Syrian Rebels Claim They Have Received Anti-Air and Anti-Tank Weapons



A spokesman for the Free Syrian Army has said that rebels have received anti-tank and anti-air missiles, adding that they come from "brotherly nations that support the Syrian revolution" and that acquiring these new weapons will mark a "turning point" in the Syrian conflict.

The Obama administration announced earlier this month that it was going to increase support for rebels in Syria, despite the fact that rebels in Syria include jihadists who have different ambitions to rebels fighting with the Free Syrian Army. 

From CNN:

(CNN) — Syrian rebels have received heavy weapons—including anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles—from "brotherly nations that support the Syrian revolution," a rebel spokesman said Friday.

Free Syrian Army political and media coordinator Louay Almokdad told CNN during a phone call from Istanbul that Free Syrian Army leaders believe the weapons "will be a turning point" in the war against government forces "and will definitely change the rules of the war on the ground."

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