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Katherine Mangu-Ward Discusses Eliot Spitzer's Comeback on CNBC


Reason's Managing Editor, Katherine Mangu-Ward, appeared on CNBC's Closing Bell to discuss Eliot Spitzer's return to politics announcing his run for New York City comptroller and whether he'd revamp the position as he did being attorney general.

Air Date: July 8, 2013

4 minutes.

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  1. He revamped the AG position by costing NY millions in lost politically motivated prosecutions and lawsuits.

  2. The really hardcore power-hungry parasites just cannot stay away. They crave it.

    Sorry, Eliot, you blew it. Being dog-catcher–I mean comptroller–is just not going to fulfill that itch that being governor did. And that’s the best thing for everyone. Well, except you, but fuck you.

  3. Mr. Spitzer says he has changed.

    He is no longer an arrogant, bullying nanny prick using government powers to grandstand.

    Now is an arrogant, bullying nanny prick SEEKING government powers to grandstand.

  4. The less deserving the redemption, the sweeter the second fall.

  5. I don’t care that Spitzer was playing around with expensive call girls. He apparently used his own money, and if Silda (Mrs. S.) is willing to forgive him, I don’t care. What I do care aobut is that he made his name as a prosecutor prosecuting high-profile prostitution cases. That sounds as if he is at least a hypocrite and possibly an extortionist, if the call girl service he patronized did NOT get prosecuted.

  6. video not found

  7. NY loves their cads.

  8. If New Yawkahs elect this two-faced scumbag to any office, then they can go fall in the fucking ocean and never again complain about corrupt politicians.

  9. It’ll certainly be a golden age for the New York Post if Weiner and Spitzer get elected. They can just hire a few private detectives and wait for the scandals to start manifesting themselves.

  10. Weiner is a dumbass. OTOH, Spitzer is an asshole. I don’t care that he was cheating on his wife, or that he was whoring: I *do* care that he was actively prosecuting Johns while being one himself. I hope the hypocrite dies from dick cancer.

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