Morsi Ousted By Military, UK Bans Herbal Stimulant, White House Allies Defend Obamacare Employer Mandate Delay: P.M. Links


Credit: Wilson Dias/ABr / wikimedia
  • Morsi has been removed from power by the Egyptian military. 
  • The British government has banned the herbal stimulant qat.
  • Some of the White House's allies are trying to downplay the delay of Obamacare's employer mandate.
  • Those hoping to celebrate Independence Day in LA can look forward to random bag inspections.
  • One of Turkey's deputy prime ministers has blamed the "Jewish Diaspora" and international media for being part of the conspiracy that he believes led to recent protests.

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  1. Those hoping to celebrate Independence Day in LA can look forward to random bag inspections.

    Turn your head and cough? For America!

    1. now that’s a funny Fist!

      1. Finally, some appreciation.

      2. No! NO!

        We all agreed not to encourage him!

        1. Too late. And to think, I was about to hang it up.

  2. Gun rights activists held a toy gun march in Washington D.C today.

    Ban it.

    1. Ban *D.C.*?

      1. Ban it. . .with extreme prejudice.

  3. Mother doesn’t want the police to “examine” her 12-year old daughter after doc says she was not sexually assaulted. Cops attempt to ruin woman’s life.

    1. Procedures were followed; nothing else happened; you’re just one of the bigorati; surfing with Morgan Fairchild; hth.

    2. Since when do the cops get to examine alleged victims of rape?

      1. Since they negotiated for it in their last union contract.

      2. Since they felt like looking at a 12-year old’s vagina was their right by occupation.

        1. Look, Bob’s a good cop, but he has these funny… urges. If we don’t let him satisfy them occasionally, who knows what he might do?

  4. Gun rights activists held a toy gun march in Washington D.C today.

    D.C. will pretend to hear their concerns.

  5. Sheriff’s deputies will have a more visible presence at Union Station to perform random bag inspections, according to Nishida.

    This is why politicians like trains.

    1. This is why politicians like trains.

      Yep. They want desperately to get people to abandon their cars in favor of public transit so that they can have more opportunities to “protect” America.

  6. What is wrong with people?

    EDMONTON?Police say a 3-year-old girl that was left inside a parked car during extreme heat in Edmonton has died in hospital.
    The child was found near death at around 7 p.m. Tuesday outside a townhouse complex near 29 St. and 116A ave. in the Northeast end of the city.

    1. And, at least in the US, we let those type of people vote. That’s why we’re fucked.

      1. I don’t think we let Canadians vote here; we haven’t sunk that low, yet.

      2. Actually, I’m a lot more worried about the types who never let their kids out of their sight and scold others who do voting. The death of a little girl is terrible, but run of the mill negligence is a lot less scary politically than people who think everyone should have to do things their way.

    2. I think losing your child should be punishment enough, but I still advocate sterilization of the parents as a preventative measure against further occurrences.

      1. Three generations of idiots is enough?

    3. There is a very real chance that nothing is wrong with those people. Very often when you get to the bottom of these cases you find that it was not negligence but a simple tragic mistake.

      I know that I got lucky this did not happen to me, once when my oldest was 5 we had a change in routine where I had to take him to school instead of my wife who usually did. The school was between home and work along the same route, the turn off my route to his school was about 15 minutes from my home. I was 45 minutes out from home when my son said something to me and I realized that I had completely forgotten that I was taking him to school or that he was with me. Had he not said something but rather fallen asleep I would have continued on my merry way to work and never remembered he was back there and this was August in Georgia

      1. I had the same scare. My son was four months old. I had taken my son to the zoo before I went into the office, and I had every intent on bringing him home first. I got stuck in traffic, got distracted, pulled into my work and started heading into the building. My wife called me as I was entering the building, asking where he was. I have never felt my stomach sink like that.

        My heart goes out to some of those parents. I don’t know how you go on after that. I have a feeling I would have eaten a bullet had anything happened to my son as a result of my idiocy.

      2. Banjos and I went in to open a bank account for my son, and 5 minutes into it, she said “I’ll be right back” only to reappear with Baby Reason in tow. We just kind of looked at each other and shook our heads. Baby Reason was 10 weeks old.

  7. Some of the White House’s allies are trying to downplay the delay of Obamacare’s employer mandate.

    This seems to run counter to the recent push to up-play Obamacare’s benefits.

    1. They’re not the sharpest tools in the shed, dude. You know this.

    2. Look, over there – SYRIA!!1!

    3. If the employees don’t get the employer mandated insurance does this mean they have to get the individual mandated insurance?

    4. They are putting it off for a year to keep from wrecking their chances in the 2014 chances. What are they going to do for 2016?

      They created a giant turd sandwich, at some point they are going to have to take a bite.

      1. Perpetual delay – they get all the credit for passing the POS without any of the pain of its actual effect. Brilliant !!

        1. ^This. This is going to become the new “Doc Fix.” They’ll just delay implementation a year, every year for the next 20 years.

  8. One of Turkey’s deputy prime ministers has blamed the “Jewish Diaspora” and international media for being part of the conspiracy that he believes led to recent protests.

    You know who else blamed Jews and the media for unrest?

    1. Mary Stack?

      1. Cynthia McKinney?

        1. Nice, HM.

    2. Tsar Alexander II?

      1. Shit, Tsar Nicholas II

    3. Mel Gibson?

      1. That’s actually who I was thinking of.

    4. Woody Allen?

    5. Hymietown Jackson?

    6. I’m surprised nobody has said it yet, so I guess I will.


      er, I mean,


  9. Gun rights activists held a toy gun march in Washington D.C today.

    Pop Tarts don’t kill people, et c.

  10. Henry Ford?

    1. Squirrel attack?

      1. Nah, principled anti-threading.

  11. Andy Murray had a rough day.

    1. It’s not rough when you’re still in it. He wants this pretty fucking badly.

      1. He certainly didn’t get an easy pass today

      2. He’s a Brit who could win Wimbledon. Those limey fucks get a bit nuts about that kind of stuff

    2. Unfortunately he won.

      Go Janowicz!

