Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman Saves Family of Four From Car Wreck


George Zimmerman, who was recently acquitted of second-degree murder charges in the death of Trayvon Martin, last week made his first public appearance since the verdict was reached.

Zimmerman came to the rescue of a family of four who were trapped inside a truck. According to ABC News:

Zimmerman was one of two men who came to the aid of a family of four—two parents and two children—trapped inside a blue Ford Explorer SUV that had rolled over after traveling off the highway in Sanford, Fla. at approximately 5:45 p.m. Thursday, the Seminole County Sheriff's Office said in a statement.

He was identified by a Sanford police department captain, Jim McAullife. The captain reported that one of the family members in the crash said, "George Zimmerman pulled me out."

According to authorities, the rescuer did not witness the crash itself, and he left the scene shortly after speaking with authorities. The incident took place in the neighborhood where Zimmerman acted as a volunteer watch coordinator. This is the same neighborhood he patrolled where his confrontation with Trayvon Martin took place.

Since the conclusion of his trial, the 29-year old Zimmerman has been flooded with death threats. Fox News reports:

"We have had an enormous amount of death threats," Robert Zimmerman said. "George's legal counsel has had death threats, the police chief of Sanford, many people have had death threats … 'Everyone with Georgie's DNA should be killed'—just every kind of horrible thing you can imagine."

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  1. Pulled em out so he could shoot em!

    1. Well, I’m sure they were white, so OF COURSE he helped them.

      1. Hispanics helping white people? It’s all so confusing.

      2. So if they were black, he wouldn’t have helped them? You people are so shallow.

  2. “According to authorities, the rescuer did not witness the crash itself, and he left the scene shortly after speaking with authorities.”

    He needs to get a costume and a mask, or (as I said before) get an A-Team together.

    1. He needs to get the old band back together.
      He’s on a Mission from God.

      1. +1 ruler-wielding nun

    2. Zimmer means “room” in German, right? So he’s Room Man. I’m not sure what that means, but there you are.

      1. He needs living space!

        1. Okay, so he’s a Nazi. Still no evidence to convict.

          1. Start a rumor that his real name is “George Lebensraum” and see if anyone goes for it.

          2. What makes him a Nazi? How old are you, 12? He’s hispanic, nazi’s were white.

          3. What makes him a Nazi? How old are you, 12? He’s hispanic, nazi’s were white.

            1. needs “living space”

            2. nazis still exist and they don’t need to be white. Mongolia has a growing nazi party, for example. ethnic nationalism is not a white-only phenomenon.

    3. If we just had a common sense rule that neighborhood watchmen have to wear superhero costumes to identify themselves, Trayvon would still be alive.

      1. Not necessarily, he still might have been killed when his fusion-powered death ray backfired.

    4. Or let’s get a Spartacus meme going. Any time you’re rescued by some unknown Good Samaritan, say it was George Zimmerman.

  3. Obviously he staged the accident so he could get the good PR.

    1. Quit stealing my lines.

      Just kidding. It’s funny because you know this is exactly what every rabid left-wing lunatic is thinking.

      1. I just told my secretary about this story and she said, “Boy, that guy sure loves the spotlight.” WTF? Yes, I’m sure he loves being charged with murder 2, and he has complete control over what cars flip in his vicinity, just so he could be in the news.

        1. As Johhn has repeatedly pointed out: this case is like a disease. A retard disease.

          1. We can’t have people running around playing hero.


            1. I bet if he’d called 911 and they’d said “I don’t need you to pull them out of the car” he’d have “disobeyed police orders”* again, too.

              (* Because 911 dispatchers are cops who can give orders!)

              1. (* Because 911 dispatchers are cops who can give orders!)

                Not in the last two counties I’ve lived in.

        2. If those people had just waited in their car like they were told, they wouldn’t be…oh wait.

        3. Dude, fire your secretary. She’s too stupid to have a job.

          1. He didn’t hire her for her brains.

            1. Nobody can be hot enough to make up for that level of stupid.

              1. Not anyone that’s allowed to talk, anyways.

    2. ASTRUTORF!!1!!one!!


    3. No it was a real accident. But it was a black SUV and he was following it around because it looked suspicious.

    4. Sadly over on the PuffHo there are people claiming exactly that.

      The problem with parodying liberals is that they out-do their own parodies.

