billion U.S., and I’ll somehow struggle through it.

      1. You’re only a Neanderthal in spirit, ProL.

        1. What do you know about Neanderthal suffering? Your people weren’t even considered human until the 1970s.

          1. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re not Neanderthal, you’re just a poser and a fraud!

            1. Me no understand foreign words you use here.

              1. Well, I understand your words…but they frighten and confuse me…

            2. I feel the outrage of my people flowing through my veins. Only another Neanderthal would know.

              Maybe $2 billion?

              1. You get a used iPhone 3S and you’ll like it.

                1. No way. Neanderthals were promised a hunk of jade. Since we didn’t get it, accounting for tens of thousands of years of interest. . .make that $3 billion. In gold.

                  1. By the way I just had a conversation about this with the 3 inch spear head embedded in kennewick man’s hip…

                    It says you deserve jack shit and jack is out of town.

        2. Neanderkin

          1. Tolkien called em Orcs.

      2. Let’s call it $1 billion U.S

        It will have to be in Euros.

    2. Where they healthier and did they have more leisure time when they were free to gambol in their hunter-gatherer society?

      And how could Cro-Magnon kill them off? I thought cavemen were less violent than today.

      1. Cro-Magnon invented government, then had all of the Neanderthals rounded up and killed. All quite legally.



    3. I don’t know about you, but I’m not comfortable with STEVE SMITH and/or Warty being handed government riches.

      1. Handed? They’re entitled to justice.

  27. When this Indian CV launches just how many sailors will be hanging off the side of it?

    1. As many as Warty and Epi can take?

      1. I see you’re confusing semen and sailors again. Though given your lifestyle I understand how you conflate the two.

        1. Why do they call camels the ships of the desert?

          They’re full of Arab semen.

          1. One hump, two humps, all the humps!

          2. Okay, I laughed. Never heard that one before. No wonder they hate the West.

            1. It’s all my fault.

              1. It’s rare when geopolitical conflicts can truly be pinned on on individual.

                So, what should we do? Turn you over to radical Islamists?

  28. You read enough fark, you eventually find a diamond in the rough.

    2013-08-09 07:06:01 PM
    ciberido: Is it? Do we? What exactly do you think “retroactive withdrawal of consent” is? How does it work? Who seems to be advocating it or arguing it?

    Well here’s what I learned so far. Granted, this is not my opinion, just a representative of my milieu which I am trying to learn and adapt to. I am not arguing for or against. Times changes. Values change. Etc. I get it. Now it’s time to move forward and codify it into law and our education.

    Obviously, it goes without saying, that consent is not enough. There are number of reasons a woman can withdraw her consent or have it annulled. Such as being drunk, too impaired, strung out on drugs, etc. The problem is that every single one of these is subjective. Drunk (had a few beers), strung out (smoked a joint), even vomiting cannot be a clear indicator of incapacitation, as it could have resulted from particular sex acts themselves, and often people are able to compose themself evidently after vomiting at parties and things like that.

    1. But in virtually every single one of these cases, the consensus is to automatically revert to the woman’s opinion, not at the time of the act, but at the time of allegation. Looking at the time of event itself is an act of slut shaming and rape apology. Even looking at the context after-the-fact such as text messages confirm consent is deemed irrelevant. The only relevant detail is the woman’s opinion of her consent at the time of the allegation (and even then that can be annulled for various reasons, but that’s another topic). And that can be at anytime in the future, whether days, weeks, months, years, etc.

      And once an allegation is made, it should be assumed to be 100% correct with no verification of the facts. “False Rapes” are such a statistical anomaly it’s assumed to not happen at all. Which is true, because logically, the current milieu states that her consent at the event is irrelevant, only her consent at the time of her allegation. Many things could have changed from the event to the current time which actually annul her previous act of consent.

      1. Such as the guys behaving like assholes, spreading photos, other girls finding out, parents finding out. etc. Now, at this point she revokes her act of consent, and the men are assumed to be rapists regardless of police investigations, international media attention, federal oversight and investigation to the conduct of the police, new laws being introduced, and erroneous charges of child porn when they were roughly the same age as the minor in question (which is typically the consensus opinion during teen sexting incidents, especially when the producer of the pornography is the girl herself). Even with all of this, it is to be assumed that the men are ipso facto rapists by the allegation of rape itself, and anybody that questions the facts of the case is a rape apologist. This is not a “false rape”, it is indeed a rape, and should be consider as by everyone involved.