    3. Whenever I think of Andy Murray, the first thing that comes to mind is the Monty Python episode where the Scotsman winds up playing a blancmange at Wimbledon.

  12. Remember that kid whose bail was set at $500k for making “terroristic threats” while playing a video game? He should have become a police officer and sexually assaulted a woman. Then his bail would have only been set at $35,000.

    1. He would have gotten a paid vacation too.

  13. Morsi has been removed from power by the Egyptian military.

    President of Egypt is soon going to rank up there with al-Qaeda second-in-command and world’s oldest person as the job you don’t want to have.

    1. That was funny when I read it four and a half years ago.

    1. Did he kill it? I mean, fuck, a century of fish living, only to die for no reason?

      1. Catching it killed it.

        1. Yep, being brought up quickly from a depth of 900 feet will do that. I’ve seen fish puke or shit out their guts from the pressure change and they’re only coming up from 100 or so. If they haven’t you can release them, you’re supposed to use a “venting” tool and let the air out of their air bladder or whatever.

      2. he fish was almost certainly dead by the time he reeled it in.

        Did he sell it to the Japanese?

        1. Mmmm, old fish sushi.

      3. only to die for no reason

        I don’t think the fish would draw a distinction between being killed to be a human’s dinner and being killed for some other reason.

        We might draw such a distinction, but all the fish knows is that he’s hurting.

        1. I was kidding, you know.

    2. I once caught a fish th-i-i-i-i-i-i-s old.

      1. And I’ve got the hook to prove it!

  14. I am about to do the impossible reason: Make you guys hate craft beer

    Despite its straight-white-male reputation, craft beer as an industry and movement is actually pretty damn queer. The business was founded on the principles of experimentation, improvisation, collaboration and working class ingenuity. The craft beer pioneers were dissatisfied with the mainstream telling them what to drink and trying to trick them with advertising so they ventured out on their own, inventing guides to homebrewing and transforming abandoned factories into breweries that cranked out frothy kegs shipped out for communal enjoyment amongst friends instead of pounding cans alone in front of the tube. The odds were against these early brewers: they had very little money and were competing tap for tap with multi-billion dollar titans of industry (over 90% of this fine country’s beer is produced by only two corporations…). But, just like us resilient queers, these folks survived on love, pride and an enduring devotion to community building.

    1. My love for craft beer began in college, the same year I was introduced to the queer music scene. To me, the two worlds fit together perfectly ? people unsatisfied with mainstream consumerism weren’t just sitting around, miserably swallowing the MTVs and the Coors Lites ? they were taking a risk and producing their own ish, sharing their creative expression with their communities and encouraging likeminded folks to follow suit. I won’t even go into the political differences between big beer and the microbrews, but let’s just say it’s about as stark as between an Autostraddle reader and a Guns & Ammo devotee.

      So, as gay pride parades sweep across the nation this month, be mindful of your local tea dance’s beer sponsor. Is that a Coors logo? A cherry red Budweiser label? Are the girls in the bikinis drinking dripping wet Coronas or are they pouring pitchers of Miller Lite down each other’s shirts? Don’t be fooled by the rainbow lanyards and free Bud Lite bottle openers ? these corporations will happily take your hard earned cash and divert it to Focus on the Family.

      1. Why would this make me hate craft beer? It makes me hate you.

        1. Happy 4th!

        2. Well, it looks like my work here is done. Fuck you, Epi. Fuck you so very hard.

          1. Also, fail on my part for not going full Star Wars on you.

          2. That’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me yet today.

        3. What Epi said.

          Also, I think Im going to go for some deep dish pizza tonight.

        4. It also makes me kinda bitter towards Jesse. And Fist, but that’s not really because of this, just, you know, fuck Fist.

          1. I wasn’t even here today!

      2. I am about to do the impossible reason: Make you guys hate craft beer

        I don’t even drink that cosmo swill.

      3. let’s just say it’s about as stark as between an Autostraddle reader and a Guns & Ammo devotee.

        Yes, because lesbians have never been interested in firearms. Ever.

        1. Well I guess that answers my question as to whether she realized craft beer is a product of deregulation.

        2. let’s just say it’s about as stark as between an Autostraddle reader and a Guns & Ammo devotee.

          Way to turn craft beer in to a battleground in the culture war, asshole.

      4. Puulease. Everyone knows craft beer was a Russian inwention.

      5. Never heard of a “tea dance” before this.

      6. Coors has definitely contributed to some conservative causes. A-B? Not sure. But they’ve recently made contributions to GLBT causes, so the author is at least partially wrong.

      7. When you have politicized beer, you have completely lost your fucking mind.

        Craft beer-making wasn’t some fight against evil capitalist consumerism. Craft beer started because people wanted better beer. And how that ties in to being gay, who the fuck knows.

        These people are in fucking la-la land, bending and twisting the narrative until it tells just the story they want.

        1. You know who else politicized beer?

          1. Billy Carter?

          2. Carrie Nation?

        2. I drink antifreeze and nail chicks from behind while rocking out to Freebird.

          Like a real alpha male.

          1. Your IROC Z is getting towed.

      8. I’m confused. He’s arguing that craft beer is gay because both craft beer and being gay are outside of the mainstream?

        This seems like a bit of a stretch.

        1. I can see a connection. It’s not that craft beer is gay, but that craft beer is the gay of the beer world. I.e., people doing their own thing, regardless of the mainstream.

          1. That’s stupid, Nicole. It’s stupid and I hate you for saying it.

            1. I think you should be concerned for my well-being, what with my being so charitable and all. Hate works too though.

          2. people doing their own thing, regardless of the mainstream.

            Take a sniff, pull it out./Juicy Fruit!/The taste is gonna move ya!

        2. Dude, embrace it. Now, whatever you do outside the mainstream makes you just like, and therefore just oppressed as, a gay person. I mean, they’ll totally accept the logical conclusion of the argument they just made, right?

          1. I post on H&R.

            Apparently that’s really gay.

            1. I’ve been called the gayest straight man by a few female friends. I can’t speak for the rest of you, but I’ll embrace it.

