Civil Liberties

From the Makers of Nervous Legislators, Now a Canadian 3D-Printed Rifle


The Grizzly

As I've mentioned before, developments in 3D printing of firearms continue on a distributed basis around the world, with many of the projects being discussed on the DefCad forums. The latest breakthrough is a single-shot, .22 rifle developed north of the border. Dubbed "The Grizzly" after Canada's take on the Sherman tank, the rifle split along both the barrel and receiver during the initial test, but the developer is already discussing improvements with other participants on DefCad.

The test firing can be seen below in a video uploaded to Youtube.

By the way, the Bundeskriminalamt — Germany's Federal Criminal Police — actually purchased a 3D printer to test how easily guns can be made and the potential threat this poses to the Vaterland.

My question: Given the cool designs being openly discussed shared and critiqued on public forums, what sort of developments do you think are going on privately? Please ponder that, especially if you're a government official prone to anxiety.

Update: I plan to start teaching my son to shoot this fall, and a perfected version of The Grizzly could be an excellent "my first boomstick."