Birthday Boy, 21, Celebrates by Stabbing Homeless Man 70 Times, Police Say

Should have just gone to a strip club


DOYLESTOWN, Pa. – Authorities say a man who had been out celebrating his 21st birthday is facing charges after a homeless veteran was found stabbed dozens of times near a train station outside Philadelphia.

Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler says Dale "Bugsy" Wakefield of Doylestown was charged with attempted murder and other counts after being arrested Thursday in Baltimore.

Investigators say the victim, 71-year-old George Mohr, an Army veteran, remains in critical condition after being found with more than 70 stab wounds around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday outside the Doylestown train station.

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  1. Ban birthdays!

  2. Fun nicknames that Marylanders have for Baltimore:

    – Bodymore, Murderland
    – Mob Town
    – Harm City (a more honest version of “Charm City”)
    and, my fave,
    – The City that Bleeds (from “The City that Reads”, a slogan used on bus benches in the 1980s that was supposed to somehow increase literacy)

    We refer to Baltimoreans as Baltimorons, and for good reason. Speaking on behalf of some Marylanders, we’d by forever obliged if New Jersey would be so kind as to assimilate the current residents while we bulldoze the city, set it on fire, and start over.

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