      1. Ug…made the mistake of going there. Evidently the US has re instituted slavery at some point. That would have been nice to know. I’ve been doing my own housework all these years. Also, what happened to my white privilege. I was born poor and worked my ass off my whole life. I think I got jipped.

    5. Oh yeah, I’m sure the driver of that car was a stuntman, right?

    6. “Obviously he staged the accident so he could get the good PR.”

      That is what a “Good progressive” would have done….

  4. NBC News has his 911 call:

    “I… overturned [an] SUV… with… [black people]… inside…”

    1. Goddammit that Zimmerman is racist!

      1. They are now marked for death!

      2. Rachel says she saw him trying to push them back inside the vehicle.

    2. I wish Zimmerman would stick to the script, dammit!

      Monsters aren’t supposed to save people!

  5. WTF? How did his life suddenly turn into Steve Roper and Mike Nomad’s?

    Next up, Zimmerman successfully negotiates Middle East peace.

    1. Can a Nobel Peace Prize be far behind?

      1. He hasn’t killed anywhere near as many people as Arafat or Obama, so no.

    2. Hey, Dennis Rodman kept the Peoples Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea from going to war, didn’t he?

      1. Splitters!

  6. OK, I said before that I didn’t know what happened with Martin, but I was using Occam’s Razor to accept his story.

    As time goes on, I am more and more willing to accept Zimmerman’s story at face value.

    I mean, if we accept the “Justice 4 Trayvon” narrative, we have to believe:

    (a) First, he campaigned to prosecute a police officer for attacking a black homeless person.

    (b) Then, he called the police about incidents of white people acting rowdily, and called the cops again to express concern about an unattended black child wandering near a busy roadway.

    (c) Then he departed from his civic-mindedness in order to shoot a Skittles-bearing black child.

    (d) Then he went back to civic-minded mode and saved some people (race unspecified, but one has one’s suspicions) from a car wreck.

    I know that the jury merely found reasonable doubt in his case, but that doubt is expanding by the hour and becoming something like “BS, he wouldn’t do something like that, he’s been smeared egregiously!”

    1. Shorter Eduard: “I’m more racist than Zimmerman is. Worse than HITLER, even.”


      1. You know who else saved people from an overturned car?

        1. Sam Neill & Jeff Goldblum?

          1. + life finding a way

    2. Re: Edward van Haalen,

      (d) Then he went back to civic-minded mode and saved some people (race unspecified, but one has one’s suspicions) from a car wreck.

      That is how his twisted mind works; he pretends to be this mild mannered citizen during the day and then turns into a murderous marauder during the night. You know, like Ghost Rider.

      1. It’s no wonder someone so crafty could think of a story off the top of his head and make it fit the physical and eyewitness facts so well.

        1. Genius. Mad, utter, evil, GENIUS!

          1. Genius? meh, That’s just Eddie “That’s a lovely dress your wearing Mrs Cleaver” Haskell 101.

      2. Yes, but were the people he saved black? If not, who cares? Racist wannabe cop he remains!

        1. Well, wannabe fireman for this, right?

    3. That’s real retarded, sir.

      1. Thank you!

    4. He’s the hero Sanford deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

    5. He’s the hero Sanford deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

      1. You can say that again… not.

  7. What a disgusting family. If they had any morals at all they would have gladly burned to death before being saved by this Hispanic Nazi Charles Bronson wannabe.

    1. WHITE-Hispanic Nazi Charles Bronson wannabe!

    2. They *tried* to stand their ground, but would Zimmerman let them? Hell, NO!!

  8. Maybe I’m just too cynical, but I have to believe that if that family were white, it would be worked into the story somehow.

    1. if that family were white creepy-ass cracker


    2. That is my thought too. I haven’t seen the race of the family mentioned in one story. That makes me think they have to be black. Only facts that don’t fit the narrative get left out.

