A.M. Links: Spitzer To Face Former Madam in NYC Comptroller Race, Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Egyptian Election Timetable, Greece To Receive Bailout Cash


Credit: U.S. Department of State/wikimedia
  • Eliot Spitzer will face Kristin Davis, who supplied him with escorts during his time as governor of New York, in his race for New York City comptroller. Davis is running as a libertarian.
  • Greece will receive most of a bailout package worth 3 billion euros this month.
  • Defense lawyers will be allowed to show that Trayvon Martin had THC in his system during his confrontation with George Zimmerman.
  • Iran and Sudan are using Silicon Valley web monitoring tools that could be used for spying. So much for sanctions.

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  1. Cleveland fan requests Browns “let him down one last time”.

    1. +1 golf clap. This wasn’t posted nearly often enough yesterday

      1. Chris Christie threatens to sit on a 2-year old suffering from epilepsy


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    2. I can sympathize with the guy. I’m a Bucs fan.

      1. Ya the worst was that stupid Josh Freeman vodka billboard on 275. He pretty much sucked after that was put up.

      2. Hell, Tampa has been in two Super Bowls and won one. Jim Brown was a young man the last time Cleveland reached that kind of rarified air.

        1. Tampa was only in one Superbowl.

      3. A fan of an expansion team that’s been to the Superbowl twice and one once pretending he has any insight into what it’s like for a fan of a pre-AFC NFL member that’s never made it to a single Superbowl? Pfah.

        I mean, a Cardinals fan can understand, because even though they’ve made the Super Bowl once, they’ve gone longer without an NFL championship. And nobody has anything on the Lions (1 playoff win in the entire Superbowl era). But a Bucs fan? Pfah.

  2. Eliot Spitzer will face Kristin Davis, who supplied him with escorts during his time as governor…

    Whichever one wins, the makeup sex will be incredible, and charged to Spitzer’s Mastercard.

    1. This election is why I still love America. I almost want to subscribe to the NY Post just for this campaign season.

      1. Why bother? The Post is free.

      2. This early should be a reality show.

    2. We have recently learned that the government tracks our telephone usage. However the Spitzer “affair” showed us years ago that the government tracks out money usage.

      1. They started that in the 80s to combat guess what? Anybody? Anybody?


        Everything the .gov is doing in the war on terror is simply the wishlist they’ve had for years for the war on drugs.

        1. They probably want to merge the two but are arguing over who gets top billing. War on Drug Terrorists, or War on Terrorist Drugs?

          1. Wait, haven’t they done that already?

            A few times?

    3. This sounds like an Italian election.

      It is debatable that nobody anywhere has destroyed more wealth than Elliot Spitzer – with his destruction of AIG. Why anyone would want him to be their city comptroller is baffling.

      1. KORPORASHUNNS!!!1!!eleventy!

        As someone else would remind you eventually…

    4. Davis is running as a libertarian.

      And Spitzer’s running as a libertine.

      1. clap clap clap.

    5. Whichever one wins, the makeup sex will be incredible, and charged to Spitzer’s Mastercard the taxpayers.


      (If I know how to HTML right)

      1. Well, at least I don’t know how to thread right.

  3. Dem (damn) Rep says that handguns that can be fired by five-year-olds should be banned
    Maybe we should leave everything dangerous up to the “five-year-old” test.

    1. My five year old can raise her hand to vote in a classroom setting.

    2. Yep. Start by banning automobiles.

    3. What did the stupid cunt say about pools that a five year old could do a cannonball into?

    4. Five year olds can be really dangerous so we should ban five year olds?

    5. Won’t somebody please think of the 6-year-olds.

    6. Rep. Jackie Speier says she wants to prevent gun accidents involving children. The California Democrat has introduced legislation that would require that all handguns manufactured, sold in, or imported into the United States to incorporate technology that precludes the average 5-year-old child from operating a handgun when it is ready to fire.

      Well, I’m hardly a firearms expert, but I believe there’s these low-tech items called “trigger locks” and “cable locks” that prevent said children (and their parents) from firing the gun when they’re attached.

      1. Seriously? These people have no conception of what they’re talking about. Clearly not a one of them has ever held a gun, much lass squeezed the trigger, much much less actually prepared the gun to fire.

      2. Rep. Jackie Speier says she wants to prevent gun accidents involving children. The California Democrat has introduced legislation that would require that all handguns manufactured, sold in, or imported into the United States to incorporate technology that precludes the average 5-year-old child from operating a handgun when it is ready to fire. guns are icky.

    7. To be fair Jackie Speier is not the brightest bulb on the tree.

      She was in the Jim Jones cult for chrissakes.

      1. Not the Guyana branch, I suppose?

  4. Man arrested for driving around with mounted World War II machine gun in Metro Detroit

    1. The raccoon infestation is more serious than anyone is willing to admit.

    2. Doesn’t everybody drive around Detroit that way?

      1. Shouldn’t everybody?

    3. How is it against the law? The gun had been converted so it wouldn’t actually fire bullets. Is the real danger of guns now that they might cause the vapors in people seeing one?

      The statists are all the biggest bunch of wimps I ever saw. How the hell are they winning? Can’t we just wave a gun around or say some dirty words to make them go away?

      1. How long before aging fans with Guns-N-Roses tattoos are no longer allowed to fly and are arrested when they take their shirts off at the beach?

        1. “and are arrested when they take their shirts off at the beach?”

          I’m okay with that.

      2. Is the real danger of guns now that they might cause the vapors in people seeing one?

        They arrest and charge school children for the horrible crime of possessing a Lego gun or wearing a t-shirt that even mentions the 2A.

        What do you think the answer is?

        1. don’t forget assault pop tarts.

      3. How the hell are they winning?

        They control a lot of firepower.

    4. I must rethink my fantasy of one day mounting my de-mil’d 7.62 minigun in my passenger door window… bummer

    1. Now an owner of one of those Internet cafes that got shut down, Consuelo Zapata, is fighting back and has discovered that in the process of shutting down Internet cafes, Florida might have just banned all computers and smartphones altogether.

      Hopefully, the conclusion from this is that laws don’t mean anything more or less than the people enforcing them think they mean and/or want them to mean.

      1. Hopefully, the conclusion from this is that laws don’t mean anything more or less than the people enforcing them think they mean and/or want them to mean.

        Unfortunately, it is foregone that no such conclusion will be reached.

    2. Nah, it’ll only ban the ones owned by politically unpopular people.

    3. The ban defines illegal slot machines as any “system or network of devices” that may be used in a game of chance.

      Look on the bright side: The legislature has banned *itself*.

    4. Look, the law is the law. Why do these people think they get to pick and choose what laws to follow? Blobbity ooga blah blah glib.

      1. If they don’t like a ban on computers and phones they can vote for someone else in the next election. Why do these people hate democracy?

    5. The court should uphold the law, including the bit about banning all computers.

      It should be constitutional, after all – if you can be forbidden from using an airplane to travel under the reasoning that you still have other travel options then you can be forbidden from using a computer to communicate under the reasoning that you have other option.

    6. Wont stop a scofflaw like Pro Lib from posting.

      1. DAUPHIN

        For the Dauphin,
        I stand here for him: what to him from England?


        Scorn and defiance; slight regard, contempt,
        And any thing that may not misbecome
        The mighty sender, doth he prize you at.
        Thus says my king; an’ if your father’s highness
        Do not, in grant of all demands at large,
        Sweeten the bitter mock you sent his majesty,
        He’ll call you to so hot an answer of it,
        That caves and womby vaultages of France
        Shall chide your trespass and return your mock
        In second accent of his ordnance.

