Brickbat: Bathroom Break


The Hillsborough County, Florida, sheriff's office has announced it is investigating a deputy who left a loaded handgun in a movie theater restroom. Luke Hussey left a Glock 26, a personal weapon, on top of a toilet paper dispenser. He was off duty at the time. A 9-year-old boy found the weapon and told his father, who called 911. By the time Hussey realized his gun was missing, Tampa police had taken it.

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  1. Sigh, “. . .called 911”, what is this world coming to.

    1. Plus, I’m not sure what the sheriff’s department is even investigating here.

      We already know the guy left it behind – which isn’t a crime – make a note in this idiot’s record and move onto the next scandal.

    2. In many states that’s a lot smarter than trying to bring it to lost and found.

      “Oh my heavens, that man touched a gun without having the right paperwork! MANDATORY ONE YEAR JAIL!!!!! Beat him for resisting!!!!!”

      1. Still wouldn’t have called *911* – this is something for a non-emergency number at worst.

        1. How many people know the non-emergency number?

          I wouldn’t have bothered to report it, guns are nothing special. The owner would have come back for it eventually.

  2. Would you rather he took his gun and left his dick behind for some child to find?

    But more importantly, does any off duty police officer need to carry a weapon? Remove that privilege. FOR THE CHILDREN.

    1. Why do you think he was off duty? He was probably catching a movie on the public’s dime.

      1. Or already on a paid vacation.

  3. He didn’t want that kid coming out of the bathroom with nothing but his dick in his hand.

  4. The kid passed a serious IQ test, but nobody’s celebrating? Sounds to me like people who say they believe in evolution don’t really believe in evolution.

    This is also a reason I’m against laws requiring seat belts and air bags. We need to cull the herd somehow. Homo homini lupus.

  5. This Brickbat wasn’t here at 6:55 AM.

    1. there seems to have been some creative backdating of Brickbats. But I’m a time traveller so I tend to get a bit confused anyway

      1. I had the Zimmerman thread open between PS’s second comment at 7:10 AM ET, and before Acosmist’s 7:20 AM comment showed up; at the time, the Brickbat hadn’t been posted. I was about to post over there asking where the hell the Brickbat was when a refresh of the main page showed that it had magically been posted, allegedly at 6:55 AM.

        1. They’d have gotten away with the backtiming, too…if it hadn’t been for that meddling commentariat with WAY too much time on their collective hands.

    2. This Brickbat wasn’t here at 6:55 AM.

      Better than it used to be. Back before they showed up on H&R, they used to show up 2 or 3 at a time, backdated for previous days.

    3. The Brickbats must be brickbatted.

      1. Those who brickbatted the Brickbat have, themselves, been brickbatted.

  6. The dad didn’t just steal the gun, use it to kill someone in the commission of another crime, thus compounding the damage, and set up the cop to take a fall?

    What the fuck are the movies coming to any more? BORING.

  7. Wesley Noland, a Marine veteran, went into the stall, disarmed the Glock and called 911.

    Nesley Woland, a former DEA agent, went into the stall, accidentally shot himself with the Glock and took a dump.

  8. Finders, keepers. 9-year-old SugarFree would have had himself a Glock 26.

    Of course, if the badge was sitting there beside it, adult SugarFree would have discreetly dropped both into a storm drain.

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