  9. I mentioned in the earlier thread – you KNOW they were white, and that’s why rescued them. Cause Zimmerman is SO anti-Christ American Nazi White Castle Hispanic Zipperhead (what?) RACIST that if these were black people, he’d have poured the five gallon can of gasoline on the car’s hot exhaust to burn them all alive…CAUSE HE CARRIES A FIVE GALLON CAN OF GAS JUST TO BURN UP BLACK PEOPLE’S CARS WHO’VE OVERTURNED CAUSE ZIMMERMAN IS THAT RACIST.


    1. White Castle? Never mind the “what?” after Zipperhead, what’s this about? Is it because it has “White” in its name, or because they’re open all night and attract a seedy crowd?

  10. The scent of spilled Skittles and tea must have awakened his bloodlust.

    1. I am so happy there was no one around to explain the laughing fit I just had from that

    2. It never was tea, it was watermelon fruit juice cocktail, a little detail the Martin family attorney has lied about from the start. Can’t show Martin hewing to too many stereotypes, you see.

      1. Huh, that’s interesting. First I’ve heard that.

        1. Google “Purple Lean” and the story gets much, much more interesting…

  11. Since the conclusion of his trial, the 29-year old Zimmerman has been flooded with death threats.

    I’m sure the blacks and shitlibs pulling this stuff don’t recognize the irony of acting like a lynch mob.

    1. A shockingly large number probably think irony means ‘like an iron’.

      1. *golf clap*

        (don’t know why this never occurred to me)

  12. OT – 500+ Al-Qaeda break out of Abu Ghraib…..rit=992637

    1. I guess next time the Iraqis will be smart enough to just shoot them.

    2. That’s not going to be good for business…

      1. That’s not going to be good for anyone…

      2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha…. Are you kidding me it’s muthafuckin Christmas in July


    3. This shit never happened when Lynndie England was on the case.

    4. …”several militants wearing suicide vests entered the prison on foot to help free the inmates”

      Yeah, that would be encouraging. “Abdul! Come with me! Yes, over here, the one with the bombs strapped to him! I’ll clear a path!…. why are you running the other way, brother…?”

      Glad our War to “Fight them Over There” has been so effective.

      1. “Don’t shoot or I’ll… uhhh… blow myself up!”

        1. Whether that is a credible threat depends on the bomb. If the shooter is inside the minimum safe distance, it’s one hell of a threat.

  13. The butthurt on DU is so wonderful.

    I left how deranged and insane this whole case has made the left. They were crazy before, but it’s reached PEAK BATSHIT now.

    1. I love how*

    2. I bet anything the people he saved were black. The media isn’t saying anything about the family he pulled out of that truck.

      1. I’m sure you could have predicted this, but the DU folks are saying precisely the opposite. If the family had been black, that would have been the headline, yada yada.

        Also, there’s this gem:
        “Remember there are powerful people making money off of this story and they could pull off a stunt like this.”

        1. If they were white then it’s because Zim is a racist.
          If they were black, then it was all a set up or he just did it to pretend he;s not a racist.

        2. “Remember there are powerful people making money off of this story and they could pull off a stunt like this.”

          Ah, so Sharpton, Jesse Jax and Mefifffa Faffis Ferry set this up!

          1. Good point. The only people invested in stories like these would seem to be the professional grievance mongers. I have no idea who the author has in mind, though. That’s too far down the rabbit hole for me to fathom.

        3. Shit. Because, you know, I’m pretty sure neither Rachel Jenteal nor Trayvon’s family will have a book deal…

          1. Shit. Because, you know, I’m pretty sure neither Rachel Jenteal nor Trayvon’s family will have a book deal…

            translated into English too?

            1. But definitely not written in cursive…

          2. I understand that a publishing company has contacted Ms. Jenteal to work out the details. They have actually shown her a few examples so she will have some idea what a book is.

            1. Hey, she has a 3.0! #gradeinflation

          3. in 2013 you don’t need to read in order to get a book deal.

    3. Peak batshit?

      I wish I could believe that.

      1. Actually we may have passed that a while ago, considering how phosphate prices soared.

    4. It hasn’t made them anything but more vocal. They already were crazy.

  14. Justice for blue Ford Explorers!

    1. That could have been Obama’s blue Ford Explorer.

      And if Obama had a presidency, it would be exactly like that overturned, burning vehicle.

      I’m off to do some soul-searching.