  5. Police beat 13 year old for resisting assault.

    Don’t worry, though. There’s an Internal Affairs investigation.

    1. Serious question: why is it a crime to resist a physical assault and battery (grabbing the arm of someone not being placed under arrest is assault under any definition) when i is the police officer doing the assaulting?

      1. Because, as the Joker would put it, it’s all part of the plan. If you allow a gray area where law enforcement is concerned, the system would break down.

      2. Any and everything a cop may do to you, you must allow. If you don’t like it, you can take your case up in court.


        1. Didn’t a state or the federal supreme court recently rule that you have no right to resist but will have to seek remedy after the fact when a cop is violating your rights?

          And with their union contracts ensuring a separate and unequal system of justice for cops, we’ve completely become a dystopian society with separate laws for the inner party and the proles.

          1. Yeah. So if a cop is trying to execute you… guess your surviving relatives can take the case up with the courts.

          2. Indiana SC I think. Cop was trying to force entry into a house during a DV call, the owner refused to let him (the cop didn’t have authority to just enter), and physically blocked the cop from entering.
            The state supreme court ruled that a citizen’s only recourse for illegal police actions was to take it up through the courts system afterwards.

            The reasoning is that it makes it unsafe for cops doing their *lawful* if citizens think they can resist cops acting illegally.

            Officer safety trumps everything yah know.

            1. I thought that ruling was addressed with a law that explicitly legalizes forceful resistance to unlawful police action (in Indiana).

      3. Because fuck you, that’s why.

        And you don’t know the totality of the circumstances. Or the powerlifting surf team.

        1. Holy fucking shit. If you want to have faith in America, in the name of God do not read the comments from the story.

          I repeat: DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS FROM THE STORY!!!!!!!!!

          1. I won’t. Can’t you post the gems for us?

            1. Mistaken identity? The mistake is that her 13 year-old son was caught at 01:00 attempting to burglarize a vehicle and ran from officers when they were caught. Keep your little terds in the house when the Sun gores down and you won’t have to worry about where they are or what they are doing.


              Our men and women in blue have a split second to assess the situation and act
              accordingly. When seconds count your first instinct is to protect yourself. If
              that were my son I would be thanking the cops for teaching my son a valuable
              lesson. Mind your manners son and you wouldn’t be in this mess. This mother
              needs to be more upset at the fact that her little lier..er I mean son was
              supposed to be spending the night at a friend’s house and not running the
              streets at 1am!

              1. RealTalk896 ? 6 days ago ?
                hate the kid got beat up but he was asking for it!!!! hopefully this will be his wake up call


                RowdyinTexas ? 6 days ago ?
                You can tell by the injuries, this was not a beat down. It is clearly the injuries from being slammed to the ground. This is the results of running from the police, resisting arrest and out doing things you should not be doing. Police do not drive down the street looking for people to beat up. The police were there after being called about teenagers breaking/attempting to break into cars. 1 am?? Mom, Denial is not a River an Egypt!
                -with the follow up comment-
                hat Thuh RowdyinTexas ? 6 days ago ?
                Youre right. His injuries compares to a scuffle, trying to be a “mannish” snot trying to get away. Eventhough the taser was a bit much, the rest of his injuries looks like he caused by maybe flipping around face down on cement.
                -followed back up with-
                RowdyinTexas What Thuh ? 6 days ago ?
                I don’t know, but the taser is a useful tool. If the kid kept resisting and they could not cuff him, when is enough enough and taser or extreme force needed? With the drugs and stuff out there today, the police officer has to protect himself first, not the criminal.

                  1. littleyellowbusrider ? 6 days ago ?
                    sounds to me this is just another mom who can not except the fact that it is her son at fault here. You jerk away from a cop you get SLAMMED to the dirt. Its in the top five for how to get beat by police. EVERYONE KNOWS THIS!!


                    Compassrose ? 6 days ago ?
                    Rule of thumb, if you are out after midnight, on other people’s property, looking at their property, and the police show up — follow the police’s instructions. Thank goodness, he didn’t have time to “fight back.” I am shocked at how accepting parents are to their child’s delinquent behaviors and insist their child is the victim when their child put themselves in these dangerous situations.
                    31 1 ?Reply?Share ?

                1. Injuries not evidence of a beat down?

                  Do they assume scrapped knees are all that’s required to get the police to take you from jail/their custody to the hospital?

              2. Mistaken identity? The mistake is that her 13 year-old son was caught at 01:00 attempting to burglarize a vehicle and ran from officers when they were caught. Keep your little terds in the house when the Sun gores down and you won’t have to worry about where they are or what they are doing.

                Trayvon is still alive? Or is this his brother now?

                1. It’s Obama’s son.

          2. why didnt i listen to you?

      4. A friend of mine from college days got charged with assaulting a cop. Her crime? Pushing back on a cop who was shouting in her face.

        1. Once a cop loses control, there is no winning solution for their victim.

    1. UPDATE: … the Hitler restaurant no longer exists.

      It’s now Pol Pot fried chicken, so no problem.

      1. And, seriously, stay away from teh “fish in clay pot”!

    2. Our local KFC was just replaced with a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. Big improvement.

      1. One of our local Popeyes has a buffet line… a few of my coworkers and I load up on chicken livers.

    3. Activia!

  6. Defense lawyers will be allowed to show that Trayvon Martin had THC in his system during his confrontation with George Zimmerman.

    Prosecutors suddenly no longer drug warriors? Shouldn’t they be charging Martin posthumously?

    1. Certainly would be adequate reason for a cop to shoot him.

      1. This was my first thought; the cops would be justified with busting in his house at 0 Dark 30 and SWAT him while terrorizing his family and shooting any 4 legged creatures that may be running about.

    2. I am just laughing at the irony of the prosecutors now having to say “Drugs are not that bad, mmmkay.”

  7. Sarah Lacy is a free market monster, according to Gawker
    ‘Cause she like… criticized public unions. Horrible, horrible person! she should be flayed! Oh, and libertarians are monsters, too.

    1. For Lacy and the rest of the techno-libertarian goon squad, it’s a matter of moral progress. The BART strike is yet another case study in the failure of public goods?fresh agar for startups to colonize.

      Libertarian goon squad to the rescue!

      1. I never got my goons. 🙁

        1. will you settle for minions?

          1. Only if they are cute like the ones in Despicable Me

            1. They’re gonna need to be more competent than those little fucks.

      2. We have a goon squad? I want in.

        1. Eureka, CA officer who beat the shit out of some “civilian” finally charged after months-long investigation. The charges? Misdemeanor assault under color of law and misdemeanor filing a false police report.

          Funny that assault on a police officer is a felony in California, as are filing a false police report for a civilian. But there’s no double-standard.

          Oh, and by the way, the guy is on a paid vacation and has been since December.

          1. That was sure posted in the wrong place.

            1. I don’t know about that. Sounds like the guy would make a good goon for our goon squad.

              1. If he’s a blood-sucking union cop, I don’t think we want him.

                1. Well our goons need people to practice their gooning. Let’s put him on the practice squad.

                  1. WE do not have a goon squad, WE ARE the goon squad.

                    Libertarian goons (except for Warty) are the nicest kind of goon.

                    1. “Stop calling me that, Billy.”

