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Organizing for Action

Barack Obama turned 52 yesterday, and while I'm not usually the sort of person who keeps track of that sort of thing, I couldn't miss it. That's because Organizing for Action really wanted to make sure I didn't forget that the president's big day was coming up.

Over the last four days, Obama's former campaign organization sent me seven separate emails reminding me about President Obama's birthday—and including little notes saying that, oh yeah, it would be nice if I kicked in some money too.

"Everyone likes getting birthday cards – and this one is for the President," explained the first birthday email, which showed up at 2:14 p.m. last Thursday. It urged me to sign an online card for President Obama before it was sent along. And at the very bottom, just below the signature line, it also urged me to donate. "The other side will spend millions to maintain the status quo. We're fighting for change – chip in $5 or more to support OFA today." By 6:15 p.m. last night, I'd received six more emails from OFA about the president's birthday, most asking me to sign the card, all asking me to chip in now. 

One of the emails didn't mention the birthday card. Instead, it invited me to a celebration to honor the president's birthday and one of his "signature accomplishments"—the 2010 health care legislation. The email said that people would be gathering together on Sunday to "celebrate the good things that are happening under Obamacare." Come show your support: "Opponents are spending millions of dollars trying to convince Americans that Obamacare isn't working," the email said. "Obamacare's opponents might have plenty of money—but we have the facts on our side." Not mentioned? That the law also has a hefty taxpayer-funded advertising account: According to an Associated Press tally based on federal and state sources, the total amount to be spent on advertising, publicity and marketing for Obamacare will be at least $684 million. Happy (belated) birthday, Mr. President!

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  1. I’d donate if there were a group named “Organizing for inaction.”

    1. “With your generous offer of $10.00, the President will delay implementation of the healthcare law by two days. With an offer of $50.00, the president will personally delay the appointment of an official of your choosing.”

      1. With your generous offer of $10.00, the President will delay implementation of give you a waiver to the healthcare law by for two days

      2. With your donation of $50,000, you get to have lunch with the President and express any concerns you may have.

        With your donation of $1,000,000, you get to nominate your choice of ambassador or junior official in a Cabinet department.

        If you donate nothing at all, you get – good government!

        (similar remarks attributed to Huey Long)

    2. I’ll buy that for a dollar!

  2. “”Opponents are spending millions of dollars trying to convince Americans that Obamacare isn’t working,” the email said. “Obamacare’s opponents might have plenty of money — but we have the facts on our side.”

    For once, they’re actually right. Obamacare is working just as they intended.

  3. Barf.

    Speaking of signature accomplishments, SadBeard thinks that less people going into the medical profession is what was meant by “bending the cost curve.”

    Maybe someone should get him smarter running dogs for his birthday.

    1. LOLWUT:
      “So far 2013 has been a year of growth, but far from a boom year”

      The graph indicates that the ratio is decreasing past 2012 levels.

    2. My older daughter is thinking about going to medical school. What used to be an automatic feeling of optimism is now clouding by the fear that the profession may be less lucrative if ObamaCarousel continues.

  4. Is Jimmy Fallon praying that Obama will like his special birthday joke?

  5. Did you know that President only uses Air Force One as a courtesy to the Secret Service? He could obviously fly wherever he wants without the aid of an aircraft, but they couldn’t keep up with him that way.

    1. Are you saying the president is not unlike a unicorn?

      1. Unicorns generally aren’t black, but otherwise…


      2. I thought him the last of his kind, trapped in human form until he recovers his immortal self.

    2. His Secret Service detail is such a waste of taxpayer money. Obama could easily repel any attack against him single handed.

  6. The souls of the droned “collateral damage” wish you a happy birthday, Mr. President. And many happy returns of the day…

  7. I present to you… The Terrible Idea of the Day, and SadBeard’s equally terrible counter-proposal.

    City Council Speaker and New York City mayoral front runner Christine Quinn is out with what seems to be a proposal for government-subsidized student loans for toddlers:

    Families with children between the ages of 2 and 4 can get loans up to $11,000. In the first year, they’ll be available to 40 eligible families.

    “Early-childhood education is one of the most important investments a parent can make,” Quinn said.

    New York City has some of the highest child-care costs in the country, averaging $13,000 per year, according to the Center for Children’s Initiatives.

    Applicants must have an annual income of $80,000 to $200,000, a credit score of at least 620 and agree to attend a free financial counseling session with a Neighborhood Trust counselor.

