Libertarian Candidate in VA Polling at 7 Percent

In a PPP poll that shows statist Terry McAuliffe leading statist Ken Cuccinelli by four points


PPP's newest Virginia poll finds a pretty steady race with Terry McAuliffe leading Ken Cuccinelli 41-37. Those numbers are virtually unchanged from late May when McAuliffe had a 42-37 advantage. Libertarian Robert Sarvis, included for the first time, polls at 7%. His support is a reflection of voter unhappiness with both candidates.

Virginians aren't high on Terry McAuliffe. 34% have a favorable opinion of him to 36% with a negative one, and 30% don't have one either way. But he fares a whole lot better than Ken Cuccinelli, who has a -15 net favorability rating with 32% of voters seeing him positively and 47% unfavorably. This race may come down to who voters think is the lesser of two evils and for now that's McAuliffe.

h/t Nick Sibilla