Physicians Baffled By and Opposed To Obamacare

Like the rest of us


The doctor is . . . skeptical about the Affordable Care Act. And clueless, too.

A new survey shows that an overwhelming percentage of physicians don't believe that their states' new health insurance exchanges will meet the Oct. 1 deadline for those key Obamacare marketplaces to begin enrolling the uninsured.

Just 11 percent of doctors believe those exchanges will be open for business that day.

But those doctors, by a wide margin, also said they are "not at all familiar" with how a number of important aspects of those exchanges and plans offered on them will work—aspects that will directly affect their bottom lines. More than 65 percent of them gave that answer to all but one of the questions asking their familiarity with plan benefits levels, contracted rates with insurers, patient coverage terms and the claims process.

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  1. FDR’s Social Security Act of 1935 set the minimum age for receiving full retirement benefits at 65. This, when the average life expectancy of an American male in 1935 was, 59.9. Female, 63.9. Seems that “chicken in every pot” bullshit was pretty useless if you’re too busy taking a dirt nap to collect. Yet, people too lazy to take care of themselves still trust the Government to take over caring for them. People never learn.

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