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Friday Funnies: Obama, Putin, and the Press


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  1. Clinton and the Coz. That’s a talk show I would watch.

    1. Many years ago on “Whose line is it anyway” the audience was asked for a name for a sitcom with unlikely roommates. Some genius yelled out “Satan And The Schoolgirl”. I wouldn’t just watch that, I’d buy the boxset

      1. Also, someone suggested, “Hillary and Monica”.

        1. “Snowden and Schumer”: In tomorrow’s episode, Edward releases more documents, while Chuck becomes involved in an ill-advised yogurt subsidy scheme. Meanwhile, wacky neighbor Keith Alexander continues his quest to monitor all content on YouPorn, XVidoes, and XHamster in the name of “National Security”.

  2. OK, you know the drill: please supply a better set of speech balloons

    1. I agree. Out of that entire appearance on the Tonight Show, this is the best cartoon they could conjure up?

      Of course, it could just be me. I don’t watch The View and so I don’t even know what this means.

    2. “Putin had a picture taken of him kissing a dead, bloody fish.”

      “There’s just too much there to work with.”

  3. Why does Bill Clinton have such a pronounced jaw?

    1. Actually, I thought that was Barbara Bush.

      1. whoever it is, why are they talking to a cubist painting?

        1. I think that’s supposed to be an elephant with some type of creepy periscope.

        2. Maybe it’s Sister Wendy.

    2. It’s John Kerry. He wanted to find out what it was like to sit behind the big desk.

  4. Sounds like a pretty solid plan to me dude.

  5. What? Usually I at least get what he is going for. Is this an anti the View joke disguised as a political cartoon?

    1. I am also confused. This is much better than my usual state of contempt. Good job, Bok!

      1. perhaps Leno/Clinton knows that Obama/Duchamps elephant isn’t riddled with questions at his pressers either and thus must be referring to his time on The View? That’s the closest I can come.

        1. That’s what I’ve got too.

      2. Yes, this looks like Bok is finally doing grade-level work. Those new meds are a big help for him.

    2. It seems to me it’s a stab at the President having the temerity to say that some other World Leader isn’t used to facing a tough press, unlike the President.

      Which is a pretty laughable notion.

      1. Going with Occam’s Razor on this one. Bill’s just wondering why those women on The View won’t blow him; I have no idea why Ross Perot is black though.

        1. So we’ve got Bill getting blown by The View womens while a black Perot talks about “a giant sucking sound”?

        2. Bill’s just wondering why those women on The View won’t blow him

          Waitwut? They blew him the first time he was there. They even built an addition on the copier room to facilitate it.

  6. Where are teh labelzzz.

    1. precious, precious labelzzzz

  7. Bok and Payne don’t really exist, they’re just the names used for the products of this computer program

    1. “So, what about those clowns in Washington?”

      Alternate joke: “Why are you humans not laughing? The joke was funny, your reaction is illogical. You all must be destroyed!”

  8. Damn. I can’t even post this to my Facebook page.

  9. I thought it was Obama who’s not used to reporters asking hardball questions. MISSED OPPORTUNITY, Bok.

    1. huh?

      1. Reviewing the comic again I can see this may be the point Bok was trying to make.

        1. But I’ll grant that it’s VERY hard to tell, so…

  10. I’m Twelve Forty Years Old and What is This?

  11. Why is Leno interviewing a zombie? I thought zombies were on the way out, popularity-wise.

    1. Zombies never die unless you help them along.

  12. I just lost more precious brain cells.

  13. I just….I can’t even….

  14. Why is Barney Frank wearing a white wig?

    And why is he (apparently)interviewing that guy who played Gus Fring on “Breaking Bad” (till he blowed up real good)? PS He was also a baddie in that fucking AWFUL new “sci fi” show about the power all being gone, the name of which my brain has thankfully erased after watching two HORRIBLE episodes.

    And what does “The View” have to do with Putin, or Gus-Actor-Guy or Wig-Barney-Frank?

    Moar labelz MIGHT help, but I doubt it.

    Happy Friday, Reasonoids, and welcome to Bok’s Hell.

  15. Maybe Putin isn’t used to the kind of press conferences Obama has. But our President isn’t used to being on the spot every week or so to answer “do you still beat your wife” questions from the legislature, as the British PM must do. I want to see “President Question Time” on CSPAN! That would be must-see-TV.

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