Adam Carolla Looks to Crowdfund Newest Movie Project

Tired of old Hollywood


Adam Carolla wants to make a movie called "Road Hard." But making his last movie, "The Hammer," was a crappy experience — four years of "demoralizing" meetings to try to get financial and production support, then finally $1 million raised from outside funders, then substantial critical acclaim — an 80 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes — but ultimately a financial failure based on distribution deals.

The problem was the rigidity of the entertainment industry, according to Carolla. "Whatever it is you do, that's what you do," he said in an interview yesterday. "Pat Sajak can't say, 'I want to star in a romcom.' People tell me, 'You're the guy from "The Man Show," you were funny on "Loveline" — but I don't know about an actor.'"

So Carolla posted the "Road Hard" project last week on the crowdfunding site FundAnything, hoping to bring in $1 million from fans. He didn't disclose much about what the movie would be about or who would be in it — just shot a funny video with "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston saying he won't be in it.