        So if the allegation is all that is needed for to be evident of lack of consent, then logically we can deduce that consent can be withdrawn, revoked, or otherwise annulled at any point in time once an allegation is made.

        1. Thus, we are teaching young boys a false narrative when we tell them “dont rape” “no means no, yes means yes” or “always get consent”. Clearly, we need to take it one step further and clearly outline that consent can be withdrawn at anytime. Just because you have consent, does not mean that it will acknowledged after any series of incidents take place that revoke that consent.

          We can keep obfuscating the issue by insisting it’s only cases of alcohol or drugs, but the majority of teen and young adult hookup culture is surrounded by drugs and alcohol. And the presence of alcohol or drugs is simply not an objective metric of incapacitation. And as long as we keep doing that, there will be boys brought up on rape charges. There will be girls suffering the trauma of retroactive rape once consent is withdrawn. And it’s just generally a horrible experience for thousands of people nationwide.

          1. Quite possibly one of the best explanations of feminist thought I’ve ever seen.

          2. In order to have retroactive withdrawal of consent, you need time travel.

            1. His logic is flawless. The only response was “liar” from a feminist. He made many of them very uncomfortable.

              1. Even better, one of them is in agreement, but thinks he’s too compassionate:

                The My Little Pony Killer [TotalFark]
                2013-08-10 02:38:53 AM
                ChuDogg: I’m just saying it’s not fair to them that they weren’t told that consent can be withdrawn at a later time.

                Boo farking hoo.

            2. Could we do this in contract law? That would be very useful.

          3. Wait, so people actually believe that retroactive withdrawal of consent is a real thing? I thought that was just a parody of ridiculous feminists.

            1. It amazes me that humans can twist reality to the extent that we sometimes do. And get others to join in.

            2. Can we get a ruling on Zeb’s question? I’d like to know the answer to this.

            3. I thought that was just a parody of ridiculous feminists.

              By agreeing with the them, and clearly stating the logical foundations of what they advocate, he really messed them up. He’s not serious, but no one was able to argue with him, due to their previous stances in the thread. One even agreed with him.

          4. This is why it’s always best to kill the woman when you’re finished with her.

  29. The bestleast worst vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Britain

    1. Is vegan food any worse than British food? Or is the combination of the two super bad?

    2. Vegetarian Indian food can be very good, including British variations.

      1. I can vouch for this. I like a couple of vegetarian dishes, like navratan korma or any number of paneer dishes.

  30. Last night’s episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ featured one of Jesse Pinkman’s stoner friends describing his unwritten ‘Star Trek’ script that has a pie-eating contest between Spock, Kirk, and Chekov.

    Less than 18 hours later, some guy made an animation of it

    1. +1 Schraderbrau

    2. What…what kind of pie?


      Thank you. Carry on.



        1. Walter Jr’s favorite meal is actually dinner.

        2. Please,
          It’s FLYNN

      3. It turns out that the whole thing was a dream of Bob Hartley’s.

        1. This ENTIRE THREAD is a dream of Suzanne Pleshette!

          1. Reality is a dream of the Hartleys.

            Hi, Bob.

      4. Tyrion dies at the end of Dance with Dragons

        1. Also i think Severian is his own grandfather…but who the hell knows with Wolfe.

        2. I find that unlikely. That’s like killing off Ned Stark–no way.

          1. As long as Danerys still trots out her pets, I’m cool.

        3. Not true, but John Snow does.

  31. m?tal qu?b?cois.

    There are a couple of very interesting Quebecois metal bands. Great shit, even if they speak frog.

    1. Qu?b?cois, pas non m?tal

      I hope this shows up in the right place; the first time I tried posting it the squirrels bitched about there not being enough English characters.

      1. There’s something about metal that makes your brain go haywire, isn’t there? I get not liking metal. I really do. But the shit you post in response is absurd.

    2. Excellent! Labelmates of Gris! They have a great sound happening up there.

      1. Gris is the real deal. I’m pushing the fuck out of them to everyone I know who has even a remote interest in metal. Thanks for the tip.

        1. Yer welcome. Spread the word, man, they deserve it. There’s so much really good Black metal all over the place now.

          1. I’m not even sure I’d peg them as black metal. It seems that their earlier work got them labeled as such, but the new album isn’t really that black.

