Trayvon Martin

Americans Unhappy With Zimmerman Verdict Stage Protests

Justice by loudspeaker


Protests are under way in dozens of American cities, a week after George Zimmerman was cleared of murdering unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin.

Protesters want federal charges to be brought against Mr Zimmerman, 29, over the February 2012 incident.

A Florida jury agreed that the neighbourhood watch volunteer killed the 17 year-old in self-defence.

In his first comments, President Barack Obama admitted many black men in the US experienced racial profiling.

The protests against the court's decision are being led by the National Action Network, headed by civil rights activist the Reverend Al Sharpton.

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  1. “civil rights activist the Reverend Al Sharpton.”

    Regardless of your opinion of the verdict, the media-whore Sharpton is good reason to ignore it.

  2. So wait, they are protesting the entire premise of our criminal just system?

  3. Oh, and:
    “In San Francisco, a morning crowd of about 50 to 75 people spent two hours listening to speeches and holding up homemade signs”
    Now having witnessed several protests live and then seen the news photos, I’m saying that the crowd was closer to 25 people; not what most call a “crowd”. See here.…..676875.php

    1. Some polls find that African Americans support NSA style snooping and even drone strikes on citizens. They’ll come out in droves to repeal stand your ground, which will cram more black people into prisons.

      African Americans are rock solid statists. Everyone once in a while a Reason writer will insist that “GOP can win if they turn libertarian”, and I’ll doubt it.

    2. I’m saying that the crowd was closer to 25 people; not what most call a “crowd”. See here.

      I got to about 35 when my wife looked over my shoulder.
      “You can’t count the people in the crosswalk in the background. That’s a statue. You really counting gradeschoolers and toddlers? That’s Travon on a poster…”
      Yep, not even 25.

  4. Let me get this straight…..”Civil rights activist” Al Sharpton is unhappy that burden of proof is required of the prosecution? And people still take him seriously?

  5. The point of this farce is just to stop Obama’s drop in the polls and distract from real news and the Obama administration’s inability to do anything other than cling to power.

  6. What I want to know is it 100 cities or just 536?

  7. They really should have brought Louis F. into the group and made it another 100 thousand man march.

  8. Guilty! (Evidence is over-rated.)

  9. Is it too late to organize protests against the acquittal of O.J.?

    1. Racist.

      Do I get free money now?

  10. Your guilt has been determined. This is merely a sentencing hearing. Now, what will it be? Death or Exile?

    Very well! Death! By Exile!

  11. Millions of low paid Guardian Angels wearing red berets must be hired to stop and frisk gang bangers, they will only be allowed to use a night stick on violent resisters. IT worked in NYC and will cut crime in the rest of the nation.

    1. Maybe my SarcMeter isn’t registering, but do you know US violent crime rates are way down? And the vast majority of the drop in murders is fewer black victims.…
      Violent crime rate
      1992: 757.7
      2011: 386.3
      Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter rate
      1992: 9.3
      2011: 4.7

  12. I was in the Canal Zone back when Panamanians were supposedly up in arms against the USA. My parents called me (a very expensive thing to do back then) because they had seen the “giant protest mobs” on the 6 O’Clock News and wanted to warn me to get out.
    I had seen those protesters when I was getting lunch. The adults were brought in by one bus. The TV reporters and crews outnumbered them by at least 3:1. They would set up TV spots for reports with the other crews filling in behind them to make the “crowd” look better. They also focused on the several buses of uniformed gradeschool children brought in to parade.
    I have never taken protest reports seriously since.

  13. The Rule of Law is so last century, we need the rule of Sharptons and Jacksons.

  14. Only in America: A Hispanic guy shoots a black guy and Al Sharpton makes more millions blaming white people.

  15. These protesters are the real racists. Martin was a low life thug that got exactly what he deserved. They can all go to hell.

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