Lawsuits Over Copyright for To Kill a Mockingbird

Literary agent accused of duping author


In May, Harper Lee, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of To Kill a Mockingbird, filed a blockbuster lawsuit that alleged that her former literary agent Samuel Pinkus had "engaged in a scheme to dupe" her into assigning the valuable copyright to her book. According to Lee's lawsuit, Pinkus created shell companies and bank accounts to route the book's royalties before he was eventually pressured into assigning the copyright back to Lee.

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  1. Who gives a flying ****. The only reason we have nonsense lawsuits like this is because copyright law has been so severely perverted from it’s intent.

    Just restore proper copyright law to reflect it’s intended purpose and be done with all this nonsense. All current copyright law does is create intellectual property monopolies and encourage copyright trolling.

    1. You seem to give a flying fuck, since you commented on it.

      Also, your scheme would get rid of fraud cases too? Cool.

      1. I care about the way the law itself has been perverted, not the idiotic lawsuits that result from it.

        And yes. There would be no fraud case since there would never have been an artificially created monopoly to protect to begin with.

      2. It might not rid of fraud, but in a case like this, because it would no longer be under copyright, you’d have a “Harper Lee’s Authorized Edition”.

        People would buy that if they wanted to support her. Or they would buy a cheaper version. Or even read it free online.

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  3. Even with all these pdfs if you like it buy it!

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