Obamacare Marketing: Celebrity Outreach Edition


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The White House is convinced that the key to making Obamacare work is attracting a sufficient number of young, healthy enrollees into the law's insurance exchanges. Given that some portion of that demographic is likely to end up with higher insurance premiums than they have now, in some cases even after the application of insurance subsidies, that's could be a bit of a challenge. Which is why the Obama administration's latest health law outreach effort involves enlisting help from, er, Jon Bon Jovi.

He and a group of other left-coast celebs met at the White House earlier this week to talk about promoting the law. Via The Hill:

The president dropped by a White House meeting with singer Jennifer Hudson and actress Amy Poehler, as well as representatives for Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys and Bon Jovi, an administration official said.

Other attendees included officials from the Grammy Awards and the Funny or Die website, which is a brainchild of actor Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay. Representatives for several other TV shows and entertainment companies also attended.

All of the attendees have "expressed a personal interest in educating young people about the Affordable Care Act," the White House official said.

Also this week: The White House also enlisted the giant, stuffed Teddy Roosevelt suit that the Washington Nationals use as their mascot to star in an Obamacare promo video alongside Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. 

Here are eight other ways that state and federal officials have said they might try to advertise Obamacare. 

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  1. Because what makes policy effective is popularity.

    Reality, how does it work?

    1. And if you “educate” young people they will forget how badly they are being fucked by this program.

      Come on son, you know you want to spend money you don’t have on health insurance you are unlikely to need.

    2. Reality is what they tell you it is goddamnit!

      1. “You give God a last name.”

    3. If we all just close our eyes, click our heels together three times, and really wish for it, Obamacare will work.

      Wishful thinking will make it work. Just believe.

  2. So Obama needs Bon Jovi to combat the perception that Obamacare is Bad Medicine?

    (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

    1. I thought his love was like Sam Kinison.

      1. Now Sam Kinison I DO miss.


          1. That was a sad day when he died.

        1. I was actually berated by Kinison. Saw him before he was big in a small club in NJ, (I had never heard of him before) had seats right up against the small stage, which was only one foot higher than the floor. He went into his couples breaking up bit, and went off on me and my date as far as what our future would be.

          I never laughed so fucking hard in my life.

          1. He went into his couples breaking up bit, and went off on me and my date as far as what our future would be.

            So, how’d it turn out between you two?

            1. Oddly enough, things went nowhere and it we went our separate ways after a couple months.

    2. I’d rather Runaway

  3. CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) –
    Retired city workers are asking a judge to block Mayor Emanuel from making them rely on Obamacare for their health insurance. It could cost Chicago taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

    “When I was hired, we were promised by Mayor Daley, the first Mayor Daley, that we’d have health insurance for ourselves and our wives for life,” Underwood says.

    I guess you’ll have to take that up with Mayor Daley, the first Mayor Daley?


  4. If John Bon Jovi is for something, how can anyone be against it?!?

    1. I mean he is just so handsome. And he married his high school sweetheart.

      1. Thanks! Oh, I thought you were talking about me and Mrs. Almanian…

    2. Do they implant a chip in you if you’re born in Jersey to think that way?

    3. Just another couple years, and this arena football thing will catch on!

  5. If we just make the 51% aware they will be receiving free shit, the majority will support it.

  6. So a bunch of millionaires are trying to talk the poor and ignorant into buying things they don’t need for too high a price. This is news?

  7. They should hire James Gandolfini to explain to young folk how much they need this protection…or else…PENALTAX!

    1. “You don’t wanna be pushin’ up fuckin’ daisies, like me?

      Get behind the President’s fuckin’ healthcare initiative. Or we’ll send someone over to help persuade you…you fuckin’ prick.

      Get the fuck outta here!”

      /from the grave

    2. Whaddaya gonna do.

  8. This is getting to “chocolate rations” absurdity level. The Left really is beyond parody.

    In the most horrifying and depraved way possible.

  9. It’s amazing, the one area where this administration has any competence is in marketing themselves, yet these ideas are so bush-league I’m almost embarrassed for them.

    1. And note only hasbeens like Bon Jovi or never weres like Poehler are signing up to do this. No one whose career is an ongoing concern and has anything to lose would touch this thing with a ten foot pole. Having your name associated with a law that is going to fuck a large section of the country and gets more unpopular every day isn’t a good way to move product.