    2. An Explorer? Figures it would be a car named for a profession dominated by white imperialists. What a racists.

      1. A fucking earth destroying SUV to boot.

    3. If Obama drove a car, it would look like that blue Explorer

  15. Apparently the truck was also on fire, according to CNN. That sick bastard was going to burn those people alive!

  16. From what little I gathered, nobody was even hurt in this accident. Zimmerman didn’t exactly drag wounded people from a burning car and administer CPR, he just stopped to check that everyone was okay. Admirable and community-minded for sure, but not particularly heroic.

    In the comments on the news reports I checked, I did see a bunch of anti-Zimmerman folks saying the usual negative things. That rather irritated me. Can’t we all agree that Zimmerman’s actions at the accident scene were good and appreciate them for what they’re worth, regardless of what we may think of the Trayvon shooting?

    1. The truck was on fire and he selflessly pulled them all to safety. He wasn’t scared. You know why?

      Because you can’t simmer the Zimmer.

      1. Because you can’t scorch the George.

        1. You can’t uh… crumble the cracker?

        2. You can’t frappe the Jorge?

        3. Ooh, he can make “Z” shapes on trees, on villains’ T-shirts, etc. Like that other Latin guy, what’s his name?

          1. Zhokhar?

          2. It’s Zohan, imbeciles.

          3. Zamfir, Master of the Pan Flute?!

      2. As a boy Zimmerman liked to skip stones in the ocean. They are now the Florida Keys.

        Last year Zimmerman took a walk and sneezed; the result was Hurricane Sandy.

        1. Benjamin Crump once tried to offer him a Butterfinger for a public admission of guilt.

          Although tempted, he didn’t fall for it.

          Because you can’t flimflam the Zim Zam.

        2. So who would win in a fight between Chuck Norris and George Zimmerman.

          1. Al Qaida, that’s who! You can’t have Batman and the Texas Ranger going it it. Western society would survive.

            1. *wouldn’t.

      3. Apparently some early reports suggested the truck was on fire, but that suggestion has been quietly retracted. I strongly suspect it wasn’t on fire, but we’ll find out more within the next day or so.

        Or maybe we won’t. I’m continually dismayed by all the misinformation and cherry-picking on lefty sites regarding the Trayvon shooting.

    2. …”Can’t we all agree?….”

      …are you fucking high?

      i have noticed that the position that infuriates almost everyone is mine = “I dont give a shit, i dont think it fucking matters, i dont care who did what, people get shot all the time, my ‘outrage meter’ hasnt twitched, i dont think its a fucking tragedy, i dont think it says shit about anything, so shut up and quit using this event to parade your moral superiority around.”

      1. That’s awesome.

    3. I heard he applied a tourniquet on one guy, gave CPR to the grandmother, and went back for the kid’s teddy bear right before the car exploded.

      1. And impregnated the comely daughter before the ambulance arrived.

  17. Any of you brave souls willing to go over to the lefty sites and post some of the more deranged comments regarding this incident?


    2. Here’s a howler:

      “Gone are the days of Dan Rather and Mike Wallace who would have asked the hard questions before rushing to get the story out.”

      1. Hard questions like, “That’s a Word template, isn’t it?”

        1. I forgot about that. Barbie Dan Rather says, “Kerning is Hard. Let’s Go Fabricating!”

  18. The first comments on DU flat out call it a conspiracy:

    Then there’s this:

    He was probably advised by his attorneys, or his brother, Robert Zimmerman, to sit by his police scanner and get over to the scene of an accident at the first chance he could and play a wannabe rescuer.

    1. new conspiracies I have never heard of:

      “Look, compared to shooting down Paul Wellstone’s plane and convincing most people that there was an innocent explanation for the crash, this is a piece of cake.”

      I really had no idea that Wellstone Trutherism was a thing.

      1. Lucky you.

        It was going around at the time.

        Because, you know:

        A) Wellstone was totally gonna change the world so the Man was scared of him. Because populist socialism is so *effective*.

        B) Light aircraft aren’t known for being crashy and it’s totally not true that his pilots were pretty mediocre*.

        (* The last I only learned when doublechecking my memory against Wookiepedia just now.)

