Republican Party

GOP Hampered by Loose-Lipped Knuckleheads

Yes, it is


They've waxed philosophic about "legitimate rape," reflected on the economic role of "wetbacks" and denounced the actions of "brazen, self-described illegal aliens." They've lamented that "mom got in the workplace" and called out the United States attorney general for casting "aspersions on my asparagus."

Call them the clueless caucus of the Republican Party.

As much of the GOP strains to implement a post-2012 course correction, the party has found itself stymied over and over by what leaders describe as a tiny rump of ham-fisted pols with a knack for stumbling onto cable news. No matter what the party leadership is up to in a given month, there's almost invariably a back-bencher in the House of Representatives or a C-list player out in the states who's only too eager to take the wind out of a conservative comeback with some incendiary comment that seizes national attention.

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  1. And Politico has the full story? You don’t say. Amazing how smart and articulate the Dems politicians are. Oh, wait, that is obviously total bullshit. Perhaps only the “knuckleheads” in the Republican party are the only ones who get any media attention because the Dems are already considered either completely mentally incompetent or simply evil, or both?

    1. Obviously no Democratic has ever said anything stupid. Also fake quotes from Saturday Night Live are allowed to be used against Republican candidates.

      1. And wasn’t it a Republican ventriloquist who faked those comments about Guam tipping over?

  2. I’ll just leave the name Cynthia McKinney here for others to mull over.

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