  32. EU4 is out tomorrow, and is probably the most damn libertarian game ever:

    *The white, European nations are better than all the other nations on the map by a long mile. They have better technology,
    *You can participate in the slave trade
    *Colonizing and civilizing the indigenous populations in N America and Asia is a core part of the experience
    *You are rich, and you opress the hell out poor people to facilitate your goal of being even richer
    *You can play as any nation at any point in history between 1444 and 1820 — perfect, since that means you never have to interact with socialists
    *Royal marriages allow you to inherit the unearned wealth of nations and keep the bloodlines pure
    *Trading is expanded into a whole new system, allowing you to exploit others through more than just killing their menfolk on the battlefield

    Best of all:

    *No ROADZ at the start of the game

    1. EU4 is out tomorrow, and is probably the most damn libertarian game ever

      Left-Libertarians have a Sad.

    2. *The white, European nations are better than all the other nations on the map by a long mile. They have better technology,

      FALSE: If you start the game early enough, the Islamic nations have much better technology. Of course, the West catches up pretty quickly.

      1820 — perfect, since that means you never have to interact with socialists

      FALSE: You’re forgetting Revolutionary France, which, before Napoleon rode into town, were the ur-Socialists.

      You may turn in your Paradox badge at the front desk.

      1. …wait, is that true? I’ve never played the Muslim nations enough to know one way or another.

        As for Revolutionary France, she shall know what it is to cross the Spanish Empire soon enough *maniacal laugh*

        1. Some Muslim nations but not by much. Being in a different tech group they quickly lose their advantages. With the new tech system it might be possible to keep up for a bit. Playing as the Ottomans in the demo I started out a bit ahead and was already being caught up to by the end of the 28 year period.

          1. Yes, that’s pretty typical.

            It would be interesting into port over a CK2 game where the Muslim world ends up pretty dominant into EU4 using the utility you get with pre-order.

            1. Vast pagan nordic empires being ported over to EU4 should be fun.

            2. Yeah I like how the tech groups are decided during the conversion.

              I also want to play the Sunset Invasion conversion with a high tech New World.

              1. Am I going to be annoyed that I uninstalled CK2 and wiped my saved games to prevent going back to it?

                1. Maybe but it allows you to just create a game at any point in CK2 and convert that. Also the way it converts is by creating a mod rather than a save game. That way you can just download other people’s interesting games from Steam Workshop.

      2. Also, colonizing and being rich are difficult to attain when playing some minor state. And after a few games rampaging as a bigger nation that is the fun way to play (other than the sweet ass mods that will eventually come out).

        I always enjoy forming Russia as Novograd.

        1. Also, colonizing and being rich are difficult to attain when playing some minor state.

          Well of course. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It’s the libertarian way.

          1. Hey, at least no one takes their riches away. Except by war.

    3. Sounds refreshingly and realistically un-PC, but I don’t see how that is particularly libertarian.

      1. Just indulging in some harmless sarcasm, that’s all.

        It is a fun game if you are a fan of world history and/or grand strategy.

        1. One thing that always bugged me was the way it forces you into the tech groups.

          Is western european technology really the ONLY possible way that countries like Japan or the Middle East could have modernized? I don’t think so. Instead, it seems to me that the reason Islamic/Asian/Etc technologies “stagnated” was that the cultures developing them stagnated.

          This is the part of EU that always bugged me- no matter how much they say it is a sandbox game, some of those variables are so limiting that you really have to play that way. If you want to take Japan to dominance, it has to adopt the western technology- there is no fictional technology advancement along the Japanese lines.

          1. I agree, but that’s something which could probably be fixed if the conditions for “westernizing” weren’t so restrictive or artificial.

            “Westernizing” should be hard for non-Euro countries, but I don’t see why, say, Ming China, Japan, or the Mamluks should have to border a “western” country to modernize — especially in the early game. They should have broader conditions for it to work, and make playing using other tech groups more viable.

          2. Yeah, a version where the Roswell craft crashed in Brazil instead of New Mexico could be cool, with the ex-Nazis finding the alien tech and mounting a comeback… then the Allies countering by re-vitiating Patton’s frozen corpse…

        2. After I posted that I thought that perhaps I was having a sarcasm detector malfunction.

  33. Cleveland is on the way back bitches!

    New economy type dude wants to install a gondola along the lakefront.

    Cost? Only a 185 mil for just over five miles of cable.

    So 35 mil per mile for a few sticks, some string, and a few boxes.

    You can get a monorail cheaper than that if you shop around.

    I expect that taxpayers are going to get stuck with a lot of that cost plus the inevitable overruns.

    Also a gondola IIRC in Vietnam was built for only @3 mil a mile. So maybe hire those guys, Cleveland?