              1. gayest straight man

                Oh? The sportcoat: single-vented or double vented?

                1. I think it’s the beta attitude matched with a confusingly flirty mentality.

              2. I asked a gay guy once what the percentage of so called straight guys were either in the closet or bi.

                He said I was the only 100% straight guy he had ever met.

                *squints at all of you*

                1. But how much of that do you figure is wishful thinking on their part, Suthen? It seems to me that converting some hot straight dude ass is a pretty big fantasy for a lot of gay dudes.

                  1. Years ago a friend of mine thought I was just making up how wobbly “straight” guys’ sexuality is. We spent more time together one summer and she decided that I’m just a “straight” guy magnet which skews my sense of demographics. Suthen’s friend might have had a similar experience.

          2. Now, whatever you do outside the mainstream makes you just like, and therefore just oppressed as, a gay person.

            Unless, of course, they are attempting to marginalize you by claiming you are out of the mainstream, like libertarians, or gun rights activists, or Tea Party types.

        3. He’s arguing

          It’s a “she”. I’m reporting you for hate crime.

          1. Perhaps Irish is so post-gender he uses pronouns indiscriminately.

            1. Perhaps Irish is so post-gender he uses pronouns indiscriminately.

              I have seven different types of genitals, three of which have never been seen on Earth.

            2. Irish doesn’t see gender.

              1. I told him all that masturbating would make him blind!

                1. Never make that joke with someone who actually suffers from macular degeneration 🙂

        4. Eating live babies is gay because both eating live babies and being gay are outside of the mainstream?

          1. Stop being mean by taking her argument to its logical conclusion! Logic is patriarchal!

      9. So basically anything outside the mainstream is gay?

        1. I knew there was something queer about hipsters.

      10. I had never heard of autostraddle before you guys started linking to it today. No Sir, don’t like it one bit.

        1. I don’t really think it’s meant for us, Tonio.

          1. Yeah, it’s meant for the lady gays, not you manly male-gays.

            Also, I think this may be the first time Epi has ever come out on Hit and Run, so good for him.

            1. I have routinely stated that I am the gayest monster since gay came to Gaytown. I’ve hidden nothing!

              1. Oh, I’m certain you’ve hidden something, Epi.

                1. The salami?

        2. wtf is an autostraddle?

          Is it something like this?

      11. Are the girls in the bikinis drinking dripping wet Coronas or are they pouring pitchers of Miller Lite down each other’s shirts?

        Wait, where is this happening?

        1. My house. It’s hell on the hardwood.

      12. I was introduced to the craft beer scene in college, but stayed away from the queer music scene, since I have no idea what that is.

    2. No, you’re just making me hate people who try to hijack other’s success for their own ideological purposes.

      Hate them more, I mean.

    1. David Carr of the New York Times publicly criticized Smith on video for that anti-journalist attitude in the 2011 documentary “Page One: Inside the New York Times.” Smith, interviewed by Carr, criticized the Times for “writing about surfing” and not the human tragedy of Liberia he saw when he went there for “The Vice Guide to Liberia,” an online video.

      “I’m sitting there going like, ‘You know? I’m not going to talk about surfing, I’m going to talk about cannibalism, because that fucks me up,'” Smith said.

      “Just a sec, time out,” Carr interrupted. “Before you ever went there, we’ve had reporters there reporting on genocide after genocide,” he fumed. “Just because you put on a fucking safari helmet and looked at some poop doesn’t give you the right to insult what we do. So, continue.

      “I’m just saying that I’m not a journalist. I’m not there to report?” Smith replied.

      “Yeah, obviously,” Carr shot back.

      That’s pretty awesome.

      1. I hope he’s a better reporter than he was a QB.

  15. So H&R,

    I’m finally leaving Sacramento to return to Pittsburgh. I’m traveling by car and shipping/storing/donating/selling the rest of my belongings. My question is if I intend to travel with firearms what is the best way to not get screwed over? Should I avoid certain states or just bury them in my car and do my best to not get pulled over? Also what is the legality of stopping on a deserted road in Nevada or Utah and blasting away for the fun of it? I’ve always wanted to do that.

    1. Your first mistake is returning to Pittsburgh.

      1. It’s inescapable, like some sort of time-space vortex. I leave, but I always return. Also this time it’s for much more money.

        1. “Pittsburgh, shit. I’m still in Pittsburgh… Every time I think I’m gonna wake up back in the jungle. “

          1. Pittsburgh’s not so bad…if you live outside Pittsburgh. I dislike trying to make my way around the city, but that’s true for me of any city.

            1. It’s not a total pit, like, say, Philadelphia, no.

        2. I swear, the region between Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Columbus needs to be called America’s Black Hole. Myself included, I’ve known many people that have moved away from the area and every single one gets pulled back due to some sort of weird circumstances. We all bitch about hating it here, but no one can escape it.

          1. I knew it! So it’s not just me then. This time it was the damned recruiter finding me on Linkedin was the mechanism of the Pittsburgh vortex drawing me back in. I found a good looking apartment at the base of Troy hill, short walk to PNC park and the excellent markets in the Strip. I think I’ll like it. Once you learn how to live well in Pittsburgh you can live well anywhere.

            1. I did laugh at the “incline” there. That’s no incline.

          2. So it just wasn’t me believing this, then. Hopefully I’ll be the exception to this rule, since I’m not originally from Columbus.

    2. avoid Illinois

    3. Technically peaceable journey laws say you’re ok, but that can get iffy. But if you avoid any states that have extremely strict gun laws you should be fine just burying them in the car.

      1. I know you’re fine in Arizona, but as for the rest of the trip…. Since the penalty for getting caught is potentially awful, you might want to get some advice from an actual lawyer rather than us rubes.

        1. ^This. Or at least google “travelling with firearms.”

          But having said that, avoid any jurisdiction where any weapon would be illegal (ie, Chicago for handguns). Storing guns unloaded and in locked cases also helps.

        2. I used to drive from NYC to outside Augusta, ME several times a year and always had firearms in the car. I was just really, really careful in MA (I didn’t start drinking until NH), and never had any problems.

