NBC Talking to Fox Television Studios About Producing Hillary Clinton Miniseries

Condemned by the RNC and some NBC News personalities despite not having a script yet


NBC's miniseries on Hillary Clinton's life may not have a script yet but its plot twists keep on coming. The New York Times reports today that NBC has entered preliminary talks with Fox Television Studios to produce the controversial project (which has been denounced not only by Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus but also NBC News luminaries Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell).

That would a fun, Hollywood-style twist, wouldn't it? Recall that the RNC's Priebus has threatened to boycott NBC and CNN (which is producing a documentary about Mrs. Clinton) if they go ahead with what the GOP views as pro-Clinton propaganda (despite the current absence of things like scripts) aimed at befriending the presidential frontrunner or perhaps even cementing her status as president-in-waiting. The RNC won't cooperate with the two media companies on things like hosting 2016 presidential debates, Priebus has said, unless NBC and CNN bend to the party's programming demands.