          2. Friend of mine was telling me a story about another friend of his, woman prison guard at the nearby prison. She shot an inmate (by all accounts legitimately – the guy she shot was in the process of stabbing another inmate at the time) and she got SIX MONTHS OFF WORK, paid, to recuperate.

            With those sorts of incentives its surprising that more inmates aren’t being shot by guards.

            And can you imagine if everytime a soldier shot someone in a warzone they got sent home for half a year to recover?

          3. Funny that assault on a police officer is a felony in California

            Bus drivers are a protected class where I live, too.

          4. Freddy Mercury is a cop? He must have been Under Pressure.

            1. You, Sir, are the lowest form of human being.

              Good Day to you.

      3. Is Libertarian Goon Squad finally being made? Who’s directing / starring in it?

        1. “Got your ‘Non-Aggression Principle’ right *here*!”

          1. “Non-Aggression Principle!!!!”
            “has just been revoked.”

            1. invoked?

              1. I was trying to make my movie more realistic.

        2. I hear SugarFree is writing the script.

          1. Banned in 250 countries.

            The MPAA rating system had to completely retooled.

            The one IMAX screening caused the murder/suicide of the entire audience.

            Gene Siskel’s corpse gave it two thumbs up!

        3. The entire theater will shoot heroin into their junk.

          1. Well, where do you shoot it, smart guy?

    2. A meritocracy! A meritocracy, in which anyone with a dream, a rarified education in computer science, and the kindness of a millionaire investor can make it.

      Fun fact: nobody ever started a successful technology firm without first getting a PHD from Berkley and getting a Rockefeller to bankroll him.

      1. And with the number of contract firms hiring people with specialized knowledge regardless of education, IT is one place where someone without even high school, but with expert knowledge in need, can work for any fortune 500. Hell, they could even work on today’s best technology by working for the NSA.

      2. None of the most successful IT people I know personally have a degree.

        There seems to be almost an inverse correlation with level of degree, in fact.

        The google guys with their fancy PhDs are the exception.

        1. One of the best programmers to work for me had no college and was home schooled. I’ll take a real geek who loves computers over a CS major who picked it because he thought it was a good career choice.

    3. Is there a worse site on the internet than Gawker? Show your work.

      1. Huffington Post? (I don’t know if Gawker is a terrible memory hog the way HP is.)

        1. Gawker is worse. It’s completely irredeemable. HP at least has a few gems (like Balko) that make it worth reading.

        2. HuffPo will have some decent articles on occasion. Gawker is basically a repository for SWPL progtards looking to make the rest of the world pay for their daddy issues (no wonder they love Obama so much).

          Deadspin was the one tolerable branch for a while–the commenters feud with the Jezbians was a redeeming feature–but after that commie shitheel Tommy Craggs took over as the lead editor it went downhill fast.

        1. Jezebel is part of Gawker. I STILL WIN.

          1. You can’t lose this one.

            1. If you play the game, you automatically lose.

  8. Jonah Goldberg: Civil libertarians’ hypocrisy

    What I have a hard time understanding, however, is how one can get worked up into a near panic about an overreaching national security apparatus while also celebrating other government expansions into our lives, chief among them the hydrahead leviathan of the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare). The 2009 stimulus created a health database that will store all your health records. The Federal Data Services Hub will record everything bureaucrats deem useful, from your incarceration record and immigration status to whether or not you had an abortion or were treated for depression or erectile dysfunction.

    In other words, while the NSA can tell if you searched the Web for “Viagra,” the Hub will know if you were actually prescribed the medication and for how long. Yes, there are rules for keeping that information private, but you don’t need security clearance or a warrant to get it.

    1. Hello false dichotomy.

      Some of us dislike both, Jonah.

    2. I’m neither worked up into a near panic over the national security apparatus, nor am I celebrating Obamacare.

    3. That’s one of those retardo fallacy arguments, right?

    4. Yes, some people are extremely inconsistent about civil liberties.

      Those people are called Team Red and Team Blue.

      1. If that’s who he is talking about, but I don’t think it is.

        1. I don’t either.

        2. RTFA

          He names names. The links go to The Atlantic and Slate.

          1. Because only Team Blue is inconsistent on civil liberties.

    5. So the plan to paint Justin Amash and Mike Lee as left leaning liberal lovers continues apace.

      Fuck you and your strawman Jonah.

      1. I didn’t see them named in the article. He is calling ObamaCare supporters (which neither of them are) hypocrites for worrying about the NSA but not the provacy violations of ObamaCare.

        Goldberg does seem to dismiss the NSA too casually for my taste. Why not stop all government intrusions into my life?

      2. So the plan to paint Justin Amash and Mike Lee as left leaning liberal lovers continues apace.,/i

        That’s not actually what’s happening here.

        The gist of the column is as follows:

        And yet, worrying about NSA abuse is cast as high-minded while worrying about ObamaCare or the IRS is seen as paranoid. Why?

        It’s the classic “progressives are giant hypocrites” article that he cranks out with some regularity.

        Goldberg isn’t a libertarian, but he is open to libertarianism in a way that a lot of conservatives aren’t. He has stated in the past that libertarianism is an ideal that should be strived towards though not embraced all at once.

    6. Is there any civil libertarian who supports Obamacare? Even one? If there was, even if he’s some crazy guy living in a hut in Arkansas, then perhaps Goldberg would have a point. There isn’t, so fuck off slaver.

      1. I saw my uber liberal in-law last week. She still thinks ObamaCare is a good step towards single-payer – but she is deeply disappointed in the guy for civil liberties. Not enough to change her voting habits, but disappointed.

        1. Not enough to change her voting habits, but disappointed.

          I’m sure the pols she will continue to vote will continue not giving a fuck how she feels about them as long as her vote is reliable.

      2. I think civil libertarian refers to people who oppose privacy violations, etc. and includes the admittedly strange group of people (like Greenwald) who, while taking a principled stand on the right to privacy, fail to see its connection to other policies. I suppose those would be the “civil libertarians” who support O-care.

      3. Is there any civil libertarian who supports Obamacare? Even one?

        Try 95%+ of card-carrying ACLU members.
        Glenn Greenwald maybe?

        1. 95% of card-carrying ACLU members arent civil libertarians then.

          I think Gbob is making a True Scotsman argument.

          And personally, I agree.

      4. Holy NSA spying on me, Batman. Everything but the supports O-O-O-care.

      5. ‘Civil’ Libertarian =/= Libertarian.

    7. There’s the Goldberg I remember. Has he not noticed that the people who celebrated Obamacare aren’t reacting all that strongly (if at all) to the NSA news?

    8. Gosh, I oppose all government expansion and assaults on my liberty. That must make me what, a Nazi?

      1. Way to Godwin youself, hater.

      2. A libertarian, perhaps?

    9. He can be a doosh sometimes. But I don’t think he is doing any strawman beating or false dichotomying here. There are plenty of morons out there who are anti-NSA and pro-Obamacare. He is talking about those guys. Not us.

      1. But I’d be hard pressed to call any of those folks ‘civil-libertarians’.

        1. You might, but those folks call themselves “civil libertarians”.

  9. What if men can breastfeed?

    Male nursing has been a crucial step toward equitable parenting for the Aka pygmy tribe of Central Africa. American anthropologist Barry Hewlett, who lived with and studied the tribe, noted that the men and women shared nursing duties and therefore had egalitarian parenting down to an art. Aka fathers are within reach of their infants 47 per cent of the time ? more than any other cultural group on the planet. While the Aka still have some traditionally gendered labour division, there is no stigma in swapping roles if necessary. “Aka fathers will slip into roles usually occupied by women without second thought, without any loss of status,” says Hewlett.

