Syrian Rebels Claim They Have Received Anti-Air and Anti-Tank Weapons



A spokesman for the Free Syrian Army has said that rebels have received anti-tank and anti-air missiles, adding that they come from "brotherly nations that support the Syrian revolution" and that acquiring these new weapons will mark a "turning point" in the Syrian conflict.

The Obama administration announced earlier this month that it was going to increase support for rebels in Syria, despite the fact that rebels in Syria include jihadists who have different ambitions to rebels fighting with the Free Syrian Army. 

From CNN:

(CNN) — Syrian rebels have received heavy weapons—including anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles—from "brotherly nations that support the Syrian revolution," a rebel spokesman said Friday.

Free Syrian Army political and media coordinator Louay Almokdad told CNN during a phone call from Istanbul that Free Syrian Army leaders believe the weapons "will be a turning point" in the war against government forces "and will definitely change the rules of the war on the ground."

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  1. …rebels have received anti-tank and anti-air missiles,

    Well, how can we justify the war on terror unless we make sure they can actually shoot down an airplane?

    1. Now they will be able to shoot down the Great Satan’s airplanes when it tries to impose a no-fly zone in Syria.

  2. Welp, I guess we’ll see what shows up in their hands. If they start using Stingers and Javelins, I guess we’ll know who their sugar daddy is.

    I’m kind of hoping something else shows up, like HOT-3s or Mistrals. At least then we can smile and say it ain’t us, even if we’re paying eth bills.

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    Manly policeman shoves defenseless woman to the ground and another picks her up by her shirt. Their buddies watch in amusement.…..ctory.html

    1. Man, it’s Friday…

      1. So you should have seen the nut punch coming. Granted, I now feel like I’ve taken a bowling ball to the scrot.

        1. It’s not like it was unexpected, but I saw AM Links was sloopy heavy and decided to not read through it, hoping I’d avoid the worst of it. I thought Syrian rebels would be a safe topic place, but no.

    2. I can always count on you to make me want to put a fist through my monitor.

  4. Hurray for justice and brotherhood.

  5. Oh quit being silly boys. It’s not like we’ve had a passenger plane shot out of the air with an unguided missle or anything. And don’t you start shoving facts down my throat.

  6. We should send them alt-text.

  7. Sounds like they don’t need our small arms after all.

    1. “I may as well tell you it’s my considered opinion, and that of my staff, that any time spent on the Bedouin will be time wasted. They’re a nation of sheep-


    Today, I am having me some fun at the expense of the Lebron haters!

    Two down, five to go.

    1. Actually it’s six. He said “not seven.” If they don’t get some help this offseason, I don’t see them winning next year. Bosh was awful most of the playoffs, Wade looks like he could breakdown completely at any second, and most of the supporting cast is pretty old

      1. He’ll only be 34 if he bangs them all out in a row. I’m sure he’ll still be able to dominate people physically then.

        1. I’m not saying he’s not going to be a good player long enough. But he’s not good enough to win it by himself. No one is. Guys like Battier, Allen, Miller, Haslem, and Andersen are all in their mid to late 30s. Wade is always injured. I don’t know what’s wrong with Bosh. They were pushed to seven games by a Pacers team that didn’t even win 50 games, was missing one of their best players, and was pretty bad offensively. And if the Spurs didn’t choke at the end of game 6, they wouldn’t have won the title. No team has made four straight Finals since the Celtics in the 80’s and no team has won four straight titles since Boston in the 60s. Winning eight straight in this day and age is out of the question

    2. Why? He’s still an egotistical prick. He still whines about the refs whenever he loses or the once ever other year he fouls out. He still talks about facing “adversity” despite being NBA bound since 7th grade. Miami fans still left game 6 early.

      So, he’s really good at playing basketball. Have you actually come across anyone that disagrees with that part?

      1. Actually, yes.

        Your assertion that he is an egotistical prick is unfounded. I find him to be quite humble.

        Do you think every kid who is tall for their age in grade 7 is “NBA bound”?

        Lose the hate.

        1. The same guy who, at best, went along with “The Decision” is now humble? What?

          He’s been having his ass kissed ever since he showed he can stuff a leather ball through an iron hoop better than anyone since probably Jordan. It’d be weird if he wasn’t an egotistical asshole. From my limited dealings with NBA players, he wouldn’t be the only one if he was.

          Oh, the ‘adversity’ of colluding with your ostensible rivals to take slightly less money and team up for a ring. That Stern found the Gasol trade non-competitive, yet allowed that debacle of tampering in Miami, is yet another reason the NBA looks up to the WCW for integrity.

  9. “despite the fact that rebels in Syria include jihadists who have different ambitions to rebels fighting with the Free Syrian Army.”

    Perhaps you meant than?


  10. So, let me see if I can get this right…the Sunni jihadists are the good guys (the same Sunni jihadists giving America trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan), and the Shi’ite Baathists are the bad guys because CHEMICAL WEAPONS (which no one has proven Assad has or has used)?

  11. Well, that makes the Serious People’s job easier for them. Now when it comes time to invade Syria in a few years, Media Matters can point out how it’s a total lie that all of the dangerous weapons that the terrorists in Syria have (and are just about to give to Al-Qaeda) came from America.

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