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Paranoia Strikes Deep

Notes on Jesse Walker's upcoming book.


None dare call it self-promotion.

Some notes on my upcoming book The United States of Paranoia, which HarperCollins will be publishing at the end of August:

* Publishers Weekly, which reviewed the book last month, has interviewed me about it as well. Come for the question about The Matrix, stay for the conversation about COINTELPRO.

* I was also interviewed recently by Andrew Langer, co-host of a podcast called The Broadside. To hear our discussion, including the part where he blindsides me with a weird conspiracy theory about Andrew Breitbart before confessing that he doesn't actually believe it, go here.

* Kirkus has reviewed the book too, kindly describing it as "an insightful and entertaining look at the demons and devils that haunt the American imagination." Their piece is behind a paywall, but the whole thing has been reprinted on Barnes & Noble's site, so that's nice.

* Finally, for those of you who have been asking me what topics the book discusses, I give you the index. And also, while I'm at it, the table of contents. Enjoy.