Surveillance Sharing Between US and UK Goes Both Ways, Federal Employees Urged to Sniff Out Leakers or Else, FBI Denies Investigating Hastings: P.M. Links


  • Oh God, do we have to learn all their acronyms now, too?
    GCHQ logo

    The British government isn't just the recipient of the National Security Agency's phone and Internet data collections. They do it themselves as well and send what they gather back over to the NSA.

  • The federal government has something called the Insider Threat Program that urges employees to report suspicious behavior by their coworkers that might indicate leakers. They also face potential criminal charges for failing to report such behavior.
  • The FBI has denied it was investigating journalist Michael Hastings, who died earlier this week in a car crash in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police Department has ruled out foul play.
  • As George Zimmerman's trial for killing Trayvon Martin is set to open next week, a judge ruled that prosecutors can argue that Zimmerman profiled Martin for several reasons (age, clothing) but not over his race.
  • A Federal Aviation Administration panel was supposed to weigh in on whether airlines should ease restrictions on a host of mobile devices in flight, but their recommendations will be delayed until September.
  • France is looking to block Amazon from offering discounts and free shipping in the country because competition is evil, even (especially!) if it provides the state's residents with cheaper goods.

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