    And there’s the rub. The issue of status and the equal valuing of men’s and women’s work is key. It may be possible for men to breastfeed (and yes, their milk is nutritionally similar to womens’), but it’s seen as a bridge too far in the gender divide, and so not taken seriously, encouraged or explored. When I mentioned the idea to friends, the invariable response was laughter. But why is the concept deemed so absurd? It’s 2013

    1. I have nipples Greg. Can you milk me?

    2. How do you get a man to produce enough milk without resorting to drugs?

    3. They can.

      My wife used to joke around with me about making me do it.

      Basically a diet high in the right herbs (or the use of certain drugs) can stimulate milk production and once it starts the nipple stimulation of feeding the baby will keep it up.

        1. Heym I got the Moobs for it too 🙂

          1. Paging BARFMAN!

      1. I think those herbs are like raw soy in that they fuck with the hormones.


  10. Iran and Sudan are using Silicon Valley web monitoring tools that could be used for spying. So much for sanctions.

    They probably downloaded the plans from the internet and printed the tools on their 3D printers.

  11. Oklahoma man arrested after woman spots him in the toilet
    So, who among the Reasonoids is missing today?

    1. Tony’s from Oklahoma.

      1. so am I, but I moved out in ’09

        1. So where were you yesterday? Visiting the old stomping grounds? Seeing if the view was still good from the septic tank in Sand Springs water park?

          1. that dude is 20 years older than me, so no…

            1. We all look the same age when coated in shit.

    2. Don’t they have the internet in Oklahoma?

      I feel fairly certain (and am NOT going to do a search to confirm) that you can find all the toilet shots you want, for free online.

    3. Maybe the article meant “Tulpa man” not “Tulsa man”?

        1. OK, they made two errors. A misspelling and they missed the second set of sex organs. They’re professional journalists, not perfectionists!

  12. Stop Frying Eggs On The Road, Tourists Told

    Tourists in America’s Death Valley are being asked to stop frying eggs on the road.

    Sweltering at the best of times and currently experiencing a heatwave over 50 degrees, visitors to the area which straddles Nevada and California are leaving behind a mess of runny eggs, cartons and shells as they look for a photo opportunity.

    1. Gno, pleeze keeep doing it!


      The Vultures of Death Valley

      1. Im pretty sure vultures spell better than cats.

    2. 50 degrees?!? Death Valley is in ‘murica. No metric temperature!

      1. Yeah, I was gonna say. 50 degrees? Oh no, don’t kill me with a moderate climate and drinks by the pool!

        1. No drinks by the pool at 50 F, that’s parka weather.

          1. So you’re from Florida as well, huh?

        2. what are you? Finnish?

          1. Friends of mine have a Finnish exchange student for about 1 more week. Before she was arriving last August, they were updating her on temperature here. She refused to believe them when they told her it broke 40C.

            I think she burst into flames when she stepped off the plane.

            1. my wife is 1/2 Finnish – she has no problem swimming in Lake Michigan in May.

              1. Italian guy picks up blond hitchhiker and seduces her.

                As he’s banging away he says, “You finish?”


                The guy thinks about futbol for a while then asks again.


                He can’t hold off any longer so he asks one last time. She answers, “No, I’m Swedish.”

            2. I dated a girl in Houston who had moved from Minneapolis in mid-January. I noticed her because she was wearing a sundress outside in February at 45F. And had great (but pale) legs.

              1. Best day in MN every year is the first day in spring when it gets above 45. People lose their minds.

                Shorts and t-shirt weather.

            3. I just wish someone would Finnish this subthread.

        3. Ain’t nobody got nothing to say about a 40 degree day. Nobody give a fuck about 40!

  13. http://www.examiner.com/articl…..ly-to-guns

    EEOC’s claim that background checks are racist must also apply to guns

    “If criminal background checks and requiring photo IDs really do produce unlawfully discriminatory rights-denying results, the inescapable conclusion is agents of the government are willfully, with premeditation, engaged in a criminal conspiracy to disenfranchise minorities from their right to keep and bear arms. On two different fronts. ”


    Any bets on whether this argument would ever work with reliably blue minorities?

    1. the inescapable conclusion is agents of the government are willfully, with premeditation, engaged in a criminal conspiracy to disenfranchise minorities from their right to keep and bear arms.

      It’s not a bug it’s a fucking feature!

      Why do you think Boston Mayor Menino and New York Oberb?rgermeister Bloomberg put so much energy and money into their “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” organization?

      It ain’t because they are worried about guns in the hands of the Irish, that’s for sure.

      1. And the Irish green shall again be seen
        As our Irish fathers bore it —
        A burning wind from the South behind,
        And the Yankee rout before it.

        Whoe’er shall march by triumphal arch,
        Whoe’er may swell the slaughter,
        Our drums shall roll from the Capitol
        O’er Potomac’s fateful water.

        Rise, bleeding ghosts, to the Lord of Hosts
        For judgment final and solemn.
        Your fanatic horde
        To the edge of the sword
        Is doomed — line, square, and column.

      2. It ain’t because they are worried about guns in the hands of the Irish

        Of course, a century and a half ago, they would have been worried about the Irish having guns.

    2. Pfft, next thing you know they’ll try to claim there’s a historical precedent. As if.

    3. I’m going to attempt to do some verbal judo on a TeamBluer sometime with this one. You start out appearing as neutral-to-slightly-TeamRed when talking about voter-ID, but you aren’t sure. Then you let them convince you that yes, as it turns out, since you don’t want to be racist, you are indeed against all background checks and picture ID requirements as a pre-req for exercising constitutional rights. Should be fun.

  14. Why Venezuela Offers Asylum to Snowden
    President Nic?las Maduro sends a message of his loyalty to Iran.

    Reaching out to Mr. Snowden is a way to send a message to the world that notwithstanding Secretary of State John Kerry’s feeble attempt at rapprochement with Caracas last month, post-Ch?vez Venezuela has no intention of changing the course of the Bolivarian revolution. Rather, as the economy of the once-wealthy oil nation deteriorates, Mr. Maduro is signaling that Venezuela wants to become an even more loyal geopolitical ally and strategic partner of Russia and Iran.

  15. http://oldgunhand.com/?p=3912

    Do Cops support the current gun control push?

    “Partway through the discussion, a panel member looked down at a text message on his smartphone, and raised his hand to interrupt. He announced that he had just received a message that the Universal Background Check bill had failed to pass in the United States Senate.

    And, spontaneously, the packed classroom of police instructors burst into applause.”

    1. The guy reading the text on the phone didn’t realize the donuts had just been delivered

    2. I’m ambivalent about this – cops support of anything is usually an indicator to do the opposite.

      1. I’m ambivalent about this – cops support of anything is usually an indicator to do the opposite.

        I vote that way.

        Whoever receives the support of police unions couldn’t blow me for a vote.

  16. The clown collection on MSNBC feted Spitzer last night.

    Their basic argument was that personal misconduct and public service should be regarded as entirely separate.

    While that argument has some merit, it completely does not apply to Spitzer’s case.

    The problem wasn’t that Spitzer was unfaithful to his wife, or that he engaged in a minor petty crime. The problem in Spitzer’s case was that he presided over the prosecution of people who did nothing more than engage in conduct he routinely engaged in himself.

    To me, that should be one and done, no forgiveness. If you’re a prosecutor or magistrate and you persecute any citizen for conduct you yourself engage in, you’re gone. Goodbye.

