Video Captures Argument After One Cop Pulls Over Another

Of course, the erratic driver with the badge wasn't busted


Baton Rouge police officer David Stewart was off duty and outside his jurisdiction, but he could not overlook the swerving white pickup going nearly twice the 45 mph speed limit on Juban Road, just outside of Denham Springs.

Stewart switched on his emergency lights and gave chase, planning to alert Livingston Parish authorities after investigating what appeared to be a case of road rage or drunken driving. What the officer did not know — before a testy roadside exchange — was that the erratic motorist was also an off-duty Baton Rouge police officer.

Cpl. Brian L. Harrison, seemingly oblivious to the blue lights and siren behind him, refused for more than a minute to pull over. When he finally did, he was furious that Stewart had stopped him beyond his jurisdiction.

Ultimately, Stewart canceled his alert to Livingston deputies, and Harrison was never cited in the incident.