Bloomberg Does Not Want Children to Have Sparklers, Fun on July 4


Credit: mbbnda / photo on flickr

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, killer of joy, destroyer of fun, slurper of sodas, enemy of freedom, is now trying to squelch wholesome incendiary celebrations of that most American of all holidays: The 4th of July. (And also New Year's Eve, just for kicks).

The meddlesome mayor wants New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) to veto a bill that would legalize the sale of sparklers outside the New York City for a few days around July 4 and New Year's.

"While this bill excludes New York City, legalizing these devices everywhere else in the state would, as a practical matter, have the same effect in the five boroughs," Joseph Garba, the mayor's state legislative director, said in a memo. "A recent attempt to harm innocent lives provides a frightening example of how legally purchased . . . fireworks can cause dramatic harm and even kill."

The "recent attempt" he's talking about was the Times Square bomber, who bought some fireworks from out of state to use is his (failed) bomb plot. The fireworks he bought contained gunpowder. Sparklers do not. 

Bloomy was May's Nanny of the Month. Is it too soon to have him back for July?