          1. Your crime spree through the Northeast, though legendary, is not an adequate guide for waffles. Who, I believe, does not intend to shoot anyone who tries to stop him.

            1. Well why not?!?

              1. Not everyone is as committed as you are to involuntary euthanasia, you know.

              2. Indeed. The thought of smuggling vast quantities of California’s most important export had crossed my mind, but that’s more than doubling down on risk.

                1. If you do that, bring Episiarch along. Think Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The book, not the movies.

                  1. ProL, that’s pretty much my every weekend in Seattle.

                    1. Right, which is why I’m recommending you. As a human, you’re an abject failure. However, as a traveling companion for crime, shooting, and an absolutely phenomenal knowledge of pharmacology. . .well, I’d say you’re the guy for waffles.

                2. If you do that, go up through Oregon and go East, stay north of Nebraska and Iowa, and don’t speed through Ohio. And ship your guns.

                  1. “And ship your guns.”

                    What the hell? One of the best points about a road trip in the USA is the ability to be legally armed most of the time.

                    I once drove a pick-up (’71 Ford) from PHX to DC, hitting both northern and southern borders along the way. I had a loaded 12 gauge pump and a Hi-Power in the cab with me – both loaded all the way.

                    If you want to be as far from criminality as possible have guns locked up separate from ammo, magazines unloaded.

                    1. If you are transporting a carload of one of the few things California still does well, the ability to be legally armed is only going to make things worse if you get caught.

    4. You shouldn’t have any problems in any of the states between CA and PA.

      I’d bury the guns in the trunk, inside of their cases (locked if possible), and if you get pulled over and the question comes up, fully admit that you have firearms in their locked cases in the trunk.

    5. Was I gone so long Tulpa changed his name to “waffles,” moved to Sactown and is now moving back to Yinzerville?

      Holy fuck!

      1. waffles is a sweetheart. He does not deserve that comparison!

        1. Aww thanks. The significant other/partner/girlfriend will be a licensed driver by the time I leave thanks in part to the encouragement and advice found in the PM links. She’ll likely be heading to the bay to tackle big data at a startup. We currently have a custody battle over the dog though.

          1. Success! That’s great, though too bad about the dog.

    6. If you want to be 100% sure, just call a State Fuzz joint in every state you’ll be traveling through and ask what their procedures are. It’s what I’ve always done, and they’re (shockingly) generally very helpful about that sort of thing.

      I know, I know, the man and all that, but it’s better than a potential felony (or legal expenses, whatever floats your boat.)

  16. “Morsi has been removed from power by the Egyptian military.”

    Why don’t we try that?

    1. Two words: President Biden.

      1. Haven’t they removed the entire administration?

  17. Minneapolis, MN: you all remember the story of the 10 cops that shot a guy in a basement for allegedly charging them, right? Well, it looks like one of the “decorated” officers is a fucking psychopath that has already cost the taxpayers $700,000 in settlements stemming from his violent use of excessive force.

    His union and “brother” officers are predictably defending him as some kind of hero or something.

    1. FTA: He was named the officer of the year for the Fourth Precinct, which covers the city’s North Side, in 2009, 2010 and 2012. He has twice been awarded the department’s Medal of Valor, most recently last month.

      “He’s kind of, in my opinion, what we wish every cop could be,” said John Delmonico, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis. Delmonico said he’s known Peterson since he was a kid growing up in south Minneapolis. Peterson’s grandfather, father and uncle were all police officers. “Clearly it’s in the family blood,” Delmonico said.

      ^^This^^ says everything you need to know about Minneapolis cops.

      1. “the Fourth Precinct”

        That’s where I live. The cops here are total assholes to the folks.

      2. Well we do give medals to cops who are shot while raiding the wrong house. So maybe his bona fides aren’t really that impressive.

  18. In other news, Belgium has a king.

    1. Belgium also hands out Knighthoods for promoting Belgian beer in the U.S.

      1. I’ll promote their beer for a dukedom.

  19. The British government has banned the herbal stimulant qat

    Well, fuck. We can’t even get through one day without some government ,somewhere, banning something.

    I’m sure it’s really really dangerous stuff. I mean, it must be if it’s better for people to be arrested and jailed than to be using it. Right?

    1. As I’ve pointed out before, coffee is worse for your health than khat.

  20. The British government has banned the herbal stimulant qat.

    Governments are always fucking with our Somali brothers.

    1. Funny.

  21. What makes a blue lobster so blue?

    1. GMOs? Global warming? Bush?

    2. “They look exactly the same except they look totally different,” said Andrew Hebda, curator of zoology at the Museum of Natural History.

      Oh, you know what she means!

    3. His baby done left him?

      1. And he feels like homemade shit.

    4. Lobster Girl dropped him for a red one?

    5. “What makes a blue lobster so blue?”

      Heartache on heartache?

    1. It gets better at 2:50.

  22. Women, especially in Canada, are more ignorant of politics and current affairs than men,

    1. It would make sense, considering their traditional(i.e., evolutionary) role, why women would be less interested in these things than men. The famous Minnesota Twin Study found that political views were considerably more heritable in men than in women, which fits with their voting patterns over the ages.

  23. Argetina, as seen through the eyes of a feminist lesbian

    However, there is no national anti-discrimination law in place and just because the laws are revolutionarily progressive doesn’t mean society is. Depending on where you are, social disapproval can turn into violence and hate crimes. Apart from a few cities, like Buenos Aires, much of the country is simply pampa ? grasslands punctuated by the occasional cow or oil well ? and here, the rural population is culturally conservative. With a strong Catholic influence and a dose of machismo sexismo, rural areas are generally less accepting of queerness.

    A substantial disclaimer to begin, though: my experience is deeply colored by my status as a white-skinned, cis-gendered, feminine-presenting U.S. citizen from a well-educated middle-class family. So I tried to be aware of the role my identity played in the experiences I had. No matter how well I spoke Spanish, I was always an outsider to varying degrees. As a traveler, I was automatically not held to the same standards as Argentine women, and I always had the option of removing myself from the situation; I could retreat to the anonymity of a hostel living room if necessary and I knew that in a few months I’d return to my comfortably queer lifestyle in Denver, CO.

