Nevadans To Vote on Huge Tax Hike in 2014

The teachers union is pushing the levy, of course


CARSON CITY — Soon, as Shakespeare's Mark Antony says, the sounds of "Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war" will ring across the state.

It's coming in 2014 whether you want it or not: a civil war over taxes.

Its spoils will be more than $1 billion a year, most of it out of your own wallets.

And like the American Civil War, this war over taxes will pit voter against voter, politician against politician.

It won't be decided on the fields of battle, but in the voting precincts during the Nov. 8, 2014, election. Each adult Nevadan will be able to decide whether to increase taxes by amounts never contemplated in state history.

"Taxes will be the focal point of the election," said Lynn Warne, president of the Nevada State Education Association, which proposed one tax measure. "We know we will be outspent, but we will win."