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CO Gun Accessories Company Gives Away 1,500 Extended Magazines Before Ban

And then Magpul is leaving the state


Gun-maker Magpul airlifted thousands of extended assault rifle magazines into a Colorado gun show on Saturday, giving away 1,500 and putting the rest up for sale just 24 hours before a new law takes effect that makes the magazines illegal across the state.

The event, "A Farewell to Arms," attracted over 3,000 gun enthusiasts who received free extended magazines with their purchases, according to CBS Denver. An additional 18,500 magazines were designated to be sold at discount, with the proceeds going to benefit a pro-gun group calling itself "Free Colorado."

The clips were airlifted in on a helicopter and rode along with the event's keynote speaker, Republican political commentator Dana Loesch. Video shows the chopper landing in Glendale's Infinity Park to cheers as a man's voice booms over the public announcement system: "This is freedom!"