Gloria Allred Gets Involved in San Diego Mayor's Sexual Harassment Scandal

Well, of course she does!


Famed attorney Gloria Allred is set to hold a news conference Monday with an alleged victim of sexual harassment by San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

Allred, in an announcement to reporters, said that both she and her client will answer questions at the 12:30 p.m. news conference. She said a lawsuit against the mayor and the city will be filed.

Meanwhile, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department has received allegations of sexual harassment against Filner on a hotline established Friday. The department declined to say how many calls were received and would not describe the allegations.

Filner, battling accusations of sexual harassment by staff members and constituents, said late Friday that he's fine with the idea of a hotline because it might lead to an objective investigation rather than just "press conferences and innuendo."