Brickbat: Locked Up Lawyer


Attorney Erubey Lopez went to a San Diego, California, jail to meet with a client and ended up trapped in a visiting room by himself for four hours. Lopez entered the room thinking deputies would bring his client soon. After about a half hour, he tried to reach jailers with the intercom, but no one answered. He tried shouting and pounding the door. But that didn't work. Finally, a guard heard him and let him out.

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  1. Pants = soiled.

  2. At this point, Lopez said he’s not sure if he plans to file a lawsuit.

    Then he’s no attorney I would ever hire.

    1. Seriously. What has the world come to when an attorney won’t sue over something that’s actually lawsuit-worthy?

      Probably a public pretender.

      1. Can’t they lock you up for 72 hours without reason? (Or some such will be their defense.)

        1. Sure, just plan to also lock me up for the rest of my life when I come back and blow someone’s goddamned head off.

          1. Yeah, I don’t make a good victim either.

        2. Can’t they lock you up for 72 hours without reason?

          Have reason ever sued to get the magazine allowed in prison libraries?

    2. What? His own lawsuits aren’t billable. I like this guy.



  4. People think the most terrifying part of going to jail is the other prisoners. That is not really true. The prisoners can certainly be scary. But the really scary part is that people in jail are totally at the mercy of the guards. People get locked up and forgotten all of the time. People die in jail from lack of medical care or if they don’t die suffer all kinds of horrible suffering because the overworked, sadistic, incompetent guards let it happen. Someone in jail’s life is totally at the mercy of these people. You can make all the jokes about pound you in the ass prisons you want. But that prospect terrifies me a lot more.

    1. A guy I know is some sort of guard at a low-security prison, but he never intended to be one longer than it took to get another job.
      He doesn’t have much to do with the rest of the staff. He and I talk occasionally about what kind of people “purposely put themselves in prison for a living.”

    2. hey, if you haven’t done anything you have nothing to worry about….bwaaa haah haah!

  5. Mmmm…. billable hours.

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