Republican Party

House Republicans Urged to Reach Out to Women, Minorities During Recess

Told to meet with constituents


After finishing work on Friday, members of Congress will begin their month-long summer recess, but House Republicans want to make sure their lawmakers make the most of their time off—by spending it with constituents.

But according to the House Republican Conference's 31-page August recess kit titled, "Fighting Washington for all Americans," the constituents they should be paying particular attention to are "women, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and millennials."  And to ensure that the representatives speak with "all Americans," the packet advises "meetups."

"A Meetup is a forum to ensure that the Member is engaging with all demographics in his/her district to discuss important issues facing America," says the memo, which was preceded by a note from Conference Chair Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash.

"Meetups" with women voters could help the Republican Party close the 12-point advantage President Obama held over Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney with female voters in the 2012 election.