Los Angeles

LAUSD School Board Unanimously Approves $30 Million Contract for iPads for Students

Superintendent's an Apple shareholder


The Los Angeles Unified board Tuesday approved a $30 million contract to buy iPads for 30,000 students, the first phase in an ambitious plan to equip every pupil with a computer tablet within the next 14 months.

The deal is a huge win for Apple, as the district expects to continue with the same vendor as it acquires the technology that can support the new Common Core curriculum launching in 2014, as well as a new online state testing system.

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  1. Every school that gets iPads gets the same outcome: kids fucking around on them all day long.
    The schools find out about the games and sites the kids are using, blocks them, and the kids quickly switch to new ones and stay several steps ahead of the stupid adults.

    Just amazing stupidity.

    As long as they use a tablet with a full browser and apps that need to be blocked as opposed to apps needing to be approved, tablets will be bad for schools. But, TECHNOLOGY FOR SCHOOLS!

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