        Obviously “They” had him murdered. Because shut up.

        1. Actually, Wellstone & Leahy were targeted because they opposed (effectively, too, I might add) the Iraq war and the expansion of the National Security State. One suspicious crash and a couple of govt sourced anthrax letters later, viola!! Problem solved.

          1. Actually, Wellstone & Leahy were targeted because they opposed (effectively, too, I might add) the Iraq war

            6 months before the Iraq war was a thing? Jesus fuck bro. Stick to your Loose Change tapes, they’re more coherent.

            1. 6 months before the Iraq War was “a thing” it was a thing being “discussed” vigorously. Some opposed, most favored.

          2. Cello! You’re an idiot.

          3. Let’s not bring the string section into your crazy theories.

          4. Actually, Wellstone & Leahy were targeted because they opposed (effectively, too, I might add) the Iraq war and the expansion of the National Security State

            Like Senator Obama!

    2. And to beat the cops, the fire department, and other good Samaritans to the scene. Zimmerman really is an insane genius.

      1. He’s Batman!

        1. Zimmerman is the Punisher and Snowden is Microchip.

    3. You are way braver than me. I haven’t been on that site in 10 years. I remember that their board guidelines pretty much say that if you disagree with them you get banned.

      1. From Salon!:

        2 hours ago

        Should we presume that he was following the car? That it “looked suspicious”? Sorry, but this story reeks of a planted “rehabilitative fairy tale” from Zimmerman’s best buddies at the Sanford Police Department.

        1. Fight fire with fire: Sharpton, Jackson et al. recruited Martin’s help, promising his family a significant payoff if he stirred up a little controversy in some lily-white neighborhood. Little did they know Zimmerman would deliver in spades. Martin was a political stooge, Zimmerman was framed!

          The left is supposed to be the party of dispassionate contemplation, right?

          1. That was a thing of beauty, now.. about your newsletter….

            {alexjones /off}

      2. Sort of like Red State.

        1. Enh, you can disagree on Redstate, but you have to avoid certain minefields like the banned subjects of birtherism or third-party promotion. What frosts my Poptarts is that front pagers can blatantly ignore the rules without consequences.

  19. The only thing that would make this more ironic if the people in the car were on their way to an anti-Zimmerman verdict protest.

    1. How about if they had Z’s pistol in the car?

  20. I think we all know any vehicle involved in a crash bursts into flames and explodes.

    1. Yes we do.

      /Michael Bay

      1. +1 Michael Hastings

  21. He actually shot out the tires of the SUV and caused it to flip over (he missed once though and shot a *Black* Labrador). Then he put on black-face and his Morgan Freeman disguise and bravely rescued the people in the crashed vehicle.

    MSNBC will have full coverage of this in about an hour.

    1. Anders? BREIVIK?

      Figures a racist murderer would support another racist murderer! AHHHHHHHH!

  22. I’m betting he rifled through victims’ pockets for candy. The bastard was after the Skittles after all, you see. Never take your eye off the prize.

  23. I was going to try but……Goddammit. I went and looked at DU and this is the first thing that caught my eye.

    “NRA, gun-lovers’, Libertarian paradise Somalia – This is what the Republicans want for America. No gun laws, no regulations, no government and of course… no taxes!”

    Jesus fuckin’ Christ. I just closed the page out.

    1. So it’s a more raw, less sophisticated version of the comment forums at or

      1. It’s the forum for lefties with a 1st-grade intellect. Slate and HuffPo are for those with a 5th grade intellect.

        Balloon Juice? Special Ed.

    2. This is what the Republicans want for America. No gun laws, no regulations, no government and of course… no taxes!

      But if you close your eyes and squint just right, can’t you pretend for a minute that this is actually as true as they want it to be, and be happy? I mean, before remembering that it’s complete bullshit and we’re all fucked.

    3. it is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.

      1. I… I’m going to use that at my earliest opportunity.

    4. No gun laws, no regulations, no government, no taxes…. sounds like a good start.

      1. Add no pants, and I’m in.

        /pregnant woman

    5. Actually, Somalia represents what will happen if only the bad guys have guns…like the Liberals want.

    6. Somalia has government, laws, and…taxes.

  24. He’ll need to Latinize his name. People will be uncomfortable with a Kraut superhero.

    How about one of these Spanish names:…..ames-1.asp

    I’m going with “Zigor,” which is not only cool in itself, but means “punishes.”