    1. Is that an episode of the Drew Carey show?

      1. Every day in Cleveland is pretty much like the Drew Carey Show.

        I lived there for three years – TRUST ME

    2. Generic pallbearer joke here.

    3. Or a hyperloop to St. Louis for the same money.

  34. Howard Zinn, Patron Saint of Leftist History, has a website. It’s as horrible as you’d think:

    History isn’t what happened, but the stories of what happened and the lessons these stories include. The very selection of which histories to teach in a society shapes our view of how what is came to be and, in turn, what we understand as possible. This choice of which history to teach can never be “neutral” or “objective.” Those who choose, either following a set agenda or guided by hidden prejudices, serve their interests. Their interests could be to continue this world as it now stands or to make a new world.

    We cannot simply be passive. We must choose whose interests are best: those who want to keep things going as they are or those who want to work to make a better world. If we choose the latter, we must seek out the tools we will need. History is just one tool to shape our understanding of our world. And every tool is a weapon if you hold it right.

    “What is truth?” Pontius Pilate, John 18:38

    1. Taking him at his word, there is no “history”, there is only propaganda.

      Which makes him a propagandist. Is that how he markets himself and his work?

      I didn’t think so. Ergo, he doesn’t really believe what he says.

      1. Yep. I love history. It has value as a means of preserving for others the truth about the best and worst that humanity has had to offer. People like Howard Zinn make my blood boil: by his standards, how can he possibly have claimed, say, the “stabbed in the back” theory of Germany’s WWI loss as invalid?

        Consciously stealing and subverting history is perhaps one of the most dishonorable things one can do to the memory of both its victims, and the heroes who have allowed those of us in the West to live in unparalleled comfort.

        1. how can he possibly have claimed, say, the “stabbed in the back” theory of Germany’s WWI loss as invalid?

          Wrong people expressed the Stab-in-the-back theory during Weimar Germany.

          This reminds me of Atom Egoyan’s Ararat which was about the Armenian genocide. He was all about how history is subjective and what not. Of course by his own logic the Armenian genocide would be subjective and the genocide deniers would be just as correct as Armenians.

      2. Which makes him a propagandist. Is that how he markets himself and his work?

        Actually, yeah, he does.

        In his sick, twisted Marxist mind, he views his “A People’s History…” crap as grade-A agitprop, of which he would not understand your criticism of.

    2. Zinn was a Marxist, plain and simple. It’s all about teaching revolutionary truth and following orthodoxy.

      1. He was a libertarian as he opposed the state, well the US state, so how dare you!

  35. Michelle Obama to to release hip hop album aimed at fighting childhood obesity

    Track listing:

    1. “U R What You Eat” (Salad Bar: Matisyahu, Ariana Grande, Travis Barker)

    2. “Everybody” (Jordin Sparks, Doug E. Fresh, Dr Oz, Ryan Beatty, Hip Hop MD)

    3. “Let’s Move” (Doug E. Fresh, Artie Green, Chauncey Hawkins)

    4. “Just Believe” (Ashanti, Gerry Gunn, Artie Green, Robbie Nova)

    5. “Veggie Luv” (Monifah and J Rome)

    6. “Hip Hop FEET” (DMC and Artie Green)

    7. “Stronger” (Shayna Steele, Jeremy Jordan, Our Time Theater kids, and E-Street Band guitarist Nils Lofgren)

    8. “Give Myself A Try” (Ryan Beatty)

    9. “Jump Up” (Brady Rymer and the Little band that Could)

    10. “Hip Hop LEAN” (Artie Green)

    11. “Pass the Rock” (Iman Schumpert and Artie Green)

    12. “Good Living” (Ashton Jones)

    13. “Beautiful” (Daisy Grant and Artie Green)

    14. “Change The Game” (The Happiness Club, featuring Naledge)

    15. “Wanna Jump (Let’s Move)” (Paul Burch)

    16. “Mother May I” (Amelia Robinson)

    17. “We Like Vegetables” (Los Barkers!)

    18. “Get Up Sit Up” (Babi Floyd)

    19. “One Step Forward” (Samite)

    1. When is she going to take some of her own advice and spend less time shoving ice cream cones in her face on Martha’s Vineyard and more time on the treadmill?

