New York City

Spitzer Says That He Has Changed Since Prostitution Scandal

Begging for a second chance


Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's said Wednesday he was guilty of hubris and horrendous judgment, his eyes welling with tears as he explained how he's personally changed in the past five years since he resigned in the wake of a prostitution scandal.

In a tough interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Mr. Spitzer talked at length about the scandal that led to his downfall as he begged the public for a second chance. Mr. Spitzer admitted he lied about his sexual activity, but he said he believes there's a difference between lying about public and private matters.

On Sunday, Mr. Spitzer announced he would attempt to collect enough signatures by a Thursday night deadline to secure a spot on the Democratic primary ballot for New York City comptroller. His comeback campaign has placed his past back in the spotlight.

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  1. Mr. Spitzer says he has changed.

    He is no longer an arrogant, bullying nanny prick using government powers to grandstand.

    Now is an arrogant, bullying nanny prick SEEKING government powers to grandstand.

    1. As long as you are born booted and spurred, eventually the plebes will find you something to ride.

  2. Well, the left has spoken already. Sure, he is a hypocrite and a liar and a trust fund scumbag son of privilege whose high-profile prosecutions were largely thrown out of court.

    BUT – He had the courage to stand up and say that the 2008 recession was all the fault of the Evil Bankers, and to try to have them jailed for their ‘crimes’. So he is good people. After all, you don’t need to like the person you vote for, or trust him, or believe they are competent, just so long as they claim to hate the same people that you hate.

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