Honolulu Cop Padded Generous Pension With Tax Evasion, Gang Activity

Traded one gang for another


HONOLULU – When Honolulu Police Major Carlton Nishimura was first busted on corruption charges in 2011, he was earning $76,000 annually and had a pension of $380,000 that would increase substantially upon his retirement with the county contribution.

Under Hawaii law, Nishimura, 57, would be entitled to an additional 2.5 percent of his gross annual pay, multiplied by both his 31 years of service and the amount he made during his three highest-paid 12-month periods. The more overtime pay, the more Nishimura's pension would increase.

But that wasn't enough money for Nishimura, and he turned to the underworld to bring in more cash, a decision that led to his indictment on various federal charges between 2011 and 2012.