    1. So does this mean that MSNBC will ignore all personnel misconduct by Republicans or conservatives or libertarians?

      Ha ha, its funny even writing it.

      1. Oh, yeah. They were totally okay with Gov. Sanford’s infidelity, right? It was a personal choice, right?

    2. So, you’re an anarchist, wanting all law enforcement personnel gone? After all, what LEO hasn’t charged someone with assault? And don’t they engage in that a lot?

    3. Just a few months away from the 2 year anniversary of Herman “Where the white women at?” Cain’s (That’s racist Tony’s nickname, not mine, for those not here yesterday) fall from grace.

      Wanna bet MSNBC gives it a little air time without a similar caveat or apology like Spitzer got?

      1. It wasn’t Tony. I think it was Shrike. For Tony’s many faults, Shrike level racism isn’t one of them.

  17. Suspected drunken driver eats part of Illinois patrol car

    WLPO-AM reports 22-year-old Rick Frederick of Sheridan made clear he didn’t want to be taken in by LaSalle County sheriff’s deputies early Saturday, so he started gnawing on the molding around the door of the patrol car into which he was tucked.

    1. So he tucked into the car into which he was tucked?

      1. You bastard. You are worse than Hitler.

        1. Activia!

  18. The Muslim Brotherhood has rejected a proposed timetable for elections in Egypt.

    So they won’t be running anyone? Does this mean they won’t be voting, either? Because that’s just a vote for the other guy.

  19. Judge Debra Nelson denied a motion by prosecutors to keep toxicology results showing THC in Martin’s system from the jury, paving the way for Zimmerman’s lawyers to argue the drug may have influenced the teen’s behavior.

    Would someone *kindly* explain what the jurors are supposed to make of this?

    “Oh, that poor boy was stoned, so he was too mellow to be the aggressor.”
    “Oh, that badass was hopped up on the devil’s weed, so Zimmerman’s lucky to be alive, even having shot him.”

    1. IIRC Zimmerman, in the 911 call, told the police that Martin was behaving erratically, as if he was on drugs.

      The prosecution asserts that Zimmerman lied as to the real reason as to why he called the police.

      However, if Martin were to show a quantity of an intoxicant in his blood, it would tend to support Zimmerman’s case and be exculpatory.

      1. behaving erratically, as if he was on drugs.

        Or as if he was listening to rap music on his iPod.

        1. He was listening to those drug-like beats that were a moral panic several years back.

            1. Lawrence Welk.

            2. Balisets are a tell-tale sign of that.

  20. Al Jazeera staff resign after ‘biased’ Egypt coverage

    Mahmoud said that the resignations had been brought about by a perceived lack of commitment and Al Jazeera professionalism in media coverage, adding that “the management in Doha provokes sedition among the Egyptian people and has an agenda against Egypt and other Arab countries.”

    Mahmoud added that the management used to instruct each staff member to favour the Muslim Brotherhood.

  21. [Kristin] Davis is running as a libertarian.

    A female libertarian? Who knew there was such a thing?

      1. is she Kaptious?

        1. no but she is kallipygian

      2. It’s all about hookers and weed, isn’t it?

        1. when is it not?

          1. When I’m at work, as I am now.

  22. Greece will receive most of a bailout package worth 3 billion euros this month.

    With a population of 10 million people that only works out to 300 euros per person. How many gyros can you buy with that?

    1. Lamb or chicken?

  23. 101M Get Food Aid from Federal Gov’t; Outnumber Full-Time Private Sector Workers

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that a total of 101,000,000 people currently participate in at least one of the 15 food programs offered by the agency, at a cost of $114 billion in fiscal year 2012.

    That means the number of Americans receiving food assistance has surpassed the number of full-time private sector workers in the U.S.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 97,180,000 full-time private sector workers in 2012.

    1. More food aid recipients that private sector workers… what a depressing milestone.

      Also, what the fuck is “food insecurity?”

      1. Were you hungry and didn’t get to eat in the past year? You were food insecure.

        Food insecurity is made-up bullshit since people don’t actually starve in America anymore. Food insecurity is the new standard so we can justify our expansive & expensive food aid programs.

        1. Insecure like you don’t know what your next meal is going to be or insecure because you can’t afford steak and lobster every night?

        2. I figured it had something to do with goal post moving, I was just curious if there was a specific definition or if it was just some nebulous phrase.

          1. There is a specific deinition…


            1. Low food security (old label=Food insecurity without hunger): reports of reduced quality, variety, or desirability of diet. Little or no indication of reduced food intake.

              So if the price of prime New York strip goes up so much that I’d skip the steak for hamburgers one Saturday a month, I have low food security.

              1. Pretty much yep.

                And now you see why that 15% of Americans are “Hungry” campaign is bullshit.

                The real number is closer to 4 or 5% with the overwhelming majority of those being students and the Mentally ill

              2. See also: less talk about poverty, more talk about “income inequality”.

      2. Also, what the fuck is “food insecurity?”

        Newspeak for calling someone a fatass.

      3. Also, what the fuck is “food insecurity?”


        1. If it’s during an eating exhibition, it’s called “a reversal”.

      4. If you have ever worried about not having enough money to buy food, or were forced to buy lower quality foods(not shifting from steak to chicken but shifting from meat to beans or fresh veggies to canned, etc.) in the last 6 months (or a year, don’t remember the time cut off) then you are considered “food insecure”.

        Basically it means you could be anywhere up to about the top 5% of incomes and just had a cashflow crunch and you qualify as food insecure.

        It does not mean you are actually missing meals or even eating ramen every day which is what the phrase attempts to imply

  24. Digital currency seized in alleged drug law violation in Charleston

    The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration recently posted a forfeiture notice indicating that agents had seized 11.02 Bitcoins worth $814 from 31-year-old Eric Daniel Hughes for allegedly violating the federal Controlled Substances Act. No other details were provided.

    The seizure appears to mark the first time the federal government has gone after Bitcoins. That’s prompted a flurry of speculation that the DEA had infiltrated the infamous Silk Road website, an off-the-grid marketplace where drugs are traded and Bitcoins are the only accepted currency.

    1. How can an internet based marketplace be off-the-grid?

      1. And how have DEA agents not long since infiltrated it?

        1. Everybody on the Silk Road pretty much already expected there were LEOs on it; it’s pretty trivial to set up as a seller.

  25. Cop guilty of obstruction for lying about cracking man’s head with a pistol. excuse me, he was, and apparently still is, the deputy chief of police.

    The sexual assault, assault with a deadly weapon, felony battery, official oppression, brandishing, etc, etc, etc charges were never filed because “fuck you, that’s why” and he was given probation.

    1. You’re just hating on the guy for being such a noble and courageous public servant.

      Additionally, the totality of circumstances (PBUH) indicate he was right.

    2. So he tried to feel up his drinking-and-drugs buddy, the buddy resisted, he smacked him on the head with a pistol, then called his cop colleagues to falsely claim the guy had tried to carjack him?

      Yes, I am quite sure a “civilian” would have been allowed to plead to obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct.

  26. http://www.nydailynews.com/blo…..tired-cops

    NY: NY Gov. Cuomo Signs SAFE Act Exemption For Retired Cops

    Gov. Cuomo, as expected, has signed legislation granting retried law enforcement officers in New York an exemption from the state’s new gun control law, his office confirmed Monday. The exemption for retired cops was approved by the Assembly in May and adopted by the Senate in June during the final week of the Legislature’s session.

