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IL Governor Demands Tightened Restrictions in Concealed Carry Bill

No, they don't make much sense


Gov. Pat Quinn today inserted stricter gun control measures into a high-profile concealed carry bill, sending back the carefully crafted measure to lawmakers who are wary of any changes.

According to a copy of the governor's veto message obtained by the Tribune, Quinn moved to ban guns from all places that serve alcohol, allow people with permits to carry only one concealed weapon that can hold only 10 rounds of ammunition, required guns to be completely concealed instead of partially, give employers more rights to regulate guns in their businesses, and removed a provision to prevent home-rule towns from enacting assault weapons bans.

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  1. “required guns to be completely concealed instead of partially”

    This is a particularly stupid part of the way these concealed licenses are often enforced.

    A number of states require that a concealed handgun be completely concealed to be kosher with a concealed handgun license. But somebody without a license, if carrying partially concealed, would be arrested for a “concealed” handgun.

    Which one is it? “Partially” should be enough to always be considered concealed or not enough.

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