    2. This is a joke, right? Please tell me this is a joke.

      1. I don’t buy her as a hip-hop fan at her age. This list is a lie. A lie.

        1. Can Wookies even rap?

          1. Not only can they rap, they will rip off your arms if you argue otherwise.

        2. Vegan rappers is all. And Nils Lofgren.

          I guess Elvis Costello ordered a ham sandwich and was banished. He’ll apologize for the rest of his life by collaborating with Morrissey every few years.

    3. 11. “Pass the Rock”

      Yep, smoking rock definitely leads to weight loss.

    4. 5. “Veggie Luv” .

      Someone’s been remiss taking care of the Wookie?

      1. Paging Dr. Barfman, Dr. Teenage Girl Barfman.

      2. Your joke is bad and you should feel bad.

    5. Damn, Doug E. Fresh must be really desperate for money these days

  36. So which of the 77 episodes of the original Star Trek is Sevo’s favourite?

    1. The one where the ensign in the blue uniform polishes the captain’s protein torpedo.

    2. is there even evidence they exist?

      1. Well I have difficulty believing the episodes with Pike exist without more believable sources.

    3. Actually I’m wrong. The Mirror universe episodes can’t exist since they involve Pike. That and the Searchers.

  37. Sen. Ted Cruz’s father did his best for his son’s presidential ambitions ? in Zimbabwe or Iran, anyway ? by asserting that gay marriage leads to socialism.

    You mean it doesn’t???

    Seriously, that can only mean that Mr. Cruz does not understand what “Socialism” means or entails. Neither most socialists, by the way.

    1. Abolition [Aufhebung] of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists.

      On what foundation is the present family, the bourgeois family, based? On capital, on private gain. In its completely developed form, this family exists only among the bourgeoisie. But this state of things finds its complement in the practical absence of the family among the proletarians, and in public prostitution.

      The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course when its complement vanishes, and both will vanish with the vanishing of capital.

      Do you charge us with wanting to stop the exploitation of children by their parents? To this crime we plead guilty.

      1. But, you say, we destroy the most hallowed of relations, when we replace home education by social.

        And your education! Is not that also social, and determined by the social conditions under which you educate, by the intervention direct or indirect, of society, by means of schools, &c.? The Communists have not invented the intervention of society in education; they do but seek to alter the character of that intervention, and to rescue education from the influence of the ruling class.

        The bourgeois clap-trap about the family and education, about the hallowed co-relation of parents and child, becomes all the more disgusting, the more, by the action of Modern Industry, all the family ties among the proletarians are torn asunder, and their children transformed into simple articles of commerce and instruments of labour.

        But you Communists would introduce community of women, screams the bourgeoisie in chorus.

        The bourgeois sees his wife a mere instrument of production. He hears that the instruments of production are to be exploited in common, and, naturally, can come to no other conclusion that the lot of being common to all will likewise fall to the women.

        He has not even a suspicion that the real point aimed at is to do away with the status of women as mere instruments of production.

        1. For the rest, nothing is more ridiculous than the virtuous indignation of our bourgeois at the community of women which, they pretend, is to be openly and officially established by the Communists. The Communists have no need to introduce community of women; it has existed almost from time immemorial.

          1. Our bourgeois, not content with having wives and daughters of their proletarians at their disposal, not to speak of common prostitutes, take the greatest pleasure in seducing each other’s wives.

            1. Bourgeois marriage is, in reality, a system of wives in common and thus, at the most, what the Communists might possibly be reproached with is that they desire to introduce, in substitution for a hypocritically concealed, an openly legalised community of women. For the rest, it is self-evident that the abolition of the present system of production must bring with it the abolition of the community of women springing from that system, i.e., of prostitution both public and private.


              1. So you’re saying that gay marriage is anti-socialism because it expands bourgeois private marriage?

  38. gay marriage leads to socialism.

    Its stretching things a bit, but Ive always gone with Mises’ definition: the state controlling the means of production.

    Works for me.

    1. The legality of investment, particularly stocks, is one Mises talked about as a measure of how far down the socialist rabbit hole a political system has dug for its victims.

  39. Rep. Peter King added to his litany of crazy by insisting that referring to NSA surveillance as “spying” is “slander.”

    Rep. Peter King: “Let’s bring back the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798!”

    1. John Adams, the underappreciated Founder.

  40. Once again proving that those least likely to reproduce are those most likely to give condescending advice on childrearing…

    Is it an absolute given that parents of teenagers should object to their children’s sex lives? In American culture, the answer is largely assumed to be that it is. The range of acceptable responses from parents to the news that their high-school-age children are sexually active is to rage angrily and forbid it or, at best, reluctantly provide contraception while emphasizing that you wish they wouldn’t have sex. But what would happen if parents embraced another possibility and actually accepted their teenagers’ sex lives, even going so far as to allow teenagers to have their boyfriend or girlfriend sleep over? After all, sleepovers will begin pretty much the second they walk out your door, so what’s the harm in letting it start a little earlier?