    Emphasis added because, just… Jesus.

    1. No matter how well I spoke Spanish, I was always an outsider to varying degrees. As a traveler, I was automatically not held to the same standards as Argentine women

      Huh. That almost makes it sound like, despite feminist arguments to the contrary, privilege is based on where you are and isn’t carried on the Y chromosome of white people.

      1. Huh. That almost makes it sound like, despite feminist arguments to the contrary, privilege is based on where you are and isn’t carried on the Y chromosome of white people.

        WAR ON WYMINZ!!!!!

      2. Not disagreeing with your point, but Argentinians are mostly of white European descent

        1. Though I should add that this depends on where you are in the country. This is especially true in and around Buenos Aires, which has a large percentage of the population (though there is still a significant visibly mestizo minority), but not as much in many rural areas and other parts of the country.

    2. She should have been more worried about being kidnapped for ransom and less worried about whether people there would judge her for being lesbian.

    3. No matter how well I spoke Spanish, I was always an outsider to varying degrees.

      Um, yes. This is especially the case when it’s clear that you despise or patronize the culture you’re immersed in — which is a problem moreso for supposedly “cosmopolitan” progs than it is for normal people.

    4. A substantial disclaimer to begin, though: my experience is deeply colored by my status as a white-skinned, cis-gendered, feminine-presenting U.S. citizen from a well-educated middle-class family. So I tried to be aware of the role my identity played in the experiences I had.

      Sounds to me like she was just trying to go on a foreigner safari (oh, look at how quaint and rustic these Spanish-speaking people are! I could never live like these backwards heathens who aren’t educated on the latest in Critical Feminist Theory and cis-genderism), not actually engage the locals or respect their customs where appropriate (if they aren’t asking you to help with the suttee or to cut off a finger to appease the gods, do things the local way).

      1. This is exactly it. Rural progressives aren’t bad when it comes to cultural respect/understanding, but urban progressives are the most cloistered people in CONUS, and have no interest in other cultures except as a political prop.

        1. What, urban progressives from Hawai’i aren’t cloistered people with no interest in other cultures except as a political prop? I can think of one good example right off the bat…

          1. Hmm… good point.

            Plus, you can’t leave out the deluded socialists in Euro urban enclaves.

    5. Goddammit, she came back to Denver. I don’t have a problem with any of the LGBT crap, but God, we could use a lot less smug sanctimony.

    6. What the fuck does cis-gendered mean? I don’t speak horseshit, can someone translate?

      1. In this case it means an actual chick who feels like a chick. It’s a way to get attention without actually having to be “different.”

        1. Thanks for the clarification.

          When did speaking in tongues become a reasonable way to talk? Man, some people just beg for strangulation or a slap to knock at least a minor portion of stupid out of their heads (if that’s possible anyway).

  24. Dunphy’s brothers!

    Washington police officers break law, face no charges and now the taxpayers will be forced to pay.

    No officers were charged for their crimes. The woman was charged, however, but those were dropped after a series of court appearances.

    1. Someone out in the intertubes suggested requiring cops to individually carry liability insurance of several million dollars – even have their employer reimburse them for the average cost of that insurance.

      However, the cops that can’t afford their insurance would be summarily dismissed with no pension benefits.

      Make them personally liable for the consequences of their actions.

  25. So, sloop, I want to be on record as saying that I think the 6th best college team in FL is going to beat your precious Buckeyes on 9/21. And that sadly, I believe Pitt is going to give my Seminoles all they can handle in our opener.

    1. You gotta be out of your fucking mind, Brett. The Buckeyes are gonna roll this year.

      ooh, EDG and I are going to the Cal game on 9/14 if anyone else wants to go.

      1. How long until Urban Meyer gets busted for NCAA rules infringements?

        1. Ted trolling me over the Buckeyes? Say it ain’t so!

          Seriously, though, I give it 7 years and he retires.

        2. Right after he leaves in 2 years, just like the Oregon guy. Also, if you didn’t see the MLs, Urban ratted out UF on contact violations with a recruit.

          1. Falsely, from what I heard, which makes it even better.

            1. Meyer isn’t really up on NCAA rules.

      2. I think you know that I know that OSU isn’t some great team–they had too many shitty games against even shittier opponents last year to be called great or even good–but I do think they’re improved. Probably will dominate the Big Ten, but that sad loss to a team they shouldn’t ever lose to is more likely than not.

        And yes, I think you destroy A&M. But they’ll humiliate your marching band. Trust me, I know–I went to a UF-FAMU game once.

        1. Why would you go to a UF-TAMU game? Aren’t you a Hurricane?

          **runs off**

          1. Like I said above or below or somewhere, the team that offends me the most is Georgia.

            It’s actually the last game I’ve been to live and that was some years ago. The last real game I went to was even further back, when Tennessee was still dangerous.

            1. the team that offends me the most is Georgia.

              I think they offend everyone the most.


              1. Yes, and our shared disgust of all things Athens makes Tech one of those teams I don’t hate.

                1. Yeah, Blacksburg is a nicer town.

                  1. Of course, we’re talking about Georgia Tech.

                    1. I know. I was actually trolling with that one.

    2. FSU has to get better at some point. I mean, it still has good recruiting classes.

      1. Oh yeah, right after we hire Mark Richt away from UGa, we’ll kick some ass.

        1. You mean once Georgia finally fires him for never being able to win the SEC East?

          1. Georgia has won the East. In fact, they won the last two years. And I think they’ve won it six or seven times under Richt.

            I think he’s a good coach, and I also think FSU was supremely stupid in not naming him the head coach.

            1. And, for the record, there’s no team I despise more than the fucking Bulldogs.

              1. Yeah it sucks that a good football coach who apparently gives a shit about both the rules and players coaches for the fucking ‘Dawgs.

  26. 10 Things Lesbians Hate to Hear.

    8. “So how do you actually have sex?”

