Charter Schools

York, PA, School Officials Try To Lure Families Who Fled to Charters

We don't suck, anymore!


Seven people focused their eyes on the door of a Hartley Street home, waiting to see if someone would respond to an enthusiastic knock.

They got lucky this time. A woman, clearly shocked at the unexpected audience, peeked outside.

Tamara Willis, an assistant superintendent for the York City School District, broke the ice: "You're important!"

Like a well-seasoned salesman, Willis went for the pitch, telling the woman her kids should return to York City schools. Behavioral issues are being handled differently. Overcrowding is no longer a problem in classrooms, she said.

"It's a new day," Willis told the woman. "It's not business as usual."

On a Wednesday morning, with gray clouds threatening, two York City teachers, an administrative assistant, the district's security director, a parent, a 9-year-old student and Willis ventured into the neighborhoods surrounding McKinley Elementary to woo the parents of children enrolled in charter schools.

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  1. A little competition focuses the mind.

    1. It certainly does. It’s hilarious, really. I wonder if they had to take a course in “Public School Cheerleading.”

      Bonus of $2500 for anyone who gets certified!

  2. I worked for a short time as a defense attorney in York, PA following law school. It is a hell-hole. I heard nothing but horror about the public schools. No idea if the Charter schools are any better but a parent who loves his/her child would not send them to public school in York, PA.

  3. I hope they’re getting a lot of replies along the lines of: “No, sorry. I love my kids, so fuck you.”


  4. Ah, charter schools, skimming off the top since forever.

    1. Ah, public schools, providing guaranteed employment to the incompetent since forever.

        1. Not that you provided any, but here you go:


          And it’s even PuffPo, so you should be happy.

          And of course there are plenty of charter schools that provide better and cheaper education than their public counterparts in DC and CA, not to mention the superior results provided by inner city Catholic schools with the same cohort of kids (or worse). Just what are your teachers’ union dues?

          1. Charter schools select students.

            Any evaluation of teachers is worthless without comparing equivalent student populations. The facts that Public Teacher can’t get her 80-IQ class up to Proficient in algebra after three years while Charter Teacher can get her 110-IQ class there in one semester don’t seem to be the responsibility of the respective teachers.

            If you don’t want universal education, that’s fine. Personally, I think it’s pretty stupid to attempt to teach advanced algebra to people who will struggle even to get a job in retail, but that’s where we are. Blaming the teachers for this insanity is counterproductive. Praising charters for what they do is similarly silly.

            1. They’re not struggling to teach advanced algebra;

              They can’t even teach basic literacy, despite having 12 years to do so. It’s a low bar, and yet they trip over it.

              The notion that the current public school system is providing universal education is as laughable as the notion that trial by combat provides justice.

  5. “But wait, there’s more! Switch today, and we’ll send you ABSOLUTELY FREE a video of Reading Rainbow season 5! (Retail value $24.99)”

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