Acting IRS Chief Looking to Cancel Staff Bonuses

Good luck getting that through the union


The acting IRS chief told agency employees on Tuesday that bonuses for managers would be canceled this year, and that he was working to do the same for union staffers.

Danny Werfel, who took over the reins at the IRS in May, told staffers across-the-board spending cuts had required bonuses be suspended elsewhere in the federal bureaucracy, and agency employees serving under union contracts shouldn't be treated any differently.

But while the tax-collecting agency remains under fire for its targeting of conservative groups, Werfel also said scrapping the bonuses was not a comment on the work staffers were doing.

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  1. Yeah, I’d say that’s appropriate.

  2. He’ll have NO problem getting it through the union if Werfel puts in writing that they’ll cancel the last two furlough days (as the e-mail sent to employees suggested). If they’re given the opportunity, they will sell the overachievers up the river ASAP to subsidize the underachievers who can’t be pruned.

    (Yes, I am an IRS employee and a Reason reader. I have enough cognitive dissonance to choke a camel, and I don’t even work in one of the “scandalized” areas.)

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