    “What could possibly go wrong?”

    1. As long as I don’t have to pay for the abortions.

      1. Bundling is (theoretically) non-sexual in nature.

        What happens if your daughter gets knocked up by some idiot who pumps and dumps? Another single mother on the parents’ tab or the taxpayers’ tab if we’re lucky, another abortion if we’re not.

    2. I actually find it difficult to disagree with her on this particular point. And, having spent a few years as a teenage boy, I cannot disagree with her premise.

      1. having spent a few years as a teenage boy

        My guess is that as a teenage boy, you didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant and dealing with those attendant costs.

        A parent’s job is to make sure that their kids have the tools they need not to fuck up their lives, not to facilitate said fucking up of life.

        I can see how a teenage boy would benefit, but I don’t give two shits about whether my parental decisions make it easier for a teenage boy to fuck my daughters and potentially get them pregnant, especially when my wife and I will be paying for the result and not them.

        1. Right, because “keep your legs closed because I said so” always works so astoundingly well, and never ends up with unintended pregnancies. You missed my point completely, and probably intentionally, because Marcotte is right. If you don’t want your daughter to get pregnant, get her on birth control. If you don’t want her on birth control, then be prepared to deal with the consequences of that decision.

          1. “Keeping your legs closed” for any or no reason is a shockingly good way to avoid a pregnancy. AFAIK, there’s only been one virgin birth…

            My daughters know how to use birth control and contraceptives, far better than at least a few of the boyfriends some of them chose to bring home. One of them thought that having sex while standing up would prevent a pregnancy (that one didn’t last long, heh).

            Thanks for the parental advice though; it’s super helpful. I had no idea until now that teenagers had sex behind their parents’ backs, or that birth control and contraceptives existed. Seriously, if they decide to fuck outside my home, then that’s on them. I’m not going to facilitate it and pretend that my job as a parent is well done just because Marcotte thinks it’s a great idea — and who is stupid enough to think that teenagers having sex are going to limit sex to the controlled environment of their parents’ house? If the parents of my girlfriends had offered when I was younger, I would have thought it was fucking weird and we would have just fucked in my car, instead.

            1. ^ This.

              Saying “It’s ok to have sex in my house” is just saying – Hey her parents are cool with me fucking her anywhere.

              Sorry, that’s not the message I plan delivering to my daughters or their boyfriends. I want them to know that sex is a big fucking deal with big fucking consequences. In a world where teenage boys suffer no consequences for knocking up girls, it’s only prudent.

              (And btw: it really strikes me as hilarious that all these experts on child behavior think that the same kid who can’t be trusted to abstain from sex CAN be trusted to reliably use birth control. They’re kids for christ sake. Defense in depth is prudent.)

    3. After all, sleepovers will begin pretty much the second they walk out your door, so what’s the harm in letting it start a little earlier?

      After they walk out the door means I am no longer supporting them, and whatever he squirts in to her belly isn’t my goddamn responsibility any longer.

      1. Pretty much this.

        This sounds like a terrible idea that checked-out parents who want to be their kids’ friends will use to justify how they are fucking up their kids’ lives.

      2. Yeah, that’s wonderful in theory, but the vast majority of parents, even hard-assed ITG parents who say idiotic shit like this, will not actually turn away a pregnant 20-year-old who is unable to support herself and was afraid to get on birth control because her parents would be mad if they found out.

        1. I never said I’d turn away my children. But I can say that if either of my sons expected any help, they’d be working a FT job and/or going to school getting an education that has a chance at supporting his new family in the future.

    4. I wonder what the person’s parenting advice would be if “sex” were replaced with “drinking booze”?

      1. It’s Marcotte, so I wouldn’t expect more than one rational idea a year. It would probably be to send the kid to government-run rehab for thinking about drinking booze before the magical drinking age in the first place.

        1. It’s Marcotte, so I wouldn’t expect more than one rational idea a year. It would probably be to send the kid to government-run rehab for thinking about drinking booze before the magical drinking age in the first place.

          This idea wasn’t rational either.

          The girls I knew when I was a teenager who had parents that were ok with them fucking, fucked a whole lot more.

