NFL Won't Promote Obamacare

Don't taint the brand with failure


The Obama administration has learned a lesson already obvious to other sports leagues, corporations and fans: One does not simply tell the NFL what to do.

Like Tim Tebow facing the Ravens' defense, the administration's Department of Health and Human Services began a hopeful attempt at a partnership that was quickly crushed and swallowed. HHS is tasked with promoting the administration's new health insurance plans and encouraging Americans to sign up for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, dubbed "Obamaare." As part of that initiative, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius reported that the department has been "very actively and enthusiastically engaged" in discussions with the NFL and NBA. 

Interesting, then, that the NFL responded a few days later with this statement: "We have responded to the letters we received from members of Congress to inform them we currently have no plans to engage in this area and have had no substantive contact with the administration about PPACA's implementation."