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Brickbat: Don't Cross Us


Officials at California's Sonoma State University have apologized to a student worker who was told by her supervisor to remove a necklace with a cross on it. Audrey Jarvis was working at an orientation for prospective students when her supervisor told her to remove the necklace, saying it would offend people. SSU President Ruben Armiñana called that a "stupid request." But officials have declined to name the supervisor. They say no disciplinary actions have yet been taken against the supervisor.

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  1. Rehashing old links?

    1. Rehashed AND backdated. Ted S. is going flip out.

      1. I keep reloading H&R, and this is all I get?

        I didn’t even get the T-shirt!

        1. don’t your get a warm inner glow, though? Charles Oliver is trolling you, just you

          1. At least I should get a hat tip.

  2. Aren’t universities suppose to be all about diversity. I’m sure the administrators giggle with joy when they see a woman in a burka sign up so they can put a +1 in 3 categories at once.

    1. You have to remember the ideal of diversity, which is a group of people of diverse races and ethnicities, all of whom think exactly alike.

      1. damn your faster fingers

    2. diversity means people of various races, ethnicities, etc who agree on everything.

  3. The supervisor was only being tolerant. I mean, Christianity is intolerant, and tolerant people don’t tolerate intolerance. So by not tolerating a symbol of intolerance, the supervisor was being a model for tolerance.

    1. Yes, but she was Christian AND Dutch..

    2. Last night my very liberal roommate (moving out in another month and a half, thankfully, she also does not understand how to use a dishwasher) was involved with a conversation about weddings. I had said I prefer traditional weddings because I don’t like the lack of structure in the other weddings I have attended, for example when random people in the audience start quoting things. She said she hates traditional weddings because they are forcing religion on people who don’t want it.

      That’s right, a couple who is religious is “forcing” religion on her if they have a wedding in a church and invite her.

      1. Well, yeah. I mean, if your roommate voluntarily chooses to go to that wedding, then religion will be crammed down her throat. She would prefer that they have a different kind of wedding, and since they won’t do it her way they are using force upon her. Their not allowing her to force them to do it her way is an initiation of force. See?

        Same idea behind Tony’s conviction that libertarians are tyrants. Libertarians would stop others from initiating force. Since Tony wants to be in the group initiating force, libertarians are tyrants for using force to stop him from initiating force. See?

  4. Funny, my daughters wear crosses all the time, and none of them has a religious bone.

    1. A lot of Christians frown on wearing cross’s as jewelry, because they view the cross as a torture device, and not something to be worshiped.

  5. “It would be the same whether it was a Christian cross or a hijab …,” said Sasser, director of litigation


  6. Who the fuck is offended on seeing a cross around someone’s neck?

    1. Tolerant people. The more offended you are, the more tolerant you are.

  7. No doubt a hammer & sickle on the necklace would not only have been permitted, but enthusiastically encouraged.

  8. If I were that student worker I would have told the supervisor to take off his face because it would be extremely offensive to me!

  9. Oh, look, my alma mater. Late to the party but just had to throw in, despite the professors’/admins’ shrieks of Christianity being the religion of oppression and all that, SSU is 95% comprised of obnoxious bible-thumping nondenominational Christians. Maybe the administration was offended by her cross, but the students themselves definitely wouldn’t be.

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