CBS Airs Bigoted Comments by Reality Show Contestants

In previous seasons of Big Brother, they've been cut out of episodes


Big Brother is watching…and so are the viewers now. After CBS declared they would not air racist remarks made by several contestants on Big Brother 15, the network "outed" three contestants by showing their racist and homophobic comments in last night's Big Brother episode: Aaryn Gries, GinaMarie Zimmerman and Spencer Clawson. The racist and homophobic remarks have sparked outrage and even resulted in a petition on to have all three contestants booted from Big Brother 15, which has already garnered over 13,500 signatures.

In an live internet feed last week, Gries, Zimmerman and Clawson made racist and homophobic remarks directed towards other contestants in the house, but CBS did not air the comments in that week's episode. Last night's episode focused on the remarks made by Gries and Zimmerman. Gries called openly gay contestant Andy Herren a "queer" and suggested that Asian contestant Helen Kim should "go make some rice." Zimmerman's racist remarks were also aired, but the network opted to not show her most offensive racist remarks that included referring to welfare as "n*gger insurance." Clawson's homophobic remarks on the live feed did not make it onto the CBS broadcast.