    Cuomo, during a news conference last week, had signaled his support for the measure.

    “It was our amendment,” Cuomo said at the time. “They are retired law enforcement officers. They have different training, they have different experience. They are different.”


    Equality before the law? LOLOLOLOL.

    1. So the same exemption for anyone who has a DD-214? Worked for an armored car service? Gunsmiths?

      Equal Justice Under The Law, ha!

      1. THis Cuomo cocksucker is shaping up to be one of the worst politicians since… um… Michael Bloomberg.

        1. Cuomo and Bloomberg have different training, they have different experience. They are different.

        2. I am just glad NY can take the heat for a while, so fewer people are pointing and laughing at Illinois. For now.

          1. I hate a lot of family in Springfield I saw this weekend at a wedding and they can’t shut up about how bad it is there.

            Can’t imagine living in a place where recounting the state capital’s most recent fucking of citizens is discussed more than the weather.

            1. have*

              1. Are you certain?

          2. People are always pointing and laughing at Illinois.

    2. “They are different.”

      “Their union has my back.”

  27. FL: Legal Analyst: Jury Won’t Convict George Zimmerman Of 2nd Degree Murder


    Will George Zimmerman walk for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin? Yes, says legal analyst Dan Abrams.

    Abrams, who provides his legal opinion as a commentator for ABC News and its Good Morning America affiliate, announced on the show that Zimmerman would walk free in the shooting death of 17-year-old Martin. In simple terms, Abrams believes the prosecution to be unsuccessful in proving “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the ex-neighborhood watch captain committed murder in the second degree, or even manslaughter.


    Dan Abrams probably frequents the Reason website and flies a Betsy Ross flag on his porch. Libertard racist neo-fascist destructo-rednecks are simply intent on seeing this racist neo-fascist destructo-redneck Zimmerman walk free, aren’t they?

    1. The prosecution’s case was even worse than I expected. If Zimmerman isn’t acquitted of the murder charge, I’ll be shocked.

      1. But isn’t there a possibility of “The Prosecution did not make its case- BUT- We have to preserve social peace, so let’s make a symbol of this man” result?

  28. White House Has Known For Months Obamacare Implementation Wouldn’t Work
    Last week, it scaled back several required provisions. They aren’t the first. And probably won’t be the last.

    “It’s the joyous, simultaneous, nonlinear equation from hell,” said Kip Piper, a former top official at HHS and OMB who is now a consultant in close contact with IT vendors. Piper said it’s no surprise that the administration has given up on certain functions given the technological complexity needed and the short time-frame.

    But the long-term nature of the bad news could be good news for those who hope that the new marketplaces will launch in some form on time.

    The struggles with technology and administrative complexity have not come as a recent surprise to administration officials; they’ve been negotiating them for months already. By eliminating non-essential tasks, they may be violating the letter of the health reform law, with its rigorous timetables and multiple requirements, but they may be more likely to get the core functions right.

    1. They’ve only known it for months? They’re well behind the curve.

    2. Wait what is this equation?

      1. Well, they don’t even know how many variables there are. But once they’ve got all the variables on the sheet, hopefully there will be enough unique equations to solve them. Although knowing that they need n unique equations or specified conditions is probably asking too much.

    3. they may be violating the letter of the health reform law

      It’s not even in effect and they’re already bending the law to make it seem as if it will work. What a bunch of intellectually dishonest fuckers.

    1. Did he pair it with a bow tie?

        1. I’ve lived in Texas a long time now, and I have rarely seen anyone wearing a string tie and a cowboy hat.

          Of course, never leaving the basement except for work might have something to do with that.

          1. I live in Colorado now, where REAL cowboys live, and there are COUNTLESS bolo tie(string tie, hrumph…noobs) and stetson wearing folk around these parts.

            1. I’m sure if went out to West Texas I might see more of it. Here in Houston? Not so much.

              1. There is a distinct dichotomy in Denver whereby one portion of the populace is city dwelling technology professionals and the other fringe municipal country style hobby rancher/farmers. Going down to LODO on a Friday night is the most eclectic night life I have ever seen. Ohh, and Rocky Jeans are a privilege not a right.

                1. Rocky Jeans are a privilege not a right.

                  Are they still all mom-waisted?

                  1. yes by definition, but if you have seen them worn properly they are smoking hot on a cowgirl.

                    1. And make every ass but the smallest and tightest look like a denim couch. Yeah, they were popular when I was going to the country dance clubs 15 or so years ago.

          1. Yeah, I’ll not be taking fashion tips from that ponce, thanks.

            Tom Baker, maybe.

    2. I predict a surge in Stetson popularity.

      Easy for you.

    3. Bin Laden wore a COWBOY HAT to avoid detection from U.S. drones

      Let me get this straight . . . OBL thought that wearing a cowboy hat in the middle of PAKISTAN was just the right attire to keep from being noticed?

      1. “Another CIA agent…”

  29. Average cost of DOE contractor employees assigned to Washington: $247K

    The Department of Energy’s Office of Inspector General today released a follow-up audit on facility contractor personnel assigned temporarily to Washington, D.C., to provide technical expertise. The report noted that there have been improvement since the original report in 2005, but still identified ways to cut costs and make more effective use of these “term assignments.”

    One stat: The average annual cost of these assignments is $247,000 per employee, which includes the employee salaries and other expenses.

    1. OTOH, future budget allocations due to continuing pension and healthcare expenses: $0. People always forget that part of the equation when they bitch about contractor vs. employee cost to government. The government feels, probably correctly, that the TCE of contractors is cheaper than employees. I haven’t personally done a break-even, but after you’ve had a position for longer than the full vesting of a pension in FL, you’re paying 1.8x salary directly plus, possibly 2x healthcare.

    1. OK, you got me with that one. I laughed.

  30. [Mexican] Police chief killed with rifle lost in ATF gun-tracking program


    Luis Lucio Rosales Astorga, the police chief in the city of Hostotipaquillo, was shot to death Jan. 29 when gunmen intercepted his patrol car and opened fire. Also killed was one of his bodyguards. His wife and a second bodyguard were wounded.


    President Teleprompter’s shenanigans are fucking up more and more people’s lives. Does anybody give a shit?

    1. They’re dark-skinned Mexicans. Why should anybody give a shit?


      1. Are you implying that Emperor Hussein doesn’t about the children of Hostotipaquillo? Why, you RACIST!!!!

        1. *care, too

    2. something something broken eggs something greater good…

    3. If Obama had a gardener, he’d look like Luis Lucio.

    4. Omelet. Eggs. The One must crush the Republicans, whatever the cost (to others)

    5. Where’s Tony to tell us that F’n’F is just a figment of our Koch-addled imaginations?

      1. This is just another nontroversy!


  31. Obama: The government is us and we’re doing things right

    Obama also complained that a lot of poorly designed legislation was bogging down government officials in their effort to streamline services.

    “We’re doing a lot of this work administratively but unfortunately there are still a bunch of rules, a lot of legislation that has poorly designed some of our agencies and forces folks to engage in bureaucratic jump-hoop – hoop jumping – instead of just going ahead and focusing on mission and delivering good service to our citizens,” he said.


    1. The Man truly has an oratorical Gift.

      1. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

    2. Did he basically say that if he were King, America would be all right?
      This fuckhead’s narcissism has no bounds.

      1. Wouldn’t be the first time:

        “This is something I’ve struggled with throughout my presidency. The problem is that I’m the president of the United States, I’m not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed.”

        Or you know, ignore them instead.