    Once parents are approved, the payments will be disbursed directly to the day-care providers.

    The program also allows parents to make interest-only payments until their children reach kindergarten-eligible age.

    1. What’s this nonsense? I thought babysitting coupons were going to fix the economy.

    2. NYC child care is only $13K/year? I wish I could find that rate in Baltimore.

    3. Applicants must have an annual income of $80,000 to $200,000, a credit score of at least 620 and agree to attend a free financial counseling session with a Neighborhood Trust counselor.

      First lesson of financial counseling class? “Don’t finance daycare”

      1. Beaten by 2 minutes!

    4. Mandatory financial counseling? That would tell the borrowers what a stupid idea it is, unless they’re making enough to where it’s free government money?

  8. I’m sorry folks, but we’re stuck with this guy and his apparatus forever. Having him as president certainly sucks, but the shenanigans will continue once he’s unrestrained by the, um, dignity of the office and he’s back to community organizing (or whatever). I wonder if the media will continue to give him the attention he most desperately needs.

    1. It’ll end badly, with his unfulfilled craving of media attention driving him to take the top of the Sears Tower, sealing himself in, and dropping rocks on people below.

      1. Nah, he’ll just travel the world setting records for most money earned per speaking event. The one good thing I can say about W is that he had the decency to shut up and sit down after he left office.

        1. Sure, he’ll do that. But getting the limelight as an ex-president is hard. I don’t know if he can take it.

          1. Who said anything about being an ex? The Twenty Second Amendment only bans him from being elected more than twice, not holding office.

              1. Hmm.. he is a constitutional scholar after all. Would that earn him the first federal branch trifecta? Taft only had two.

          2. This isn’t just any ex-president, ProL. He’s the hottest thing since Clinton went down in flames. But the teleprompter rider in his contracts is sine qua non.

      2. I have a vision of Barack ending up on Oprah just like Lindsey Lohan

  9. Saw a bunch of girls by the side of the road holding up “honk for Obamas birthday” signs saturday.

    1. They’re taking our women!

      Dems, that is. Wait, who did you think I meant?

  10. “celebrate the good things that are happening under Obamacare.”

    OK, but you’re gonna have to wait until we find them.

    1. “celebrate the good things that are happening under Obamacare.”

      More people are starting to hate Obamacare. Does that count?

      1. I think you’ve found the one good thing!

  11. Speaking of donations…


    (Skip the article and just zoom in on the graphic)

    1. That answers the question I had yesterday; who’s getting the vig?

    2. I know employees aren’t necessarily fan-boys, but damn, that’s a lot of fan-boyism.

    3. Samsung gave to Ron Paul !?

      I may have to start buying their stuff.

      1. I do buy their stuff, at least their android phones and tablets, and its good stuff.

  12. Someone is getting a hard lesson in playing ball.

    1. ^reply to Invisible Finger…

  13. You know who else had a political apparatus that encouraged celebrating his birthday…

  14. “Not only pulcridutinous, but punctual, the late Marilyn Monroe!”


    1. pulcritudinous

    2. And yes, the MC said “the late Marilyn Monroe.” Oliver Stone, call your office.

      1. Was that Peter Lawford MCing ?

  15. Serious question: How does Organizing for Action maintain its status as a nonprofit given that it is so transparently an arm of the Obama administration? I mean, aside from the fact that the IRS is already so busy minutely vetting all those groups who talk about strictly adhering to the Constitution.

  16. Great story thanks you for the informashun!!
    My Aunt sister in law neighbor make $1800 saving on obamacare last week.
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  17. Egyptian Babe sings pro-military, anti-Obama song.
    I think “Obama, father, mother” is something like “your mother”.

    1. Well, there clearly is no famine in Egypt, lol!

  18. Dear President Gimmegimmegimme,

    I hate you.


  19. The other side will spend millions to maintain the status quo. We’re fighting for change

    Seriously? When are you planning to start? The clock, she is ticking.

    Tick tock.

    Tick tock.

    1. Regarding the picture:

      Gawdamighty what a trio of fatuous prats, and a JobsCult computer to round out the imbecility.

  20. Was it Dave Barry or PJ O’Rourke that said there comes an age at which you should stop expecting other’s to make a big deal of your birthday….and that age is 12.

    Getting excited about a 52 year old’s birthday is pretty pathetic. What’s next ? Writing love notes on your hands like a bunch of pre-teens ? oh wait……

  21. So I only have to share Obama’s birthday for what? Another forty years or so? Sigh.

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