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Brickbat: Last Call



The New York City Commission on Human Rights has ordered Michael and Jennifer Colbert, owners of a Welsh pub, to pay $2,500 for placing a discriminatory job ad. The ad said their pub, the Long Bow, was seeking a bartender or barmaid who could "help enhance the customers' experience of being in a British pub and all the things that go with a British pub." The ad also said that "Being British definitely works in your favor." Michael, who is from Wales, said being British was never a requirement, but commission officials said it's illegal even to prefer someone from a particular country.

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  1. “Ability to speak British English a definite plus.”

  2. Between the accent and the teeth, employing a Pom surely counts as affirmative action

    1. Its not like they can find work cooking their native food.

  3. What time was this Brickbat really posted?

    1. Next Thursday.

    2. Give Chuck a break, he was out late last night at the local pub doing research for this.

  4. “Being British definitely works in your favor.”

    Or having hefty hangers.

    1. Actually the wife is American.

  5. Part of the agreement also stipulates that the couple and their staff have to undergo anti-discrimination training within the next 120 days.

    Report to the reeducation camp for your thoughtcrimes.

    In a statement the couple said: “Free speech is not so free after all it seems”.

    You live in NY, was there every any doubt?

  6. Freedom means asking permission and taking orders.

    1. Freedom’s just another word for…

  7. Maybe they are trying to ruin capitalism by completely eliminating our ability to discriminate for any reason. One day we won’t even be able to discriminate based on experience or skill at a given task. Then everyone will be truly equally miserable.

    1. That seems like the natural extension of this sort of thing. Just like you can’t choose to be born a certain race or in a certain country, many stupid people are congenital idiots who were just born that way and shouldn’t be discriminated against simply because of characteristics they could do nothing about.

  8. What’s the definitive list of forbidden discriminatory characteristics in New York?

    Gender, religion, ethnicity, national origin, age… what else is verboten to enquire about in a job ad?

    1. I’m guessing “sexual orientation”, which should be fun when the inevitable lawsuit happens where a straight guy/gal claims discrimination when not being hired to tend bar at a gay bar.

      1. I’m sure it will go about as far as the lawsuit against Hooters: nowhere.

      2. That’ll be fabulous!

    2. Marital status

  9. The ultimate in tolerant employment ads: “Straight, white, Christian men need not apply.”

    1. How can it be racist to discriminate against straight, white Christian males? Those are the only people capable of being racist, I’ve heard. So it would be them discriminating against themselves.

  10. Part of the agreement also stipulates that the couple and their staff have to undergo anti-discrimination training within the next 120 days.

    “Yes, you — with the mop and bucket — report to re-education camp immediately!”

  11. Wouldn’t this fall under the type of exceptions that exist in film/TV?

  12. Are you allowed to discriminate on gender/race/height/etc when casting a Broadway Show?

    1. Are you allowed to discriminate on age and national origin when casting a U.S. President?

      1. Nope. That would require a birth certificate.

  13. “Politician wanted to help enhance the citizens’ experience of being in a free country and all the things that go with a free country.” The ad also said that “Being in favor liberty definitely works in your favor.”

    Also an ad that would not fly in New York (and most other parts of this nation.)

  14. It’s not a pub unless you ‘ave a filthy, busty trollop with a hint of the low country about her if ya know what I mean guv.

    I want a real slattern, a bar wench who’ll come and swing those udders in me face like a brown jersey before Tuesday milking.

    -Nigel Cumberbun

  15. What New York really needs is more Ulster sushi chefs and trans-fat free Welsh rarebit

  16. In local news, the re-enactment workers at Plimoth Plantation? will no longer be wearing replica period clothing nor speaking in the dialect of the English circa 1620.

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