Dem Congressman Doesn't Like Leaks About Immigration Bill: Gotta Look at the "Totality of the Issues"

Says "confidentiality" needed for the process to work


the totality of the sausage
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The Washington Post interviews Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez, one of the "gang of seven" working on the House version of a "comprehensive" immigration reform bill, about how the Republican-led House could pass a bill that could then get conferenced with the Senate's. The Post began with a question about E-Verify, an employer mandate of sorts that would require job applicants to be checked in a national database for their citizenship status. Gutierrez does not like the fact that the E-Verify portion of the putative bill was leaked before the rest of it, even though he goes on to say he's "always been for E-Verify." Gutierrez to the Post:

I think it is unfortunate the details of our plan are being revealed to the public outside of the totality of the picture. I look at that and say, "Wow, you know, if it was like workers and management, all the management stuff came out, right? But none of the workers, what they negotiated, did." Obviously you make agreements based on the totality of the issues. You give and you take in order to make sure that you an agreement.

Last month, Matt Welch pointed out how Lindsey Graham described the process of crafting bills like this as involving various interests "coming back for more" carve outs in the legislation. We saw all this with Obamacare. Gutierrez's sentiment is not quite Nancy Pelosi's "we have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it," but it betrays the same kind of Washington mentality. Rather than dealing with problems in a piecemeal way, on specific responses to specific issues, why not keep adding to the bill until you've got enough politicians on board? We're seeing the results of that kind of "lawmaking" with the fiasco that passes for Obamacare's implementation.

Gutierrez declined to talk about what else might be in the House's putative immigration bill, saying it wouldn't be "conducive to an agreement," and that "confidentiality" was "necessary in the process."  

Check out Reason's own guide to immigration reform here. Ira Stoll explains why the benefits of unskilled immigration are something Democrats and Republicans ought to agree on here, Shikha Dalmia explains why a "fully secure" border is a fantasy here, and I make the case for amnesty here.

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  1. “Totality of the issues” = “totality of the circs” = “nuance” = “piss down your back and tell you it’s raining”

  2. “Totality of the issues”

    We’ve got to pass it so we can find out what’s in it!

    1. A massive power grab, that will make the NSAs snooping seem relatively harmless.

      1. I thought that was every piece of legislation congress passed.

        1. Anymore, yes, that is pretty much it.

      2. Yep. The fact that everything now is a 2,000 page shit sandwich tells you everything you need to know about how this country is being run.

  3. OT: Back to Detroit…

    Another interesting article by a Limey journalist.

    Detroit = Starnesville

    No wonder the president would rather talk about Trayvon Martin. If you want to see Obamanomics taken to its conclusion, look at Starnesville. And tremble.

  4. The politicians really, really hate when the peons can see what they’re doing. And they’re doing everything they can to make it so the peons can’t see shit.

    1. What really get me, is that they propose one of these bills, and they name it something pretty, like ‘the affordable care act’, when in fact, the bills never have much to do with the name of the bill, but are only further expansions of government power and massive give aways of tax payer money to favored cronies.

      1. I didn’t finish…

        And so, the sheeple hordes start celebrating, ‘yeah, immigration reform!’, and I think, wow, how can these people be so fucking dumb? Where have they been for the past 20 years?

        1. You assume these people don’t agree with huge expansions of government power and crony capitalism.

          1. only because they are too ignorant to understand how these things can/will affect them.

        2. People are dumb because they are myopic. Oh look, they hate furriners and the bill fucks furriners? Awesome, they don’t care about anything else in the bill, even if it isn’t in their best interests.

        3. Continued rant…

          It’s the perfect set up that they have, the teams.

          They must sit around and conspire all day ‘Hey, let’s pick an issue that people really care about’, and then we’ll craft a bill that claims to fix that. Then we’ll fill it up with all the pork and power grabs that we want, and they’re so dumb that they’ll not only fall for it, but when they find out we fucked them over, they’ll still vote for us and fall for the same thing again.

          1. Now you’re getting it. Government is nothing but legitimizing cover for warlords and their power grabs. Oh look, we’re total warlords, but it’s legal, see? Some words on paper say that what we’re doing is OK! And you fools will let us get away with it because of those words on paper. What a perfect scam.

            1. Typical Epi – depressing, and spot on.

            2. Government monopolizes retaliatory use of force and is thus indispensable for freedom.

          2. What we have is a Mexican standoff (Racist!) with the two parties. Everyone agrees the two party system is broken but they are too afraid to walk away from their team because the other side might win and they are evil.

            1. Why standoff? Let em kill each other. That’d be nice.

              1. I mean the sheeple not the politicians. The politicians are on the same team.

                1. Uh, let them kill each other too?

                  1. If our politics ever turn into shoot outs I will be more than happy to stand back and watch the partisans shoot each other.

                    1. If our politics ever turn into shoot outs I will be more than happy to stand back and watch the partisans shoot each other.

                      Only problem is the partisans won’t stop with simply shooting each other.

    2. they’re doing everything they can to make it so the peons can’t see shit.

      That’s very aproPOS – if you only see the finished product and not the framework it’s built on you’re effectively looking at a gold-plated turd and only noticing the shiny.

  5. We’ve got to pass it so we can find out what’s in it!

    No kidding. Just wait ’til the peasants ind out they have to get their shiny new internal passports stamped at the state line. They’ll feel safer and more gratefuller than ever, then.

    1. Wait until they find out they can’t leave because of McCains new and improved Berlin Wall II.

  6. At least they are not telling us we need to pass the bill to find out what’s in it like they used to with big destructive monster bills….

    1. All they need to do is say ‘immigration reform!, won’t that be great?’.

      They know that 50+% of the population are so naive that they won’t even ask questions about what ‘reform’ means.

      1. Doesn’t matter. It is bipartisan so it is good.

      2. “Maybe we need to get us some ‘reform!”
        “You soft-headed son of a bitch!”

        1. “Who elected you leader of this outfit?”

          “I figured it should be the one with the capacity for abstract thought, but if that ain’t the consensus, then hell, let’s vote.”

          1. “I vote for me.”

            “Well, I vote for me.”

            “Ah hell, I’m with you guys.”

  7. They’ve gotta get some points on the board so they don’t look like a bunch of do-nothing losertarians!

  8. Gutierrez does not like the fact that the E-Verify portion of the putative bill was leaked before the rest of it, even though he goes on to say he’s “always been for E-Verify.”

    Of course he’s for E-Verify. It will require employers to get the government’s permission before hiring anyone, ever. And at great expense to the employer. What’s not for a statist asshat to love?

  9. E-Verify sounds like a complete nightmare.

    Basically, you have to have the govenrment’s permission to get a job. Think the “No Fly List” is bad? Just wait for E-Verify…

  10. I really don’t give a crap if we open up the borders more or build a wall go into total shutdown. But this E-Verify is a serious extra helpin of “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.”

    1. I’m OK with that as long as we get the revolution part too.

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