    Some of my sassier same-sex friends would tell people who ask this question to just Google it, but I disagree. Although there is some pornography made for “real” lesbians, I disagree with the idea that anything in the media defines or represents the real sexual nature of any coupling, straight or gay. All people have different comforts, likes and dislikes in sexual activity, and not all lesbians enjoy the same things. If some lesbians enjoy using sex toys, this doesn’t mean they’re emulating the penis. If others enjoy oral sex, it doesn’t mean they’re feeding into the male fantasy of lesbian pornography. And just because a particular act — such as fisting — rarely makes it onto the screen in commercial pornography, that alone does not make it any less of a “real” sex act than any other intimate activity in which two women might engage. How lesbians have sex is often treated as a great wonder because of the lack of a penis, but that wonder has more to do with a patriarchal society and gender norms than an actual need for anyone to know about anyone else’s sex life.


    1. I guess it’s one of them zen koans.

    2. Okay, I’m as rude a bastard as any of you when provoked, but why would you ask somebody this? Are you fucking retarded?

      1. Those appear to be questions women ask lesbians. So… kinda.

    3. Well, maybe this woman should tell self-identified “gold star” lesbians about this (“gold star” means you have never, ever been with a dude).\

      It causes a lot of shit in certain parts of the lesbian community ie some people regarding themselves as better lesbians than others because they’ve never been sullied by a penis.

      1. This term is new to me, and hilarious.

        1. I first heard that term from a lesbian friend of mine while I was in the Army. She used it to describe herself, as well as giving numerous hints that she was maybe interested in changing that status which somehow went completely over my head at the time. Talk about your missed opportunities.

          1. A true “D’oh!” moment in retrospect, eh? I have a couple of those, not involving lesbians, but times when I didn’t recognize the hints until it was too late.

          2. You could have had sex with a virgin.

          3. Shoulda gone for the “wanna bronze star and a purple heart to boot?” line I guess.

    4. To be fair, it’s far from the craziest complaint in the world. Everyone does have their own kind of sexytimes.

      1. Like Warty and his basement!

        1. Exactly!

          1. Or like me and your mom!

            1. And the world just doesn’t need to know whether she is on Team Edward or Team Jacob, though presumably the gayest monster since gay came to Gaytown would prefer the glittery version.

      2. This is how I eat a Reese’s have my sexytime.

        1. Man, that started out so good, but Z100?!?!? No. Just no.

          1. You watched to that part?

            1. I thought it would be a good opportunity to find out whether my lived experience allows me to twerk or not, a hot topic these days.

              1. One can always twerk.

          2. Oh, and I giveth that link to you as a sword and shield to be used to reply to any and every “American” post.

    5. Yeah, but without any penises, how do lesbians have sex? Or squash a spider? Or file taxes? Or program a VCR? It just doesn’t make sense.

      1. You still have a VCR? What, did you move to Europe or something?

      2. or drive?

      3. OK, I can squashing spiders and programming a VCR, but how the heck do you file your taxes with your penis?!

        1. The gov’t will show you…

    6. How lesbians have sex is often treated as a great wonder because of the lack of a penis, but that wonder has more to do with a patriarchal society and gender norms than an actual need for anyone to know about anyone else’s sex life.

      Yeah. Us men just can’t fathom eating pussy from varying angles. It’s a fucking mystery.

    7. Congratulations, ASM! And just remember, in the cold, dark nights when wake up screaming because this image is burned into your mind, that you brought this on yourself.

      Behold! lesbian sex.

    8. Wasn’t this all covered in Chasing Amy? All lesbians are really just waiting for a charming, funny guy to come along and sweep them off their feet.

  27. Link for non-fans.

    1. Shit. When you fuck up trash talking this badly, is it joez law or did I just create my own?

      1. It would seem to be a sublaw of NutraSweeting a link; you actually provided a working link, it’s just to something completely not what it was supposed to be. Would that be Bretting a link?

        1. I think the link has to be to a video that show up on a roadside billboard for that.

        2. It’s also not threaded. I’d call it P Brooksing the link.

          1. No, no, I don’t like that. P Brooksing a link is posting it non-threaded. Posting the wrong link is now Bretting it.

            1. Can we call it BrettLing it? Rolls off the tongue better.

              1. Sounds better, I agree. BrettLing it is.

                1. Yay! I am famous for something other than IFH’s spurious claims about my mother dressing me funny. (I do that fine by myself.)

  28. Ifh, your country is run by a bunch of misogynists. Luckily, this woman has come along to explain your politics to you

    Despite her obvious achievements, the loudest criticism was simply that she was incompetent and her government did nothing. In the words of Christopher Pyne, a member of the opposition, Gillard’s government was “…incapable of addressing the daily challenges facing the Australian people, and secondly, for the culture of evasion and deceit and sheer incompetence that characterises her prime ministership.” Despite these accusations, Gillard’s government passed over 500 acts of legislation and Gillard has been viewed by some to be Australia’s most productive prime minister. Looking much of her prime ministership from outside of Australia, I was always confused by Australian media coverage of Gillard. Without the constant vitriolic claims of her uselessness in my ears, it was quite clear to me that she was, in fact, doing quite a lot.

    1. Despite these accusations, Gillard’s government passed over 500 acts of legislation and Gillard has been viewed by some to be Australia’s most productive prime minister.

      I love liberals. Between this and the person claiming that this is the WORST CONGRESS EVA because they haven’t passed that many laws, it is becoming increasingly clear that leftists base their ideas on the quality of a government entirely on how many laws are passed.

      What those laws do is apparently irrelevant.

      1. The names given to the laws are very important, too.

      2. I love liberals. Between this and the person claiming that this is the WORST CONGRESS EVA because they haven’t passed that many laws, it is becoming increasingly clear that leftists base their ideas on the quality of a government entirely on how many laws are passed.

        What those laws do is apparently irrelevant.


        Passing laws is secondary or even tertiary IMO. I elected Rand Paul to go to the senate and represent my views, not pass laws. So far he’s doing that. I’d much rather him being in congress not passing laws and actually representing me, than to do whatever back room deal he needs to do to pass laws that work explicitly against my best interests.