    “Oh no, we escaped from the police, only to face…Zigor!”

    1. Cheech Maris is taken so Zigor is ok I guess.

      1. Cheech MARIN fer chrissakes. Cheech Maris was a ball player back in the ’60’s I think.

          1. But Zigor *is* here!

    2. There’s always El Macho, from Despicable Me 2.

    3. Nacho Libre

        1. Zimmerino?

          When does Taco Bell come in with a Guacazimmermole? Or Burizimmermanto? Or…you get the bad picture.

      1. I’ll never be over Nacho Libre.

        1. No, I don’t think I’ll ever get over Macho Grande.

  25. Come on “real” “journalists”. How hard is it to get a police report?

  26. Someone stop this crazed vigilante!!!!!

  27. “We have had an enormous amount of death threats,” Robert Zimmerman said.

    If Zimmerman is killed he wants Cleveland Browns as his pall bearers, so they “can let him down, one last time”.


    1. BS PR move!

    21. Oddly, that’s exactly what I thought.

    29. Yup, pictures/video or it didn’t happen.

    56. Even if they did come up with photos, I wouldn’t believe it wasn’t staged.


    8. I bet the car crash victim didn’t want to be rescued by a murderer.

    Asshole. Man should be sitting in a cell, rotting.

    9. Raise your hand if you believe

    That Zimmerman is in Sanford, Florida.

    77. Not just IN Sanford, but less than 1 mile from where he

    killed Trayvon Martin! Georgie was just on a 7-11 run, don’t cha know.

    George Zimmerman is a fraud and BSer all the way. He was probably advised by his attorneys, or his brother, Robert Zimmerman, to sit by his police scanner and get over to the scene of an accident at the first chance he could and play a wannabe rescuer. They are desperately trying to rehab his image, while more criminal charges against him are pending.

    I don’t believe there is anything George Zimmerman wouldn’t lower himself to do, after getting away with murder.



      24. Why? Because you don’t like the idea of it happening?

      Do you have a single iota of evidence for your conspiracy theory, one single solitary piece of evidence for it or do you just “know” it has to be that way?

      Bad people do good things, to think that any good thing a bad person does has to be an elaborate conspriacy is the childish worldview, not accepting the strange nuisances of our existence.

      34. Oh brother

      This is based upon probabilistic constructs and use of “statistical power” — which is technically 1-?

      When you consider the odds of a) an injury accident occurring at a given intersection, compounding those with b) the odds of having a live victim needing a rescue and further compounding those with c) the odds of a person who is hiding just happening to be there and rescuing this victim before police arrived you have an extremely unlikely event to have occurred by chance alone.

      Let’s say there is one accident at that intersection every month and 1% of those accidents have someone injured needing a rescue. Further consider that there are some 5,000 people who live in the surrounding area. The odds of one of those people being at the scene are 1/5000*1/12*1/100 = 1.66E-7 (or 0.0000000166.) The odds of being struck by a meteor are actually higher!

      The second man does not know how statistics work.

      1. Figures can’t lie, but lying idiots can sure figure.

    2. Really, it’s hard not to think of Spiderman (early issues when the cops were after him) or the A-Team. Dropping on the scene long enough to rescue people, then getting away before the authorities frame him again.

    3. 77 might actually have a point. The real rescuer might have given Zimmerman’s name in a burst of wicked humor. I’ve seen his mug on this site countless times now, but I probably wouldn’t notice if I passed him on the street.

      1. “but I probably wouldn’t notice if I passed him on the street.”

        Especially when he wears his mask and cape.

        “Who is this Zimmerman? I am Zigor, the Latin Avenger!”

  29. Wow. I’m surprised by all the crazy comments here. I expected more from the audience.

    1. drink!

  30. I wonder, will the same people who insisted that a member of a neighborhood watch had NO business following, observing and reporting a suspicious stranger at night in his community because he is not a cop, also chime in now that Zimmerman should just have left that family to their fate since he is not a firefighter?

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