Putin Says US Has Left Snowden Trapped, GOP Has Chance to Control Senate, Obama's Ratings Slip Further: P.M. Links


  • His insistence on healthy desserts cost him five points among the elementary school set.
    Credit: scrink / Foter / CC BY-NC

    Vladimir Putin says the United States' behavior has essentially left Edward Snowden trapped in Russia with no other options.

  • Nate Silver calculates that the GOP could take control of the Senate following the 2014 elections.
  • President Barack Obama's approval rating continues to slump, down to 43 percent in Rasmussen's latest poll.
  • Queen of anti-vaccination activism and one of Reason magazine's 45 "Enemies of Freedom," Jenny McCarthy will be taking her ill-informed opinions to The View as a new host.
  • NASA has successfully tested a rocket part that was created with a 3d printer. Forget guns. I want to know when I can print my own space ship.
  • St. Louis' Taxi Commission is considering whether to institute formal "clean up" fees when a passenger throws up in a cab.

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