Youngest "Seventh Heaven" Star Posing for Maxim

All grown up


Do you remember little Ruthie Camden from the long-running series 7th Heaven?

The series, following the Camden family with minister father Stephen Collins and mom Catherine Hicks presiding over their seven kids, ran from 1996-2007.

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  1. Why is this news? Oh wait CHRISTFAGS, hipsterism and porn.

    1. They know their audience is me and I like my celebrity tail. It is a bit of a misstep though because I was barely aware of the show’s existence. Surprised me it originated in the late 90s. Thought of it as more of a late 80s early 90s kind of thing.

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  3. Back in the stodgy 1950s-1970s no one was concerned about the “sexualization of children” when it came to glamor shots of post-pubescent girls. Or the raunchy lyrics of teenage female singers from Bible Belt Belle Wanda Jackson in the 1950s to Cherie Curry of The Runaways in the 1970s.

    1. I didn’t get cool until I was past twelve, before then, Suzie Quatro was as close to a punk vixen as I could handle. Such a dweeb.

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