    3. We’re doing a lot of this work administratively but unfortunately there are still a bunch of rules, a lot of legislation that has poorly designed some of our agencies and forces folks to engage in bureaucratic jump-hoop – hoop jumping – instead of just going ahead and focusing on mission and delivering good service to our citizens[.]

      So you’re totally willing to cut the size and scope of government so that it might run more smoothly, right? You know, in order to get rid of all that bureaucratic hoop jumping.

  32. 30,000 California prisoners on hunger strike

    The action coincided with the start Monday evening of Ramadan, the annual period during which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, possibly complicating authorities’ attempt to count the protesters.

    Why, those *ingenious* inmates!

  33. Iraq: Gun Control in Kurdistan Divides Lawmakers and Security Officials

    Security officials and lawmakers in the Kurdistan Region remain divided over solving the autonomous enclave’s gun problem, differing over whether to collect weapons illegally owned by people or impose licensing regulations and tight ownership laws.

    After decades of conflict, including the downfall of Saddam Hussein following the massive 2003 US-led invasion, all of Iraq has been flooded with weapons, and the autonomous Kurdistan Region is no exception. There is no official data to show the number of weapons owned by civilians, but it is high enough to concern security officials.


    Even in Iraq, libertards manage to mess things up. Who in their right mind would resist registration and confiscation regimes?!

    1. Sure, the Kurds have no need of weapons… I mean, they have never needed them…evah!

      1. It boggles the mind that these people never seem to get that freedom, part of which is an armed populace, is a good thing. What the fuck is wrong with everybody?

    2. I can think of few people in the world who have more of a reason to understand the right to bear arms than the Kurds. Every Kurd I ever met had a horror story to tell about them or someone in their family. If I were them, owning an automatic weapon would be requirement.

  34. If You Don’t Want the Government to Spy on You, Move to Montana

    That effectively makes Montana the first state in the country’s history to pass an electronic privacy law that protects you from the government. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Daniel Zolnikov, and Montana’s lawmakers outpaced all the states in the country when it comes to privacy?Texas signed an email privacy bill into law last month, and Massachusetts and a handful of other states are considering their own privacy laws when it comes to electronic surveillance and wiretapping.

    I’m sure the NSA really cares about a state law.

    1. Until state politicians stop pussying out and finally pass laws that actually give these restrictions teeth, like mandating that state law enforcement harshly prosecute federal agents for unconstitutional actions (such as the BATFE enforcing federal gun laws, for example), nobody’s going to give a shit.

  35. I don’t post nearly enough metal links nowadays. Here’s some Viking chants with guitar solos.

    1. Thanks, Warty. Good stuff.

    2. did you see the mohawk wearing, kilt donning, flaming bagpipe rendiditon of AC/DCs Thunderstruck?

      1. Of course.

        1. just checking

  36. Ric Ocasek’s wife is still hot.

    1. They’re still married?!

      (Then again, the Captain and Tennille will be celebrating their 38th anniversary later this year, and Billy Davis and Marilyn McCoo from the Fifth Dimension will be celebrating their 44th.)

    2. Yeah, she’s very well preserved.

      If she can keep it going another 10 or 15 years she’ll start to give Rashida Jones’ mom a run for her money.

    3. At one point in the 80’s, you could go to a bookstore’s magazine section, and it was nothing but a sea of Paulina’s staring out at you. Seriously, she was on about every other cover.

  37. “We’re doing a lot of this work administratively but unfortunately there are still a bunch of rules, a lot of legislation that has poorly designed some of our agencies and forces folks to engage in bureaucratic jump-hoop – hoop jumping – instead of just going ahead and focusing on mission and delivering good service to our citizens,” he said.

    His life would be so much easier if he were Supreme Dictator. Then the trains could be made to run on time.

    1. With those ears, he could be Benito Mouseolini.

      1. With his policies, he could be Mussolini. He’d look good in the hat, too.

        1. Oops, didn’t get the joke at first.

    2. He’s tied. He needs wider powers. For the good of the people.

  38. Okay, posting this before someone else does and says Florida is a dangerous place. Yes he got bit on the head by an alligator but he is fine. I submit that it was a playful love bite. Alligators: Florida’s little clowns!


    1. In the park I bike in, there’s a sign that says “do not feed or molest the alligators.”

      1. I think the ‘gators can resist molestation fine on their own.

        1. You haven’t met Warty, have you?

    2. Great, now I want to see a tiny car open up to reveal a bunch of colorful alligators climbing out.

  39. http://www.wnd.com/2013/07/rum…..n-verdict/

    FL: Rumblings of ‘lynchings’ over Trayvon verdict

    But a number of bloggers and watchers say there are not-so-subtle rumblings of violence developing.

    On the Mr. Conservative blog, Twitter threats were reproduced in abundance.

    “If Zimmerman don’t go to jail ill kill him for $20,” said one.

    “Gimme me tha pistol ill kill Zimmerman myself,” said another.

    “If George Zimmerman win I’m gonna kill a fat white boy dat look lik George Zimmerman I swear,” said a third.


    Baboons with a mob mentality and no moral compass making violent threats? Totally shocking!

    1. I’m gonna kill a fat white boy dat look lik George Zimmerman I swear

      Someone’s been watching NBC.

    2. They talk a lot of shit, but I seriously doubt anything will happen. It is one thing to write something on twitter. It is quite another thing to go out and commit murder in a state where the death penalty is legal and used. It is also another thing to go out and start attacking random people in a state like Florida that has civilized gun laws.

      1. Yea but I’m sure that when the verdict is out the usual suspects cadre of Race Warlords community organizers will be on hand to incite help calm the inevitable race riots that will ensue

  40. Immigration reform is dead and Obamacare implementation killed it

    “They have shown no respect for traditional Constitutional separation of powers,” Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., told National Review’s John Fund about the impact of the Obamacare delays on the immigration debate, “and that makes it difficult to pass laws where the fear is that they will simply ignore the parts they don’t like.”

    1. That guy Roe is in congress, right? Doesn’t congress have standing to take the executive to court to stop the executive from making his own laws?
      If congress doesn’t, who does?

      1. I have no idea, but that’s a good question for one of the lawyers around here. All I know is that whenever I see talk about who has standing, it always sounds like completely arbitrary bullshit to me.

  41. Baboons with a mob mentality and no moral compass making violent threats?

    Are we talking about PoliceOne, now?

    1. Good point. Our heroes in blue and racialists threatening to lynch people if a trial doesn’t go their way have something in common, it seems.

  42. New Orleans could lose its “Murder Capital of America” title to Detroit.

    Progressive Utopias, the both of them.

    1. I have an old friend who lives in Louisiana, and he says everybody in the state hates New Orleans and how fucked up it is. I’m guessing it also gives the whole state a bad reputation.

      Maybe NO should secede.

      1. I lived in Shreveport for a year and a half and had to commute to Alexandria frequently, but I never got that impression from anyone there. Where’s your buddy from?

        Most people I knew greatly preferred to visit Baton Rouge for a weekend getaway instead, but I don’t recall Louisianians not liking NOLA.

        1. Morehouse Parish. He’s a pretty hardcore Santorum-esque Republican, unfortunately.

      2. Isn’t that true of every state with a big shitty city? I grew up in MA and hated Boston. Upstate New Yorkers despise NYC, Georgia / Atlanta, etc…

        Particularly bad when the liberal douches in the city can swing state-wide elections.