      1. Amy Poehler was awesome in the Upright Citizens Brigade tv series, and ironically the main character she played would have never shilled for a politician like this.
        Comedians just can’t be cool if they’re cogs.

        1. Whatever happened to Adair? Of the four he’s the only one you never see anymore. I think he played some sad sack in a Snickers commercial like 5 years ago and that was it.

          1. You mean Besser? He has an improv podcast (Improv4Humans) and still puts out albums and stuff I believe. You don’t see him much outside of quick guest roles, but the same is true of Ian Roberts (who has an Oprah fat-thin-fat issue now, it seems).

            Matt Walsh is the shit in Veep.

            1. Ian Roberts as Jake Morgendorfer in (fake) preview for Daria: The Movie.

          2. I haven’t noticed him much either. He was probably my favorite from the show.

            Incidentally, I just noticed my favorite UCB sketch is on youtube…a foreshadowing of a world with Obamacare.

  10. I cannot begin to express the degree to which I hate “Bon Jovi”, and John Bon Jovi.

    It’s even worse now that the ONE good thing about that band – Richie Sambora, is not with them.

    I hope they all die on stage from whatever means during their “Concert For Obamacare! Live! From The South Pole!”

    1. Why do you hate white pretentious fucks?

      1. I’m not racist – I hate ALL pretentious fucks.

        *looks at The President?*

        1. Why do you hate freedom?

          1. Maybe he just hates pretentious fucks running around free.

            Start an involuntary confinement home for pretentious fucks, Almanian! would probably get behind it.

    2. Hey, hey, hey, hey. That’s Jon Bon Jovi to you, buddy.

      /Jersey Pride

      On a serious note, there’s no way you hate him more than I do. Fuckers music is “emblematic” of my home region so I hear his awful hair metal and rock/country fusion way more often than anyone should.

      And Richie Sambora is back with the band. Tours, records, everything. He’s from my hometown and went to my high school, so naturally the town named the entrance road to the school after him despite his complete worthlessness while a student, nearly getting expelled on several occasions and graduating by the skin of his teeth, and picking up a nasty drug habit once famous. Role models, yo!

      1. I think if I were from Jersey I would hate Springsteen even more.

        1. The only good thing to EVER come out of Jersey was my wife.

          Wait, let me rethink that…

        2. Easy now; I have more than enough hate to spread around.

        3. At least he puts on a good show. Bon Jovi is snoozeville.

          Bruce is from my wife’s hometown and went to her high school, though everyone seems to think he’s from Asbury (a reputation he encourages). On occasion he likes to come to our downtown for happy hour dressed in a hat and sunglasses, drink Miller Lite and tequila shots until somebody notices he’s Bruce Springsteen, then pay his tab and leave without saying a word.

        4. I think if I were from Jersey I would hate Springsteen even more.

          I am, and I do.

  11. Rock stars. Is there anything they don’t know?


  12. All of the attendees have “expressed a personal interest in educating young people about the Affordable Care Act,” the White House official said.

    A personal interest, maybe. A few of these people should understand that it is not in their professional interest to stay far away from this thing.

  13. I love you, Amy Poehler, but this is just one more reason to never watch Parks & Rec again. The overbearing, progressive superiority consumed the show two years ago, and now there will probably be an Obamacare episode? Christ.

    1. Reall?!? I never watched the show but I heard the straight man was a libertarian and that the show had hit its stride a couple years ago. The Hell happened?

      1. The show started to have a lot of problems, but my main gripe is that it went from a workplace comedy set in a low-budget parks department, to the political ambitions of Amy Poehler’s character. Suddenly everything was about serving her interests, and the only opposition was either stupid or evil. Supposedly they gave Ron Swanson (the libertarian) a few moments of credible resistance this year, but I stopped watching shortly after the season premiere, which had Poehler fawning over Barbara Boxer and Olympia Snowe. Which means I missed the Joe Biden cameo that came later that season.

      2. I never watched the show but I heard the straight man was a libertarian

        Well, there you go. It’s unrealistic!

  14. Ms. Sebelius … says, “If Teddy can do it, you can do it.”

    You mean, be a “rough rider”, Madame Secretary?

    1. I threw up a little in my mouth there.

      1. So did Teddy.

  15. Bon Jovi IS the Obama of rock. Immensely popular for no good reason.

    But at least Bon Jovi used to be harmless.

    1. I thought Bono was the Obama of rock.

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