          Children, especially teenagers, test boundaries, but rarely outright flout them. The trick in managing children is to set the boundaries just restrictive enough that when children push them they won’t have serious risk of endangering themselves, without setting boundaries that thwart maturity.

          Telling your minor daughters you’re ok with them having boyfriends over to fuck them is a very good way to end up having a grandchild to raise.

  41. Feminist torn between her sexual appetites for masculine Russian men and her feminist revulsion at their sexist and patriarchal values

    I was standing on a dirt path in a Russian country village, holding my boyfriend Anton’s torn, bloodstained T-shirt. All that could be heard in the darkness was my friends and I shouting his name, and the thuds and grunts of Anton wrestling with another guy. Only a few minutes ago, we’d been standing together drinking beer, when the other guy made the dubious and drunken decision to put his arm around me. What happened next was awful, confusing, and I wanted it to stop. But I’m not going to lie: Part of me was turned on.

    Here was a guy protecting my honor, placing himself into bodily harm on my behalf. It was what I had dreamt of all those years when I read of dueling pistols and men of great action and few words.

    After the punching finally stopped, Anton walked up to me shirtless and sweaty, caked with blood and dirt, his arms outstretched in an unmistakable gesture of victory. But what I mistook for a smile was actually a grimace. “What were you doing talking to that guy?” he asked. “Did I tell you you could talk to him?!”

    1. Suddenly, I wished my women’s studies professor from Sarah Lawrence were there. Pistols at dawn seemed a ludicrous symbol of male egotism, and I longed for men in tailored suits, who solved arguments with Woody Allen jokes and New Yorker references. But then Anton hugged me, heat and sweat rising from his torso, his arms wrapped around me in a promise of eternal protection, inhaling me in that way men do to show they’re grateful that you’re safe.

      1. Woody Allen jokes as a means of conflict resolution…

        Can someone verify that this is actually something that has happened outside of a metrosexual’s utopian vision?

      2. That bitch is all kinds of overly self-conscious fucked up.

      3. This is all bullshit. She took the whole thing from GTA 4 and the blog Liberated Woman which Alex writes about her relationship With Niko Bellic.

    2. But remember: it’s the conservative and Christians who are puritanical and internalize their revulsion at sexuality.

      Feminists are free-spirited and independent thinkers!

      1. Slavic women are just awesome.

      2. Not bad.

      3. That’s all well and good, but where’s the picture of Anton?

          1. Way to raise my hopes and then cruelly dash them.

            You could’ve at least gone with a dapper Anton Chekhov

            1. I thought you were a Bearhawk.

              1. There are some fine men who fall under the category bear, but I’m not limited to that category. You might be thinking Kristen.

      4. Yeah, I gotta say I’d defend her too. But, I better get anal for it.

  42. re: Breaking Bad.

    It should end with Bob Newhart in bed waking up from the strangest dream.

    In fact, every show should end like that.

    1. Best possible end to a series ever. It can never be topped.

      1. You clearly didn’t appreciate the genius of Battlestar Galactica’s finale.

        Angels Pro L., angels!

        1. Also a Bob Hartley dream.

          1. I thought the entire BSG universe was in Tommy Westphal’s snow globe.

            1. I would’ve preferred Tommy Wiseau…

      2. I agree.

        I think its the only show with a big ending that didnt anger people.

        1. It was so awesome. And really gutsy, if you think about it, because fans of Newhart who had emotional investment in the characters had their little bubbles burst. I’m stunned the network didn’t blow a fuse over the idea.

        2. Well it was a comedy from back in the days before serialized story telling became a thing.

        3. The end to The Shield was pretty fucking awesome.

          1. Also Bob Hartley? Or angels?

            1. What Shane did was severely fucked up, and then Vic being dumped into a powerless desk job? Awesome.

          2. Black Adder as well.

            1. It hasn’t ended, yet. There’s talk of a movie, with most of the main cast maybe participating.

              1. Specials don’t really count.

                1. I liked the Blackadder Christmas one. Not any of the others.

                  What I heard about sounded theatrical.

              2. PL-

                A few months back, Mr. Chickless was a guest on WEEI’s Denis & Callahan. Although they mostly talked SAWX, Callahan asked about the movie and Chickless thought it unlikely.

                1. I’m talking about Blackadder.

                  1. My bad.

          3. I musta stopped watching to soon. Was there an after credit bit where Vic got fucked cross-ways with a cheese grater? If not and it ended the way I remember it ending then it was crap.