    1. Man, those look good.

  29. Feminists are their own worst enemies.

    A former New York University professor and outspoken advocate for women’s empowerment has been arrested for allegedly stalking and harassing her ex-lover, chief Citigroup economist Willem Buiter.

    According to police officials and court documents, Dutch economist and educator Heleen Mees, 44, sent Buiter – a married father of two – more than a thousand emails over the course of two years, which included photos showing Mees pleasuring herself and other sexually explicit images.

    Missives from Mees to the world-renowned economist allegedly contained threats as well as sexually charged language.

      1. Yes.

      2. Heleen Mees

        Raw Score:6/10.

        Deduct 1 point for being a stalker-chick.

        Deduct 1 point for clogging up email box.

        Add 1 point for sending jill-off pictures.

        Potential 1 point add for crazy sex.

        Potential 2 points if takes it in the butt.

        1. Having actually been stalked by a woman, I suggest deducting many more points for that.

          1. Yes. It really, really sucks.

      3. I can dig it.

    1. Willem Buiter:ALPHA AS FUCK!

  30. Drivin’ in to Darlington County
    Me and Wayne on the Fourth of July to get our shit stolen by the local cops.

    1. FTA: WIS emailed Captain Locklair the video that contained the allegations of assault, requesting an update on the case and the deputy’s identity. In an emailed statement from Captain Locklair?which also included Sheriff Wayne Byrd’s email address?Locklair told WIS his agency would not investigate the incident until the victim in the case filed a complaint, “The validity of the video should be substantiated with a complaint. When that complaint comes to this office we will investigate and I will forward you any information I receive. Thanks for all you do, and stay safe my friend.”

      Yes, they don’t investigate anything until an official complaint is made by the victim of the crime. So I guess their drug and DUI task forces are going to be disbanded, right? Fucking bullshit, and the press swallowed it like a load of steamy jism.

  31. 10 Things Lesbians Hate to Hear.

    “What the fuck makes you think I’m even interested in you?”

    1. “Excuse me, sir….”

      1. “Is that Justin Beiber?”

  32. Rober Reich: Ayn Rand could have learned from the Arizona firefighters.

    Economics, and much of public policy and political strategy, assume that people are motivated by self-interest, that the definition of acting rationally is to maximize what you want for yourself, and that other values ? service, duty, allegiance to others, morality, and shared ideals ? are either irrelevant or negligible.

    Ayn Rand, the philosophical guru of the modern Republican Party, popularized this view of human nature. In her world, selfishness is the only honest and justifiable motive. By looking out for Number One, we accomplish everything that’s necessary. Economist Milton Friedman extended the logic: The magic of the marketplace can be relied on to allocate resources to their highest and best uses. Anything “public” is suspect.
    This crimped perspective misses what’s most important. Shared values are the essence of a society. They fuel not only acts of valor, such as those of these 19 young firefighters, but they also motivate people to become teachers and social workers, police officers and soldiers, librarians and city councilors.

    Yes, you can’t believe in peaceful voluntary exchange and peaceful, voluntary action to stop fires.

    1. Nothing makes liberals hard like dead people. Anyone who dies doing anything will be used to make some ridiculous political point.

      My personal favorite are the people blaming the Arizona wildfire on global warming, as if there had never been wildfires in the American southwest before.

      1. These people love using dead people because the dead people can’t speak up and refute what they’re using them for. It’s actually a form of incredible dishonesty and cowardice, and they deserve only the greatest possible contempt for it.

    2. Didn’t you know that every single fire that started prior to unionization of fire departments burned out of control until it extinguished itself?

      Fuck Reich for standing on the dead bodies pile of ashes of these guys to make a shitty political point.

      1. Fuck Reich for standing on the dead bodies pile of ashes of these guys to make a shitty political point.

        Unfortunately, this is par for the course.

    3. In what universe is Ayn Rand the philosophical guru of the modern Republican Party? I’m by no means an Objectivist and have my fair share of criticism of Rand, but it’s obvious that the vast majority of her liberal critics have absolutely no clue what she actually argued for

      1. What Rand or Friedman actually said, or what Republicans actually believe, are irrelevant to this sort of discourse.

    4. All those straw men are creating another fire hazard. WHY ARE YOU DISRESPECTING THE DEAD FIREMEN?

  33. OT: the site is immaterial, the video is gold. The money quote starts at :59 –…..boil-over/

    1. What’s wrong with the site? I just found a new Buddhist news aggregator through it.


  34. they also motivate people to become teachers and social workers, police officers and soldiers, librarians and city councilors.


  35. Anyone else read this story about Reason contributor Kennedy and Michael Jordan? Haha…..ewyorkpost

    1. Goddamint, I fucking love Micheal Jordan. As Billy West said at a Comic Convention I just attended, “He’s the closest thing we have to a secular religious figure.”

      1. I feel like a lot of young people my age have a lot of misconceptions about Jordan, and seem to think he was a perfect player, perfect teammate, perfect guy, etc. (I once saw this guy a year younger than me who claimed to be a huge Jordan fan say on FB that he hated Kobe because he cheated on his wife). It’s not true, but the man is in many ways more interesting than the myth. He wasn’t a perfect player, but he was the GOAT, he wasn’t a perfect teammate, or husband, or person, but he was/is a remarkably interesting individual. Stories like this are why.

        1. Kobe never produced a cinematic masterpiece on the level of Space Jam. That’s why he can never be the greatest.

          1. That is a classic

  36. I bet you never realized just how incredibly awesome Valerie Jarrett is

    A soon-to-be-released book by Mark Leibovich reveals in excruciating detail the White House’s efforts to defend longtime Obama friend and adviser Valerie Jarrett in the run-up to a New York Times profile that ran in September 2012.

    Leibovich, himself a reporter for the New York Times, got ahold of a White House memo titled “The Magic of Valerie” that included 33 talking points circulated throughout the administration.

    The magic of Valerie is her intellect and her heart. She is an incredibly kind, caring and thoughtful person with a unique ability to pinpoint the voiceless and shine a light on them and the issues they and the President care about with the ultimate goal of making a difference in people’s lives.

