Gay Marriage

British Gay Couple May Sue to Force Church to Marry Them

Don't to accept just civil marriages


Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, one half of county's most recognised gay dads, has praised the Queen's ratification of gay marriage but said it is "bitter sweet" as Christian churches still opt against the ceremony.

Britain finally legalised gay marriage when the Queen gave her royal stamp of approval on July 17 after the bill was introduced in January.

The Queen's approval of the Marriage Bill clears the way for gay marriages, the first of which are expected to be conducted by summer 2014.

But religious organisations will have to "opt in" on performing gay marriages, and the Church of England and Catholic Church are not willing.


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  1. Under no sane system should a church be required to conduct a regligious ritual under circumstances which conflict with their faith. This reeks of “Everyone must do things the way I want them”.

  2. Why don’t they sue a local Islamic mosque instead….oh wait.

    1. They might be able to strike a deal at the mosque.

      $1000 for the ceremony, with a double beheading to follow?

      The thing is the Christian Church, Jews, and Mozlems don’t agree on much but they are adamant that gay marriage has no place in their religion.

      This reeks of over-reach-around.

  3. You know, if the Queen wants the marriage to happen, but the Anglican church says it goes against their teachings, then maybe the queen should just form her own church that will follow the sort of marital law she prefers. She could then make it the state church of England, just to spite those old Anglicans.

  4. I’ve said to many people this would be the next step after legalising gay marriage. They said it would never happen.

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