  43. So the statist, anti-liberty “Plan Bay Area”, which I’ve mentioned on here a few times, is finally getting to be national news (as it should), because it is in the planning stages all over the country. Here is an article from today about how Regionalism and “Transit-Oriented Development” may soon be coming to your town — and it is ardently supported by the Obama administration. Live in the suburbs or in a rural area? You might soon be subject to eminent domain because you aren’t using your land ‘efficiently’ — many families could be living where your house is, you wasteful lout! Fortunately, the “libertarian Pacific Legal Foundation” has filed suit. Hope and pray they win.

    1. Never thought I would need a rocket launcher before today, but when those in charge are taking there inspiration from Pol Pot, you have to step up your game.

      1. I’ve always hoped I wouldn’t NEED a rocket launcher?

    2. First they came for my septic system, and I told them to eat my shit.

    3. The bureaucratic lingo for this brand of social engineering is TOD, “transit oriented development.” That’s short for letting suburban highways deteriorate while squeezing as many apartments and businesses as possible into tiny neighborhoods around subway stations, so people stop using their cars.

      Next time you see an ignorant proglodyte post about Roadz, link this.

      1. Social engineering at its very best.

    4. Assuming we count National Review and Fox News as national news. I’d like to see wider coverage than that.

  44. #SolidarityisforWhiteWomen trends on Twitter, reminds white women of their place on the aggrieved victims hierarchy

    Snark aside, I’m glad they are picking up on the condescending and patronizing attitude feminism has, even if they only see it in racial tones.

    1. So did Jean Harlow.

      1. Brooke Shields said she didn’t as well.

    2. I gotta say, she doesn’t do a thing for me. Her face is too scrunchy.

      1. I gotta say, you be right.

      2. Least attractive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, ever?

        1. I learn new words around here all the time.

      3. This reminds me of a series of books my little girl liked me to read to her when she was very little. “That’s not my dinosaur; his nose is too shiny.” That sort of thing.

      4. Face? Oh… I guess she does have a face. I never noticed.

  45. OT.
    I’ll bet not a soul knew that Elon Musk was the Chief Designer at Space X!
    “Inventor Musk to share plans for high-speed travel”
    “This June 15, 2012 file photo shows SpaceX CEO and Chief Designer Elon Musk pausing during his commencement speech…”…..725412.php
    And I’ll bet the scheme includes tons of government funding!

    1. Huh, that’s actually his title. As much as I like SpaceX, it’s kind of a weird title for him, seeing as the actual designers probably have engineering degrees and aerospace experience and stuff.

      1. “Designer” might just mean he picks out the color of the racing stripes on the rockets. He isn’t calling himself Chief Engineer.

        1. Fair enough. I’m not going to complain too much, as I like what he’s doing with SpaceX, for the most part. Much more than with his other current endeavors.

          1. I liked SpaceX at first, but the more I see about them, the more I realize that they are just another Boeing or Lockheed. 90% of their business model is “Get Uncle Sam to write me a check.” (Which by the way has been Musk’s MO with his other investments- Tesla, Solar City, etc.

            Compare that to some of the other companies out there like Scaled Composites (SpaceShipOne) that are actually trying to create a private market.

    2. Is it the tube?

    1. How long until the whole thing collapses? Online feminism is starting to look like TV evangelism in the 80s.

    2. -i?whiteboys . ?@HoesLoveMyFro 3m

      #solidarityisforwhitewomen when ”black on black” crime justifies a hate crime against a black person from a white . ?

      I am so confused right now.

      1. I’ve known black women who like white guys to the point of liking, dating and becoming close friends with them who just fucking hate the living shit out of white women.

        1. I won major points with several black women in one office I worked in by pissing off the bitchiest white girl there. I had them running elaborate practical jokes on her for me.

      2. I liked this one:

        Humera ?@whooo_meee 2m
        #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen when fellow “feminists”, not Islam, are the ones making Muslim women feel oppressed #idontneedsaving

        1. So when is being Muslim a race?

  46. http://www.voicesonthesquare.c…..edia-entry
    US Senate staffer paints Snowden as a traitor on wikipedia. McCain is a trollin’!

    1. When the Washington DC bubble bursts it’s going to get ugly.

      1. I thought they reached peak stupid earlier this year, but they keep finding new ways.

  47. Summer Time in the wionder is cool liek that.

  48. I think Sen. Rand Paul did decent on Hannity since he slid in at the end a comment about libertarians.

    I watched the two harpies afterward shrieking about racism for the entertainment value.

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