    Valerie is the perfect combination of smart, savvy and innovative.

    Valerie has an enormous capacity for both empathy and sympathy. She balances the need to be patient and judicious with the desire to get things done and work as hard as possible for the American people from the White House.

    Plus even more Valerie Jarrett awesomeness at the link.

    1. She’s good, but she’s no Kim Jong-Il.

    2. I believe she is/was a slumlord back in Chicago. I guess that comes more from then intellect than the heart.

    3. I cannot fathom the mindset of a gourp of people who would write and distribute such over-the-top dreck.

    4. Holy Shit!

      The lizard queen is a bigger fucking narcissist than The One.

  37. Here’s WaPo house neocon Jennifer Rubin on how to tell the unserious GOP candidates. Because all of the serious folk in DC have really covered themselves in glory.…

    1. How’s that President Romney thing workin’ out for ya, Jennifer?

  38. So Johnny Depp is playing Comanche sidekick Tonto in the Lone Ranger movie. From what I can tell, no Native American groups have protested the film. Indeed, the Comanche tribe has even given Johnny Depp ceremonial membership.

    And yet white people are taking it upon themselves to be to be offended on their behalf.

    Call it the Progressive’s Burden.

    1. As soon as I saw the preview for that before World War Z, I started the clock ticking until someone complained. Good for Depp for just doing it.

    2. You know who else wanted to be a white indian?

    3. I believe Depp is (or at least claims) to be partially Native American (it may say that in the article, I didn’t read it, I’ve read a couple like it already)

      1. Does it really matter? He’s acting.

        Along these lines, I think Asians should freak out–protests, lock-ins, whatever–whenever one Asian is playing another. Like Mr. Sulu portraying a Vietnamese. That sort of thing.

        Heck, everyone else, too. I mean, a Scot playing a Russian? A Canadian playing an American? An English guy fooling the producer into thinking he’s an American? Egad.

        1. I have to say though, Lena Dunham, of all people, nails it:

          Can someone tell me whether we’re supposed to be offended by Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Tonto or not? Must know for dinner parties/twitter.

          ? Lena Dunham (@lenadunham)

          1. Does she actually lack any self awareness? Or is her entire schtick just irony?

            1. Does she actually lack any self awareness? Or is her entire schtick just irony?


              And HM, I’m still 50/50 on whether that tweet was sincere or humorous.

              Given her history, I’m leaning to sincere.

        2. Along these lines, I think Asians should freak out

          Well, they were right to freak out about Cloud Atlas, but that’s mostly because it sucked.

          At least you got to see the waitress/rebel girl’s tits. Though being sandwiched between to old Germans made it less pleasant for me that it could have been.

    4. Some of the dork shut-ins at AV Club were crying about this, too, as if Native Americans are going to be grateful that a bunch of pasty-skinned virgins are white-knighting them.

  39. For your own protection: where to find hipsters in major US cities. I can tell you Chicago is extremely accurate.

    1. Shouldn’t Portland be pure red?

      1. That was my second comment (after noticing how decent Chi was).

        1. And of course Boston’s darkest dot is in Back Bay where Newbury St is and my cousin used to live. Of course.

      2. Ha, my first thought before even reading was “In Portland? Throw a rock.”

    2. Seattle’s map isn’t big enough to include Georgetown which would be a solid red dot. The Capitol Hill part is correct, though, and unfortunately my own neighborhood of Belltown does have some hipsters as the map shows, though it is a much lighter red than Capitol Hill. I don’t see many though because I rarely look down from my colossal deck to see the peons on the street.

      1. But when you do look down, their greasy hair is foremost. Yeah, don’t look down.

        1. No, the most I do is throw cigarette butts over the side without even looking to see if anyone is down there.

          1. If you click on the maps, as I just discovered, you can see the full city. There’s more red.

            1. The damn thing won’t load, but Georgetown must be solid red.

              1. It’s read somewhere south of NW Market and east of 15th Ave NW, with no neighborhood name, and pink just NW of “University District.”

                1. That’s Ballard and the U district, both I could see having a fair number of hipsters. I would have thought Fremont too. Georgetown is probably too far south to be on the map; it’s well below SODO.

                  1. Ah I see pink near Georgetown. I am way too unfamiliar with the shape of Seattle to not be fucking this up.

                2. West of 15th ave, west. God. And “red” of course.

      2. I don’t see many though because I rarely look down from my colossal deck to see the peons on the street.

        Wait, you have an elevated balcony and you don’t do something like this to the hipsters?.

        DISCLAIMER: I am totally being satirical and this is in no way a terroristic thereat.

        1. Too much effort. I’m usually stoned out there.

    3. Wicker Park?

      1. No, wait: Logan Square?

        1. Both. And Lakeview.

          1. Pink in Pilsen, Ravenswood, and Andersonville.

            1. Pilsen? I’m surprised. I guess that’s the new frontier of gentrification?

    4. They forgot Boulder.

      1. Boulderites don’t have enough of a sense of irony to be hipsters. They are very earnest communists.

  40. I had a chuckle at this last night, from one of my useless* class’s textbooks:

    [The Korn shell is] rapidly becoming the industry favorite and looks likely to be the UNIX shell of choice for many years to come.

    *The subject material is worthwhile but the problem is that I know it better than the loser grad student teaching it

    1. Ah, my favorite class. I still have that book sitting around somewhere (took the class 4 years ago). I tried hard to get the prof to change to bash, but it would involve changing the course notes, and that’s just too much work (for the TA).

  41. Morsi has been removed from power by the Egyptian military.

    Shortest. Islamic. Caliphate. Ever.

    1. Although it looks like the Sharifian Caliphate actually gets the title.

  42. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??? said the inmate to the St Louis prison guards.

    Holy fuck, this is just twisted if true. Of course, the suspected “officers” are on vacation.

    1. Someway, somehow, this is because of private prisons.

  43. “It’s not about the nail” – women hate it when you try to fix things instead of listening.

    1. Great video, though the title kind of gives it away. I love the line “And all my sweaters are snagged….”

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