        1. I was under the impression that Atlanta wasn’t as as bad as other big cites in that regard. Wrong impression?

          1. Georgians tend not to like Atlanta because of how it swings elections. Like most big cities, Atlanta is progtastic, and thwarts the rest of the state politically on the regular.

        2. I don’t know, I grew up in Lowell Ma and I didn’t hate Boston, I generally avoided going there if I could avoid it because of the traffic and parking problems but the place I really hated was Cambridge

          1. The rest of us kind of hate Lowell.

            1. Having grown up there I can see why, even for us Lowellian locals the best defense we could offer for our city was “Hey at least we aren’t Lawrence”

              1. I lump them together as I speed by on 495 on the way to NH.

    2. What is Chicago, chopped liver?

      1. Shhhh we don’t talk about Chicago. New Orleans can be blamed on BOOOOSHHHUH!1!! and Detroit on greedy capitalists outsourcing, but Chicago on the other hand reeks of progressive shit entirely.

    3. I assume that this is because Detroit recently let an assault weapons ban lapse?

    1. Following some links from that, I discovered that this exists. It’s useful to quantify this stuff, you know?

      1. Why the Slut Formula? Why does it only apply to women?

        1. Also in the post on it he claims that this is broken. Apparently he doesn’t get the joke.

      2. It fails to ask how many wieners you’ve had thrown at your face at once, though.

      3. And apparently there is also disturbying Adventure Time fanart.


  43. Lauren Pears used crowdfunding, a method of equity investing only made possible by the reach of the web, to raise ?108,000 towards opening London’s first cat caf?.

    The caf? will initially play host to 10 cats and a maximum of 45 human guests at any one time.


    1. That is a great idea. A lot of people love cats but can’t own them because their apartment won’t let them or their significant other is allergic. This would give them a way to get their cat fix. Even people that have cats would enjoy going to a cafe and hanging out with some different ones. You could do the same thing with dogs.

      Animals are therapeutic to a lot of people, myself included. If I could take lunch a couple of days a week and spend an hour having lunch with a golden retriever laying at my feet giving me the “its okay I understand” golden retriever look, I would be much happier I think.

      1. I keep threatening to get one of those dogs that can smell when your blood sugar is high or low so I can bring it to work with me every day. If people with allergies can’t come to my office, that’s just a bonus.

        1. Do it. If it is a service dog, they can’t tell you no. My father in law is legally blind from diabetes. He somehow convinced the VA to give him a service dog. And he basically turned it into a pet. I love the dog. He is this adorable yellow lab. But, he if Animal Planet ever had a reality show “America’s worst Service Dog”, I am entering Aldo.

          You should totally do it. Fuck them. If we are going to bend over backwards for everyone’s whinny ass complaint, you might as well get some good out of it. You at least have a real disease.

          1. The only thing that stops me is taking a trained dog from someone who could actually need it. What I need to do is just get a dog, make a medical alert poncho for it and dare them to tell me it’s not a real service dog. Maybe a corgi.

            1. There are a lot of service dog charities out there. I am not sure there is much of a shortage. Maybe you could make a good donation to ensure that another dog gets trained that wouldn’t have been trained otherwise to make up for you taking one.

              And, yeah, if you have a doctor’s note that says you need it and you get it from a reputable place that certifies that it is a service dog, they can’t say shit.

            2. Pug. A diabetes-sniffing dog should obviously be short and obese.

              Or just go full psycho and get a Presa Canario. He’ll fuck/murder anyone who disturbs you at work, and that’s what you’re really after, isn’t it?

              1. I have never seen that breed. That dog is awesome. It is like traveled with the Roman legions terrifying looking. Anyone who was the least bit afraid of big dogs would wet themselves at the sight of that thing.

                1. The scariest dog I know of is the Fila Brasilero. “Hey, let’s breed a dog specifically to catch runaway slaves!”

                  If the pup is exposed to a lot of people in a positive manner and keeping in mind the dog’s aggressive instincts (known as ‘socializing’), the pup can be encourage to behave in a calmer manner, but only to a point.

                  1. Wow. How did they get it so aggressive? Blood hounds and mastiffs are both anything but aggressive. That dog is terrifying.

                    1. I’ve never met a mastiff that didn’t want to kill me.

                    2. MLG

                      One of my neighbors has a Mastiff and she is like Herman Munster. She is enormous and afraid her own shadow. Sweetest dog in the world.

              2. I like the Pug idea too. They are not intimidating. But they fart and snort and are about the most obnoxious little bastards on the face of the earth.

              3. If you’re going to go all in, go all in.

                1. That Fila Brasilio is like a giant blood hound. That is a noble dog. I love blood hounds and mastiffs. What a good combination.

                  1. The Fila Brasileiro’s protectiveness is also legendary. He is a patient and gentle family dog with those he considers his own, but does not take to strangers and should never be left unattended with casual acquaintances, strangers or anyone he does not regard as part of his immediate family.

                    The official dog of Fuckyouistan.

                2. Goddammit, Elf.

                  1. Sorry. I want a brindle Fila so badly I can barely stand it. Maybe when I move to a less litigious locale.

                    1. A pug or a corgi might encourage people to drop by. I need something that can turn into a snarling beast on command. Maybe a Malinois.

                    2. Can you train him to attack when someone is asking you stupid questions? ‘Cause then it’s not even a lie to call him a service dog.

                    3. Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes.

                      Of course, if I trained him to attack people who ask stupid questions, I’d be ankle deep in blood in about a week.

                    4. if I trained him to attack people who ask stupid questions, I’d be ankle deep in blood in about a week.

                      I fail to see the problem.

                    5. Get the right Malinois or German Shepherd and you can have that SF. I was good friends oversees with one of the vets who worked with the military police dogs. They had one dog who was a fucking war hero. The dog had done three tours in Afghanistan and another in Iraq and had captured something like a dozen different insurgents. He was a regular canine Audie Murphy.

                      The problem was he liked his job a little too much. He just liked biting the shit out of people including his handlers. They used to always keep a muzzle on him when he wasn’t working. And that dog would come up to you and give you these big German shepherd brown eyes let you pet him and was this huge pussy cat. But the vet would tell you, “no matter what he does, never take the muzzle off”. His favorite trick was the lull someone into being dumb enough to take his muzzle off so he could then nail them.

                      That is the kind of dog you need.

    2. I hear they’ve had those sorts of things in Germany for a while now

  44. In the park I bike in, there’s a sign that says “do not feed or molest the alligators.”

    Steve Smith haz a sad.


    Last month we spotlighted here the devastating synopsis of the case against conventional climate alarmism by Macquarie University physicist Murry Salby, presented last spring in Germany. It seems the Luca Brazis of the climate campaign have not taken this sitting down, and apparently Salby has been sacked from Macquarie. Over on Australian science writer Joanne Nova’s blog, Salby gives an account of what has taken place.

    It is a long account you can read in full at your leisure, but the overall point is that the university apparently regretted its hiring of Salby and reneged on its commitment of support for his research, is penalizing one of his graduate students, and has used technicalities to dismiss him.

    1. But there is scientific consensus on AGW. Just because they achieved such through intimidation coercion doesn’t mean it is not true. How else are they supposed to deal with the deniers?

    2. He was a heretic! He is lucky he didn’t get burned at the stake!

    3. If half of his allegations are true, what is going on is utterly shameful.

      On the other hand I’ve met several brilliant cranks whose failures in life and paranoia resulted in incredible tales of woe that just fell apart when one looked at the evidence.

    4. more fool him for taking a job at a half-assed university like Macquarie

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